Im fucked. bye Veeky Forums

>see the kid on r9k blow his brains out
>apparently he wrote to his parents how he felt weeks before
>get the same idea
>be today
>write an email to my parents
>tell them that i lost everything i got from them on BTC and later XLM trying to win it back
>tell them im suicidal and will kill myself
>think nothing of it because they never talk to me otherwise
>2 hours later
>dad storms in
>2Anon!!! user!!!!"
>furiously opens my door while im gaming
>"We are going to the hospital RIGHT NOW"
>try to tell him i was joking
>going to a doctor in an hour or two and will probably be locked in for being suicidal

what the fuck Veeky Forums?

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>write suicide letter
>think people won't think you're suicidal

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Well, you’re a retard.

Suicide is not a joke.

you're done kid have fun in the 72 hour hold and forced psych evaluations and medication
telling my parents I'm suicidal was the worst decision I've ever made

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look what a little attention whore we got here

im suicidal but i dont want to go to the hospital wtf

>tells people he can't control himself when it comes to commiting suicide... people that love him, by default
>wonders why they take steps to prevent suicidal behaviour of a loved one
are you literally fucking autistic?
you don't "joke" about becoming an hero, moron.
now go explain that you just "joked" about a meme from a taiwanese birkenstock manufacturing self-help board

just fucking kill yourself now op

>writes suicide letter for attention then returns to gaming
>doesn't just talk to his parents
>surprised when he gets the attention he wanted

Enjoy your suicidal label you fool. It will stay with you forever

does anyone else wanna fucking die, but not suicidal?

i just told him that i was joking because i dont want to go to the hospital. he is overreacting i think.
the psych will mess me up even more

You know that once you're institutionalized, you're no longer allowed to own guns and trade crypto, right? The two seem to trigger the depressed.

just say you were upset over x and decided to vent but you were not serious
keep calm and realize these psychiatrists are evaluating you even if they seem nice and are asking innocent questions

try not to express yourself like that anymore because there's an industry in finding suicidal people and putting them into a system


Also if I ever become old I don't want to have a natural death, I'd rather overdose

what kid on r9k

>try to tell him i was joking
did you expect him to believe this ?

This. Every time you look sad it'll be gnawing at their minds. Congrats on being this retarded

Op has to be 17

>tell parents you're suicidal
>they take you to the fucking hospital
Haha well you will be for real after a few days of live watch.

i wont go there, no way.

man he had cried in the car on the way home becasue his eyes were all red and watery. i think that he probably thought i was dead.
i dont get why he's reacting this way, he told me we would leave in a few hours and he is talking to my mom right now as well...

wish i were never born

meh, poor bait

so just fucking kill yourself now then you pussy. just do one right thing in your life at least.

Christ OP what did you expect? They're your parents obviously they're going to want to help you

Can't even buy a gun here in fucking europe. Now I need to find a way to get pure helium. 10% air is apparently too much.

Just kill yourself you fucking idiot

>i dont get why he's reacting this way
you must be dead inside , how is your relation with them ?

>emailing your parents


idk. i played minecraft for like 3 months straight once and they only asked me how i was and etc


how old are you ? do you live alone ?

you might be the most retarded kid on this board

You wrote a suicide note and didn't kill yourself. wot.

18, yes

kill yourself

don't be too hard on yourself just tell your parents sorry and you'll do better
there's no point in getting down on yourself when feeling this down already

they don't know they think the best decision is to take you to the psych hospital for an evaluation, and if you do kill yourself they'll blame themselves

This, your dad is probably disappointed in you that you couldn't even get that done.

I feel that in the not too distant future, as more and more people get the life squeezed out of them. Suicide will become a commercialised business, maybe like a bar or something, you can bang a hooker and then sit at the bar and order a shot of Nembutal.

fentanyl is widely available where I live
I knew a kid who got kicked out of armed forces lived in his parents basement and did gay cam shows for money he died from fentanyl it was probably a suicide

Fuck you piece of shit, im sucicidal too but fuck you at least im not a prick like you seem to be, 'uhhh why were u cryingg dddaadd' fuck you

i hope you end up locked for months

yes it is

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Nice, now you finally have an excuse to an hero. Do it faggot.

Guys this is just another shitty pasta.
Pic related.

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>Being this clueless

No wonder you lost your money senpai

Feel bad for you

At least he paraphrased it. Bonus points for that.

The only thing preventing me from tearing into you is the thought of your dad crying about the thought of losing a son. Fuck you man, it's just money, stop being such an insuferable faggot


We never seem to outgrow the self-
centeredness of the child. We never seem to find the self-sufficiency that others do. We continue
to depend on the world around us and refuse to accept that we will not be given everything. We
become self-obsessed; our wants and needs become demands. We reach a point where
contentment and fulfillment are impossible. People, places, and things cannot possibly fill the
emptiness inside of us, and we react to them with resentment, anger, and fear.
Resentment, anger, and fear make up the triangle of self-obsession. All of our defects of
character are forms of these three reactions. Self-obsession is at the heart of our insanity.
Resentment is the way most of us react to our past. It is the reliving of past experiences, again
and again in our minds. Anger is the way most of us deal with the present. It is our reaction to
and denial of reality. Fear is what we feel when we think about the future. It is our response to
the unknown; a fantasy in reverse. All three of these things are expressions of our self-
obsession. They are the way that we react when people, places, and things (past, present, and
future) do not live up to our demands.

At least you won't be able to access /biz from the hospital, so thats one good thing

Srsly just fucking kill yourself faggot