Anyone else spending yet another saturday night home alone in front of Veeky Forums because they werent invited out...

anyone else spending yet another saturday night home alone in front of Veeky Forums because they werent invited out this weekend either
these nights have gotten worst now in the kuma market, last year it used to be /comfy/ spending every friday and saturday night on Veeky Forums because shitcoins were mooning left and right
who else feeling /discouraged/ right now
i'd rather take it sideways than this sporadic movement
end it already, kuma-san has had his time

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Ive been suffering with a sinus infection for more than a month. Id go out alone just to people watch the drunks if I wasnt sick. For now just gotta enjoy the memes.

thanks for sharing this blogpost

Bro I've had a sinus infection for 3 weeks and it nearly destroyed me. Get yourself some nasal spray, one saline, one with hydrochlroine in, get yourself some ear drops with hydrogen peroxide in, get yourself some olbas oil and tiger balm and you'll feel a lot better. Also look at diet foods to eat/avoid with sinus infection

All I do is eat and masturbate to cope with the sadness
feels numb

I get like 1-3 hours of pain in my face/temple/cheek almost every morning. Doctors dont seem to be too concerned about it. Advil/Aleve/etc dont help, Sudafed from behind the counter reduces the pain in the morning a little bit.

Ive got a couple Simply Saline sprays, not sure if its just salt/water in all of them. How often do you use yours?

Ill look up this other stuff, thanks

Actually I ignored my friend's request to go out today because I simply don't feel like it. I'd rather stay in and play video games and browse Veeky Forums to be quite honest then spend a bunch of money on overpriced drinks in the cold weather trying to impress roasties and hanging out with dudebros.

I actually have too many corporateslave friends who want to do retarded shit (bars, video games, out to eat), and not enough time for my hobbies.

My gf went away for the week to visit sick family and I get the apartment all to myself. Playing music, exercising, eating cheap and simple food. Blowing all off all my retarded friends.

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get well soon, i have issues with low blood pressure and it makes me dizzy and ludicrously tired whenever it tanks
i've stopped jacking it a since a few weeks but i really dont know why, i cant be bothered honestly
current anime season is coming to its end soon too, next seasons lineup is disappointing to say the least
being invited sure sounds nice though

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>next seasons lineup is disappointing to say the least
I find this for almost every season, but there's always something I missed that's really good.

Find a bar that has a band playing and just go hang out and enjoy the music. If you get drunk enough you're bound to talk to somebody. I guess that's not the same as having friends though.

yeah you're right, current season turned out to be pretty good actually
i live in a small town with three bars in total, no bands ever play here unfortunately

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>yeah you're right, current season turned out to be pretty good actually
Wanna give me the highlights?
all I'm watching is Overlord II

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho is one of the best I've seen in a long time. It is 100% pure love and friendship.

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im watching yuru camp, sora yori, takagi-san, violet evergarden, märchen mädchen, emiya-san, ameagari, dagashi kashi, citrus, slow start, and franxx
i particularly enjoy yuru camp, sora yori, and emiya-san
citrus is also ok but its too much drama for a yuri show i think, somehow i feel the manga was less dramatic but might just be my imagination

i thought the same too until i hit a wall...
i'm not saying that you should go out but you will regret at a certain point in life

>because they werent invited out
Why don't you invite them over to your place?

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I kind of just fade in and out of my social circle. Certain people exhaust me and I need to spend a few weeks away from them. Not like they care enough to call me but I suppose they probably just feel the same way I do.

I'll get to your power level one day guys...

>pure love and friendship
Not my thing, really, I'm more into the cute-girls-suffering subgenre. Does this season have anything edgefag friendly?

sora yori isnt yuri
citrus is the yuri show of the season, slow start is pretty gay too though
kokkoku maybe, havent watched it yet

>sora yori isnt yuri
well I also put cute girls doing cute things in there

I watched like 6 episodes of this and it's fun, well made, but kind of feels like going nowhere. Pretty good waste of time though. Also the OP is a banger imo.

he lives in his moms basement covered in nazi symbolism obviously

>well I also put cute girls doing cute things in there

Its really not even that. The main characters are 4 HS girls yeah but it actually has a real compelling story, and the characters are so good. Basically one of the girls mothers gets lost in Antarctica 3 years before and they all work together to go there because she believes her mother is still alive. But its funny and heartwarming along the way, its seriously so good I can't recommend it enough.

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plus they do all of these cute things all the time
i dont really have any "hang out" friends anymore, i've got just the one friend i talk to on a bi-weekly basis

It would still be good if the cast was all males though because it actually has a plot, unlike something like Slow Start or Gochiusa where you're just given a setting and characters. But yeah whatever, I just don't want anybody to skip it because it looks like K-On.

I come to biz for ten minutes' worth of memes, reddit for ten minutes worth of updates on the coins I hold, and coindesk for twenty minutes of real news. Once a week I DCA a percentage of my income into chad coins and don't even check how much my portfolio is worth. Just riding the wave to mass adoption.

My best friend just left, we were going over what the men in her wedding party are going to be wearing. Tonight I'm going out with my fiance to a party, and tomorrow we've got brunch plans with a boy we're probably going to fuck.

I used to be you, so I'm comfortable assuming that you're probably the cause of all your social troubles. Get on my level.

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>when you're such a manlet that it makes your 5" pecker look huge

i've never been invited out. ever. haven't had friends for 12 years and i'm 22. so fuck you and your ungrateful ass.

At your age, cause I assume you're like under 20? I'd smoke weed and listen to music all night long while I ponder all sorts of philosophical questions. I never really needed to go out I was always entertained. Learn to be your own best friend and enjoy your own company.

Just thinking about this makes me want to smoke weed again but I shouldn't because I get fucking lazy.

OP I'm 29, a virgin, no education, no money, lost everything with cryptos..

Get to my level.

>best friend is female
>has fiance
>expresses insecurities on imageboards
your life is pathetic

yeah the plot is kind of independent from the main characters that way
29 khv college dropout, never smoked weed, i dont know how to come by it here anyway

you're 29 and still crying about not being invited to parties? I get that you want social interraction but grow the fuck up man. You just want what you can't have I bet you'd be bored on those parties.

Start devoting your time to working your ass off and making a million. Thats what I am doing, though lately I've been slacking.

Bet you're not even NEET enough.

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i drive the snowmobile during winter and cut large fields of grass on summers
its pretty comfy

snowplow i mean

>plans with a boy we're probably going to fuck

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Masturbating to my blockfolio felt so good. Now im fucked

I only bought in about a week ago. My life sucks, I need this money.

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Are you an illegal Mexican immigrant?

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YAAAAAASSS. I'm 27, going to university, and I'm just thinking all of these bro dude kids are SUCKERS.

This time next year I'll be having threesomes with high class escorts on my FUCKING YACHT


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no, im not in america, im a native in the country i live in though

When I had sinusitis recently, I had constant pains in my forehead and it only went away when I took some ibuprofen (I think paracetamol is better since there's less risk of getting a heart attack).

What the fuck

Tis the true spirit of libertarianism and an-cap brotindo

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Veeky Forums is pretty well dead at this point desu. Died in sync with crypto itself as tons of normies and /pol/ flooded over filling the board with tons of trash.

As for the social shit. Who gives a fuck. It's a joke. So many guys "go out" trying to get laid only to come home and jerk off anyway these days. Clubs and bars are fucking dying, they only exist because people think it's a solution to meeting people when in reality you meet the worst of men and women in these shitholes.

Just spend time doing something you actually enjoy, any of the other shit about "missing out" is entirely in your head and nothing more. If you stay busy you never sit around feeling depressed or worrying about all this normie bullshit.

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I'm more nervous about Monday when the markets open. Crypto is only 5% of my portfolio right now and i'm keeping that in until moon or zero. The 95% is divided between two stocks. One stock i know will pump on Monday because it was halted pending very good news on Friday, news released after close, confirmed for very good, bid/ask on level 2 went crazy after hours. The other stock is bearish but approaching triple bottom and i have a limit order set to slurp up more shares if it hits that mark. It SHOULD bounce up violently and i'm pretty sure it was intentionally manipulated low for whatever whale game reason. I think i'm right. The fucking charts indicate to me that i'm right. If it gets even halfway up to ATH i make several tens of thousands of dollars.

But i'm nervous as fuck anyway.

Also yes i'll be home alone on computer this evening as usual.

Buy on the dark web w btc

Also today i bought a good quality toenail clipper. Have you ever had a good quality toe nail clipper? This is like magic.

100% this
Do whatever you need to do to get it out of your system. Maybe getting your first girlfriend or something. It's really overrated and you can absolutely live without conventional social life, as long as you're doing stuff you enjoy, and living a great lifestyle
Chances are, you'd meet like-minded people that way anyway, when you aren't even trying to

> there's always something I missed that's really good.
Really glad I took this attitude recently, and looked back to last year Summer/Winter. Didn't think much of most of what was on air, then watched Girls' Last Tour.

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I haven't been invited out in 10 years