Do deluded brainlets unironically seriously really think this shit has any future?

Do deluded brainlets unironically seriously really think this shit has any future?

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>No future
>Derp to the max

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Yeah.. these will not adopt though, they'll just build the tech themselves.

>Home Rental on a blockchain
What the fuck? First time I heard of this how the fuck does that work?

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Nevermind I'm a brainlet just checked what they were planning to do

To all those project if we'er lucky 5-10 will have a future.
I guess someone forgot the dot com bubble.

FUN is on there twice

Web 3.0 is IPFS

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Anyone have a bigger version of this?

Like 90% of crypto start-ups will fail miserably

>Ark is missing
ohhhhh boi...

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Web 3.0 was supposed to be semantic web. It had a grand vision and was just around the corner. Anyone even remembers it now? The hype, the partnerships, big companies joining in and academia producing publications, people adding RDF markings to their XHTML blogs just to be ready for the next phase of the Internet... It failed to materialize and the tech today has some niche applications in data migration/ETL...


iTunes and spotify aren't on blockchains

link to non potato version?

Yes, in the future 100% of the world's population won't be able to sleep. They will stare at charts all day wondering why their 'store of value' just went down 10% in a day.

95% of this meme projects will ultimately fail while the market consolidates into the other 5%, just like you had a handful of massively successful companies arise out of the 90s internet hype

For instance there's no reason why you need 28 separate dApp platform chains. If blockchain dApp platforms have any future then it will all consolidate on one platform which will be exponentially more valuable than the others due to the networking effect. Developers also have an incentive to settle on one standard because it makes things way easier for them. Honestly I haven't even heard of most of these and I doubt I ever will again

this guy on twitter made it

>Do deluded brainlets unironically seriously really think this shit has any future?
yes, if it can be done in a decentralized fashion for a cheap cost, then it will happen eventually. the top market cap companies do not last forever, they are eventually taken over by new technology. The future is decentralized user

What's with this low resolution crap. Post something that's actually legible.

wow look at these fucking trash coins with shitty specs devoted to a niche instead of devoted to the actual reason for bitcoin existing which is letting people buy shit

OP is a faggot and I hope this works

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>none of my holds are on this daydream autism
That's how I know I'm going to make it

>WEB 3.0

That's like a kiss of death, innit?

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lol no coss, get out with this stupid pic