(((Aims too)))

>(((Aims too)))
>Talal said it won't have an impact on the price
The absolute state of these bagholders. Where is your 6X now faggots?

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And you care about that project because?

I've been telling people since it came out that it's a sandnigger scam. They don't listen. I'm rubbing it in.

please stop these shills

Larp & FUD. Either you are the real NEEt with too much time in the basement or you are trying to buy more. Whatever it is, keep it up.

can nyone tell me why someone would want to tokenize assets? I get that there's supoosed to be onchain off chain arbitrage but how the fuck does it work?

WHy would somoen waste their money on a crydy (which boosts JNT value) instead of just using the money to buy JNT? It seems like cryydr holders are just used to pump the value of the token.

The fact that pilots won’t significantly impact the price is amazing.
I’m not touching my stash until Q3 anyway so more time for my other investements to pay themselves and dump profits into JNT

Hurr durr i have google and cant research or understand the results its shows me, my low iq is your fault.

Told you all about jnt. Never listen biz shilled coins. Do the opposite especially when it's the most biz shilled coin out there.

Trusting Arabs and chinkz in this board, kek

DYOR again...you don't even understand the fundamentals. If you obviously buy JNT alone, then you are risking yourself in the volatility. JNT != jCash

There are some good medium articles

Exactly. The scam starts falling apart at the seams when you examine it.

>People using it for the intended purpose won't actually move the price like we were told it would
>This is great
Yeah stay in denial.

I've literally read every available reousrce on it and still can't make sense of it. As soon as I think I've got it I come acrooss some other shit that confuses me more.

Can anyone explain how and why it works succinctly? All I get are brainlet responses and insults.

If I were a bank considering buying $1,000,000 in jcash, I'd just buy the JNT instead as the next bank is just going to pump the price of JNT disporportionately. Or at least buy some JNT before making a big deposit because I know the price will pump when the contract is executed,

>Let's abandon a concept of piloting and testing and tokenize 250m in one swift action
Nice line of thinking bro. Why don't you sell your idea to enterprise, they would love it.

You won't find an answer. They have nothing and can't explain it in any satisfactory way.

that's because all these fucking JNT brainlets don't understand how it works either.

arbitrage is just one reason. Tether spikes up to 1.03 because in times of incredible volatility, there is not enough in the system for all crypto holders to switch over. Once there's enough stable coins in the system, the arbitrage opportunity disappears.
The arbitrage is between fiat/stablecoin, (I made this meme this is just my interpretation of how it could work), tokenize cash, sell jcash for btc, immediately sell btc for fiat
there are other reasons to tokenize, probably to give the properties of divisibility and transmission to traditional assets or something - this is for Jibrel to explain what their clients are looking for

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good, albino subhumans like op need to stay out

Arabs are extremely good at making things confusing and beautiful but hey, buy JNT you will lambo and be rich with us.

Trusting arabs. Is this board this dumb?

>Is this board dumb

Fuck off back to /pol/

it's not financial mumbo jumbo either, there is probably a demand to replace tether. whether jCash can actually do that is another question depending on the cost of tokenization and more importantly the KYC/AML requirements.
it may not replace tether for retail investors, but it looks good for institutions that want to trade in this space

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I dealt with Arabs all my life. If you trust them with your money, you deserve to be bankrupt. Go believe a 27 year old CEO who depend on daddy oil money to make his confusing project 'work'.

Always do the opposite of biz. Doesn't take a genius to realize most shilled coins here are chinkz and arabs coins

I don't know why people were spreading that to tokenize assets the market cap would increase by the value of those assets. It's not true obviously. If it was then we'd have probably already surpassed bitcoin by now. It does increase the tokens value however.

the absolute state of these brainlets in these threads FUDing here

jibrel is basically DGD on fucking steroids

JNT will never replace Tether. Many better alternatives out there like trueUSD, DAI who are fully KYC compliant unlike JNT

can you succintly explain why? If not, then you're probably a brainlet too

>inb4 dyor

Let's say a bank tokenizes 100m USD. Jibrel DAO locks 100m USD. Now how can a bank profit?

They could sell 100m jUSD with a 2% premium. Jibrel DAO gets BTC worth 102m USD, liquidize it, pays bank 102m USD, takes ownership of 100m USD locked in DAO. Buyers are able to redeem jUSD to USD through Jibrel DAO. That's offchain/onchain arbitrage.

They could sell 100m jUSD and not convert them to fiat but buy some crypto they need for business, Vechain for tracking shit or something.

They could sell 100m jUSD and buy some crypto and hold it because they think it will go up in value.

Later they would be able to tokenize all sort of stuff, not only fiat money. For example tokenize some company's dept and sell it.

The ICO was contrary to all the other shitcoin hyped ICOs smooth like silk. Instant KYC, great UI/UX, no security issues. I believed in them after delivering something what 99% couldnt. And price tripled. You are just fucking faggots. Go fap to your useless paper money and suck some bankers dick.

>They could
>They could
>They could

The state of trusting Arabs.


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Are you actually retarded?

Capped, you fag. Cant wait to see all the pink wojacks when I make a thread in 2019

you can't even get your FUD straight - jCash is KYC compliant, which is exactly why it won't replace tether for retail traders


You will have hung yourself by then. Don't worry I will make a thread for you.

Here is my way of explaining it:

You can convert to jcash from JNT
but there's honestly no point
if money is moving in to jCash then chances are people are looking to protect themselves from BTC movement
and if they purchase jcash with BTC
then JNT MC increases with the jcash purchases
so basically jcash will preserve your fiat in the event of a market downtrend while JNT will increase your fiat in the event of a market downtrend
this is one of my favorite things about JNT
and I find that not alot of people see that potential
JNT is basically a counter to crypto market trends
if it takes off of course
and it's in the best interests of the market for JNT to take off

JNT is a solvency tool for the Jibrel Network. It must maintain the total value of all assets listed on the network. It is the counter market tool that crypto so desperately needs.

Same, not even going to waste my time arguing against racist arguments. People should be grateful as long as the price is low, another paycheck is another 5k JNT.

Why would you use tether when a regularly audited LIQUID dollar token is available for purchase? You can't convert to fiat with tether, but you can with jCash. And unlike tether, there will be PROOF of solvency with jCash.

you use tether if you haven't sent in your passport. jcash is requiring per wallet KYC checks or something like that

jnt isn't meant to replace tether, for one thing jnt is not a stablecoin, no one is going to buy jnt to 'tether up'
jcash won't replace tether either because it requires kyc which means it won't be widely available on exchanges like tether is

your premise is wrong so your conclusion is wrong

>Talal said it won't have an impact on the price
did I miss anything? Link?

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No more moon mission folks.

no more memeing in the telegram channel

>instant impact
They are going slow I guess. Anyway waiting for the post.
>jcash won't replace tether
There are already big exchanges with heavy KYC like Qryptos or Bittrex. Also don't forget about CZ, his presence at Jibrel conference is obviously not about simple JNT listing

>Not about a simple JNT listing
Yeah it's about being paid a shitload of money and wanting to shill Binance in Korea.

An instant tokenization of 250M would be ridiculous. A slow rollout makes more sense for market success and from a logistic standpoint.

You aren't going to see a sudden market purchase green candle for people to sell into. That would be retarded on their part.

Oh man you are right.
KYC compliant Binance Korea with crypto/jKRW trading pairs! That's definitely something CZ would do

The absolute state of Jibroni Telegram faggots btw.

Bunch of 11 year old Veeky Forums soy boys. There are 3 that are particularly autistic Frank, Wojak and Dat Boy. Complete fucking degenerates that post the same shit every day.

>Lets just make shit up

thank fuck someone said this
fucking idiots should have their heads cut off

yeah, bunch of faggot meme posters that are trying to turn JNT into LINK.

Agreed. I would advice everyone in TG to pm admin, shit has to stop.


>trusting sandniggers

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>that’s what you are doing itt

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