Is anyone else getting dangerously close to being completely wiped out?

Is anyone else getting dangerously close to being completely wiped out?

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Just tether up and save something before it goes to 0

Yes, I just keep enough in tether to buy some helium.

Went from 300k to 2k bitmexing.

I’m killing myself and broadcasting it just to add to the fud wave, may all of you go to zero and have your lifes ruined like Me

You think you're God or something?

Money isn't everything

I know it sounds clichè but it's actually true

it's only money you pathetic nigger, get over it

Well you don't have to go that far but if you do will it be on biz? Also if you really wanted to you could try to make money off it by asking for a donation target that must achieved.... Say "10 btc by 10pm eastern or I blow my fucking brains out" and you could write a smart contract that will trigger the gun to fire if it isn't fulfilled.

Thanks for this. Feeling down like this market. But you're right, there are other things in life to enjoy and I'm wasting my time feeling bad about money.

Things would have to go to zero rapidly before i'm completely finished. I have protected my initial principal so far without any problem.

Why invest more than you can afford?


Don't do it bro

Ima kms

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Alts are taking a big hit today. This trend will continue and BTC will also accelerate it's downtrend.
150B market cap incoming.

It'll go back up don't worry user

Yeah people are just cashing out some beer money for st Patrick’s day it’s going back up tomorrow


Can I have your 2k?

Don’t worry user, many more dilusional coin holders here will also follow your lead after the world realizes that 90% of these shitcoins and tokens are worthless or have no valuable place in finance.

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impossible. smart contracts are only reactive.

My plan is to just buy a shit ton of VEN and LINK and forget about crypto for a few years. Life was more interesting before I got into this shit and the market was doing great while I wasn’t paying attention to it so I’m just gonna go back to that. If I check back in in 2020 and my moneys gone, oh fuckin well.

ah whatever then he can just set up an If/then command in Microsoft excel and connect it to the donation amount. Its basically the same thing.

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No, I invest my retirement primary in professionally managed mutual funds. You're having a Pajeet problem.


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did you really? that's insane


hey, calm down man, take a deep breath...remember that this happens every january, nothing to worry about.

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this is why I deleted my blockfolio

It's "lives" user, atleast get your last post right ffs.

Neat. I've deleted mine 12 times already. I get a kick out of adding the coins back in and seeing what pops out like an advent calender.

If i were you i would definetly pull out my investment now, not even joking. You will be at the starting point with a 40k profit. If it goes to 0, fuck it you didn't lose money, and if it goes up it's all profit from then.

Do the smart thing user, don't be shilled by morons on here, they are either complete brainlets or whales that are fucking with you

>can't even find 1 project with 100x in it

you should kill yourself

fuck off retard faggots like you are why i sold my coss and kucoin last winter


If you are holding alts: STOP THAT SHIT

If you are holding btc: either exit market, or become a day trader

If you are a day trader: buy NOW, with tight stop loss at 7749

to clarify, buy now basically meant 7760-7800

Brainlet degenerate or whale detected.

Go throw dice you absolute moron

Target 8100 to 8200

Congrats to investors who took my call. Now trailing stop loss to guarantee success.

if it makes you feel better, you're giving money to the people who know what they're doing, unlike you