Was crypto the best thing to happen in your life, goys?

Was crypto the best thing to happen in your life, goys?

It certainly was the best thing to happen in my life.

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Did he really buy that cringe ass depriciating i8?

I feel like a pussy when I say it, but yeah.

Actually was talking with a good friend about this recently, and I decided crypto was the best thing to ever happen to me
Luckily I bought those shrooms in mid 2016 lmao, changed my entire life.


>implying kikes have any sense of value or taste

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>blows 150k on a car that loses half its value in the first year
he'll having nothing left within half a decade if not sooner
how are people THIS retarded, seriously

>financial genius
>bought shitty bavarian Prius that depreciates faster than the Zimbabwe Dollar

This. I exclusively drink only water and eat a slice of bread a day because I'm not some retard sitting on crypto right as it crashes.

So much salt ITT lmao



Fuck off shitskin

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Kek this, I too cashed out at the top and Im now laughing at these deluded bagholders.

>Make 500k
>Blow a large chunk on a depreciating asset

Damn Eddie that's a goyim move right there. You should be reinvesting, or getting into the money lending industry.

He's a kid, that's how

if you're buying an ultra-luxury car and you don't have a high-percentile income stream then the sharks will nibble you until you're finished.
he's now a target.

I made that much. I had twice as much though before the crash, so I'd say its the worst thing that's happened to me. I've put on 20 pounds, struggling at my job from the stress, and lost most of my friends.

Its funny actually. I'm an oldfag and been quanting since the young ripe age of 22... fx, derivatives, plain stocks, you name it I probably had an algo or some model to trade it running at some point (and still do). Out of all these things, fucking shitcoins is how I made most bank by far. All of that with an algo that stopped working everywhere else probably 8-9 years ago. Not sure how to feel about it. On one hand I'm happy I was openminded enough to give this shitshow a shot (99% of my colleagues wouldn't touch this shit with a 10ft pole), on the other... honestly, can't say that my pride is not a little bit hurt at least. Fucking models, greeks, algos, phynance, etc. and its shitcoins that finally do it for me...

>Assuming his family isn't already loaded and he'll just take over the family business

Yeah it was but then I forgot to sell and now I want to die


Not yet it isn't. Got in too late. When will it be my turn.

What even is that color? White rainbow? I'm jelly of that cash, but not the car.

Its a holographic wrap.