I'm out

Went all in last September. Had to sell it all today. My retirement money is lost. How can I pay for all this stuff I bought? I'm feeling like an idiot.

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How? Bull market was way after september.


the best lessons are learned through loss
One day you will get it back

You must have doubled your money in the very least

OP is larping as a metaphysical representation of depression. If you look deeper, he is saying bullrun is around the corner. You must have all failed literature.

Even if it starts going up I won't believe the rally is real. Whales are playing us.

Nice try. We haven't entered panic yet.

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I feel ya, I have to shell out 50k this june to send my wife's kid to Ivy League as I said I would. tfw 9.5k neo and falling.

This, it will fail like all the other 'rallies'.

That's some silent hill shit

we havent even entered anxiety desu

if you bought in september and managed to lose your retirement money, you must put a great emphasis on Veeky Forums advices

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I bought a bunch of dildos ath just in case this would happen, no lube. See you at the hospital user!

dream on. you're gonna end up losing a lot of bitcoins when the bull-market inevitably starts in the coming days but will still pat yourselves on the back because, of course, you'll end up making money.
but that's only cuz of bitcoin. you'll have less networth than those with a more realistic view.

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>drops 75%
>we haven't entered anxiesty

how do retards like you even exist?

Yep, that's denial.

>wife's kid
every time

no. it's an actual understanding of what gives bitcoin its value. something you lack.

Bitcoin has no value.

If you bought in September and managed to lose money, you deserve to be poor. It was pretty mich impossible to lose money.

I always wonder if these posts are legit or larps.

In either case OP, if you aren't larping. I played with bitmex ONCE, and I lost 1k like two weeks ago. For a wagekek like me that's money with some meaning. It stung and I felt extremely stupid and retarded. Not even gonna lie I felt so gullible and idiotic for gambling 1k that I thought about necking myself.

Hang in there buddy... We all make mistakes.

Meditate, take a break and figure it out

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stop wondering - they are larps trying to meme the acceleration of the market cycle back to bull

>Went all in last September.
>My retirement money is lost.
>I'm feeling like an idiot.
Kek you ARE an idiot

question: Do you need an account for Veeky Forums or no...

makes sense because you are an idiot

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he literally copy pasted the text from that wallstreet market cycle pic

How did you lose money when you bought in september???????????????? LOL

>bitcoin has no value meme
HAHAHAHA stay poor

B-but my investments are with good companies...they'll come back

>it goes above ATH right after you die

good. there is no room for retards

My initial investment on december 20 was 11,000 USD

I currently have a valuation of 3,000 usd in crypto.

Why even give a fuck if the bullrun is coming? So I can 3x to still less than my initial investment?

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>tfw updated this chart and someone saved it
Glad my materials are being used

You can definitely have lost it all if you play conservatively. Lets say you bought bitcoins at 9k then held through, you are actually down 1.2k right now. There are actually people like this who would just stay in crypto rather than take their nice 3k gains and not daytrade altcoins for 100x gains.