Day trading expert reporting in

You’ve got to be a dumb stupid fuck to lose money day trading crypto. All you hodl faggots BTFO! I hold Eth,BTC, NEO and two other shit projects I believe in. If you lose money daytrading crypto it’s because you’re a cuck and you don’t fully understand BOLLbands and STOCHrsi patterns and movements. You stupid cuck. The faggots who say don’t day trade are the faggot legbeards who never asked Stacie out or fucked in the McDonald’s bathroom after the bar BTFO

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Teach me OP

>OP just got liquidated at the sudden spike and now has to vent his frusteration on Veeky Forums

I see it too user

Liquidated these balls on ur mums chin. I’m just saying how faggots on here who say day trading is bad IE Redditers are dumb as shit

Autismo logging in.
Who is this golden-haired beauty.
White wimmenz really are Magic huh.

>tfw grew my 1k linkie trading stack by 4% today

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I do that per trade hombre

Learn like I did, absolute fucking Aryan focus nothing else matters but money and

Gee, I like her clacker. Btw last 8500 moon from 8000 was not predictable.

It is predictable if you understand how to draw support lines on charts you dumb weeb

you either got btfo or are extremely insecure. either way youre a faggot op

Your poor investment decisions have made you emotional and you have decided to carry out a 1/10 LARP on an image board

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Get cucked ring worm

>tonight at midnight
>having sex with a sexy 23 year old while completely drunk
That’s my life. Don’t project faggot

and what?

>trading expert
fuck off Nigel

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>tonight at midnight
>sexy 23 year old
>while completely drunk
you sound spastic as fuck Derek

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Money and tits, looking over at your bed on a Saturday night and seeing the hottest ass known to man in booty shorts topless on your bed and knowing you got it all from your gains irl lifting weights and your crypto fuckery, it’s beautiful

Definitely fucking Stacie pretty hard tonight after the bar shenanigans, she’s spending the night per usual faggot hate me

I don't hate you OP I just think you need to validate your shitty grey cold island existence with random anons online.
good luck tonight. enjoy "stacy"

My jewelry validates my existence, walking down the street with a girl unapproachable by faggots validates my existence. I just come here for the lulz you little shit

>My jewelry validates my existence
you come here because you're a waterheaded fuckwit dullard with shit between your ears.
no one believes you even own a toothbrush let alone being an expert trader, idiot

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>unapproachable by faggots
also why would faggots approach a fucking spazzed out alchopop guzzling cave troll?
did faggots suddenly get turbo-mong'd into believing the sharpie sockets of hambeasts are more desirable than STD ridden kings-cross rent-boy boipussy?
Brush your tooth Dave


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All you have to do is wait for the bear market, sell, wait, but back lower. Not that hard.

>I hold shitcoins

Opinion disregarded

Wow I hope I get to be like you when i grow up. Youre awesome!

Stopped reading right there