Who else getting absolutely JUSTed by hodling? What the fuck

Who else getting absolutely JUSTed by hodling? What the fuck

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50k in January

17k now

Initial investment: 4.5k

are you me

lol fucking moron

Lost 900k from my ATH. Just try finding someone more JUSTed than me.

Everyone's portfolio looks the same, don't believe the ones who 'consistently make money' even during the bear market. Just hold and wait for the tide to turn.
After 3 years in this shit I'm used to it and don't even feel the emotion of loss or despair

6K in Sep -> 30K Dez
my worker 0.8K Oct -> 9.8K in Dez

Well now :(

you had it made, user. why why why why why

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>Got justed by holding
>Sold out after almost 3 months due the minor spike up with what little i had, collecting about 1000$ of the 5k initial
>Put it in leverage that i've successfully traded with for almost 3 weeks daily from 50$ up to 500€
>Lost everything within an hour
In a way, i feel free and at peace now. All i have is 30$ left in crypto.

same as me
78k ATH
now 23k

send help

Send nude(ls) pls

I’m down 1300 from my initial investment I want to buy this dip but won’t feel comfortable putting much more money into this shit

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>holding LINK, REQ and ETH

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If realized only now that you lost 75% of your stack, I really suggest you to keep holding for the rest of your life.
Day trading you will get absolutely ass raped.

i got somethin you can hold

these dubs! LINK 90K EOY

3k in January

40k now



greatness at any cost.
all-in on REQ

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I already pulled my initial investment out, so I can't make a loss.

But my brother put a lot of money in around the top. And I kind of feel sorry for him.

In january I had about 30 times my initial investment. Now it's 8 times. Woe is me.

150K down from ATH