>Mfw I see another brainlet post "It's over"

>Mfw I see a post about losing life savings
>Mfw I see a post about suicide
>Mfw I see a post about giving up and selling in a bear market
>Mfw I see another pink wojack
>Mfw I see another post saying there is going to be a bear market for 3 years (no, lmao)
>Mfw most of biz is filled with risk averse pussies that cant handle the bear
>Mfw no one realizes that this market is controlled and this bear market is artificial
>Mfw no one realizes this is a massive shakeout
>Mfw few realize the bull will return in a few months

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Yep biz is full of people scared of risk

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The majority posting are the brainlets who bought too late, put too much in, can't handle regular swing, or a mix of all 3. The quiet ones are enjoying life and laughing at those who currently lost money.

June everything will turn around, september it will slow down then November will be an explosion again.

Buy more buy more buy more.

Agreed. The general trend here is that most bizlets dont have an ounce of investing acumen in their bodies. Sure they understand the tech somewhat but it seems that that has turned into a hinderance instead of a advantage.

The dyor meme isnt as important as people say it is. Sure a project has to pass the smell test but beyond that its worthless to know the minute details (unless you want to argue on biz about it).

You dont (usually) see vc's going over the code to learn the inner workings because they dont give a fuck. They just want to know if there is a use case, what the fundamentals are, and if the shit works.

That should be your investing mindset when it comes to thr tech. As far as dealing with the market is concerned, read some fucking investing books. Unironically it will be the best investment in the long run.

I bought too late but right now I'm rooting for it to keep crashing more so I can buy in.

Kek the newfags buying at ATH

Bitcoin is the new silver. Sorry, things don't just keep going up.

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>Equating Silver to digital currency
>Equating an old outdated form of money to a new one
>Thinking they will suppress BTC because they suppress silver without thinking about why they suppress it in the first place

I bought ETH at $1000 and I'm sad.
Currently waiting for it to drop more so I can double my initial investment and drop the shit out of that average buy-in price.

Enlighten me, user. Why is Bitcoin going back up? Why is it undervalued right now?

You don't understand OP. Google banned crypto ads, Facebook banned crypto ad, governments are cracking down on crypto more and more.

Something is happening, everyone is feeling it. The bubble is bursting as we speak.

>the crash is articial, the bullrun was natural growth
No, brainlet, its the other way around
Go to google trends and type bitcoin. No one gives a shit about bitcoin anymore. Normies left and they are not coming back after getting burned.

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There’s this thing where you can sell high and buy back low.

>tfw op is me

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you're late to the show. it's been bursting ever since it 19k. i dont know why im even saying this but 11k was a dead cat. people just don't care about crypto anymore, they're all looking for the next fad.
its easy though, short the market now and watch for when the sentiment actually starts to turn...it won't be for a while

Governments aren't cracking down on crypto, it's almost entirely bullish comments. Like the guy at the SEC meeting predicting 20t market cap by 2020

>something is happening
yeah it's called panic, fear, capitulation and despair. huh, where have i seen these before...

They probably bought horseshit altcoins or thought buying btc at 20k would make them wealthy. It’s honestly difficult for brainlets and new investors to dyor and be patient.

It's not undervalued. This market is controlled. That pump was started by Wall st. That dump was started by Wall st. Why do you think they pumped it at December and then dump right before tax season? Why do you think all that fud about taxes came out right after the pump? It is all perfectly timed.

>Equating google trends to people actually buying bitcoin
Lmao, hey genius, did you ever bother to go around and ask people about bitcoin? Guess what, many people will tell you that they heard about it, but didnt buy it. You stupid brainlet. If you really think that pump was natural, you are a fool. A total fool. Huge amounts of Wall st, institutional money etc entered the market in September 2017.

Dear Biz, I am going to give you a little secret, this whole thing is one massive shakeout to shake out weak hands like you that still think this market is natural and not controlled. LThat think that we are in for a 2 year bear market and BTC is going to crash is some apocalyptic scenario. None of that is going to happen.

Last year's pump was a TEST RUN for the big pump THIS YEAR. It is entirely controlled, normies will buy in and help snowball it, but the pump will start and end with Wall st money. Guaranteed. Heed my advice or don't, its up to you.

$30k BTC by May with a solid floor established

$60k BTC by August

$100k EOY

Total marketcap will exceed $3 trillion

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most of my shitty alts are still up more than i'd be up if i had just held BTC though so idk what you're talking about

the only alt that i regret buying is Kyber but even on that i'm barely down, its just been unimpressive compared to the rest

>That pump was started by Wall st

Deluded cunt. The pump was caused by normie FOMOing. Even my barber put in 1k into Bitcoin, this isn't even a joke, this actually happened. Definition of dumb money.

The market is not controlled, smart people sold when it pumped, took their profits and bought back in at the bottom, wipping out the dumb investors in the meantime.

The next pump will come when we see tech that makes crypto normie friendly, something like request payment. Without some new and big inovations there will be no pump. To say you know when this will be and give predictions for may is talking out of your ass.

>hurr durr forgot to say cap this

fuck man, cant unsee that his teeth arent i line with the middel of his face

It's funny because Scientology is a scam and cryptocoins are a cult.

This whole post is so hilarious I capped it so I'll have something to laugh at later

Veeky Forums has always trashed stock investor and laughed at them and said they would only make 10% per year, but I have yet to see crypto at a profit.

Outside of December and January, you have fools still bag holding since then. Pathetic.

>Deluded cunt
Touchy are we? Oh that's right, I touched a nerve cause you sold like a little bitch LMAO

>The pump was caused by normie FOMOing. My barber put 1k in bitcoin.
Right. Cool. No one I know put money into the market, you lying little shit, my mailman, my trainer, my friends, my coworkers, no one did. Did you take a look at the media news? You do realize that in November and December we had stories to help spur the mania? Yes, normie money did enter, but not the amount you THINK entered. No, those millions are wall st money.

Then once January hit, oh no, taxes, oh no, China ban, oh no...another fud story. You dumb cunt, they control the media...these pumps and dumps are controlled.

Let me ask you this, why WOULDN'T they manipulate the market since its unregulated? Can you give me a good reason why? No, you can't you dumb nigger. Because they are the ones controlling it.

>To say you know when this will be and give predictions for may is talking out of your ass.

It's obvious to see where this is headed. Wall st knows this shit is the future and they are helping it along. They want to get in early. This is the definition of getting in early.

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I bought some at $2k and some at $4k
When i bought at 4k it was very close to ath. Im not much smarter than people who bought at 20k, just luckier.

>Bitcoin goes up.
>Financial institutions are investing in Bitcoin.
>Bitcoins goes down.
>Financial institutions are manipulating Bitcoin.

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lurk more faggot

>mfw im a sociopath so I dont even have the concept of risk

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>Not realizing investing and manipulating is the same thing
>This is biz logic

when the BBC bull returns it will be glorious

Fear of bankers is not a foundation for an investment.

>Being this delusional
You fags have officially reached Amway levels of shilling. I look forward to you all being broke and serving me taco Bell, or killing yourselves. Either is fine with me.

>BBC bull
Doctor Who?

Just hodl and go on with your live..
Board is full of pussies with nothing going on except crypto.

You except it to be one huge bull run?

Listen up newfags. I've been in crypto since 2011
Crypto is cyclical. When the first drop (50 to 10) happened, everybody though that was it. The grand experiment had failed. Six months before that bitcoins were FRACTIONS of a cent. Six years after - a bitcoin hit $20k USD.

HODL - BTC, ETH, XMR and you will make it out rich.

>but I have yet to see crypto at a profit.
you do realize BTC is 800% up since a year ago right?

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Are you rich now? What do you think about ICX?

I took a year off work courtesy of crypto. I wouldn't call myself rich because I live in a very high cost of living locale - think a shitty house in a decent area is a mil.

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Never heard of it

there is no evidence that anything is "manipulated"
that is logic that appeals to people who dont understand markets
this is how young, emerging markets that are full of novice investors act
just like the stock market when it was new
just like tech stocks when they were new

this guy gets it

fucking checked

How new are you

I tried really hard to find something to disagree with on OPs post out of the Veeky Forums spirit but fuck me not I couldn't find anything to disagree with.

Pussies will sell now and kill themselves in a few months

>its not manipulated

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Google trend context in pic related. Still bullish longterm though.

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you're right, but meh, let the losers lose.

just out of curiosity, does anyone in this thread understand the fundamental reason most markets arent manipulated?

or am i just talking to a hive of mouthbreathers..

>he thinks it's over

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>The market is not controlled, smart people sold when it pumped, took their profits and bought back in at the bottom, wipping out the dumb investors in the meantime.
We're nowhere near the bottom

Enlight me user

Only guys I know who invested were tech guys and normal investors and they all bought in 2015/16 or Q1 2017.


See that link? Go laugh hysterically about all the panic at Ether "crashing" to $7. The newfags freaking out now are hilarious, same exact shit kek.

*that's still true, no one in my family and no one of my colleagues put money in crypto

Im very tired

Fucking this 100x. I know a couple of normies that got in......because I had to help them. And that was in November. By December I was warning them to stay out due to the bubble, and in January that the bankers were manipulating it too hard right now, so wait to buy the dip.

And here we are, lots of nice dip. I'm buying (obviously much higher risk tolerance than normies) and once thinks have REALLY calmed down, then they can buy. But right now this is pure Wall Street shakeout shenanigans.

Can any kind user explain to me what people mean with bull and bear markets?, mind you my main language isn't English so I'm kinda confused by these

lets say you are a "whale" and want to "manipulate" a price up or down
lets say i am a person with intelligence and money
what happens when we meet in a market where i can buy your sell orders or sell into your buys?

Just google it lmao

yes because everytime you care about bitcoin you have to search for "bitcoin" instead of your exchange

You mean *are I think user. But it's much harder given the sheer size - say Forex for example. That's MANY trillions of dollars in size. Other than central banks, nobody has the cash to move them - and even they can only shift things a bit. They need long term, coordinated media campaigns with changing monetary policy. Stocks are easier - but also more regulations, so again it's less overt.

So this tiny unregulated market is just a fucking speculative mosh pit compared to other markets. And fucking who even cares? Only newfags don't understand this or deny it - we can just enjoy cheap prices now, and selling at insane profits later, the manipulation has 0 subtlety.

None of these faggots where around for the 2014-15 bear market.


No, it's slowing. The normies sold weeks ago. Newfags and plebbitors the only ones still selling, that and bots. I'm expecting it to keep drifting down for a bit, might even see the 6k range again. But the Goldman Sachs kikes won't be wanting a 2 year stagnant market like a couple of years ago - it'll level off for a bit, the media will begin fluffing the normies and it'll take off.

Was it worse than the current bear market?

>few months

try 4 weeks

What about altcoins that have good use cases?

Funny how these people never post their portfolios and trade history. Just smug faces.

this will be what sets off the 2018 bullrun
some real world use that demonstrates what all the hype is about
maybe it will be fairx/sdex making usd to euros to cny instant and basically feeless
maybe it will be people getting chainlink driven smartcontract insurance for their flights, rental cars etc
who knows, but my guess is thats when the dam breaks

And clinically retarded children that think memecoins weren't tulip mania 2.0

It's unironically fucking pathetic. How many times you fags have been told
You see a parabolic graph, you see a parabolic graph on the log scale, and you buy at the top expecting to be a millionaire. WTF lol
I see all these losers posting about how they lost their entire life savings and went into debt to pump money into crypto. Like yeah, you fucking deserve it. Financial Darwin award.

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Kys salty nocoiner
Still up 2x initial investment

tulip mania was a myth web.archive.org/web/20160502203742/http://www.drcraigwright.net/tulips-myths/

except, silver supply responds to price
bitcoin supply responds to a predetermined supply schedule

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My nigger. This guy knows whats up

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How long until I buy?

The bullrun was stalled by all the normies who couldn’t actually get on to cuckrex and actually buy BTC. Every exchange stopped taking new customers. Like the OP said, it was a test run, next time they’ll be ready to deal with the demand.

Because it's illegal to manipulate the stock market

100 years until a time machine is invented so you can travel back to 2014 and buy.

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Nah, I'm still holding from before then.

I have $150 in Bitcoin, that went down from $200 this month, until I know what the fuck it's doing besides pumping and dumping after Bog's phone rings.

that's lunch money


op is right