>not yet listed on CMC
>under 2 weeks old
>fork of stellar network announced
>privacy coin, will be the first forked from stellar and would therefore complete transactions in under 3 seconds
>"dark paper" will be released soon to prove tech is legit
>currently at the ground fucking floor
Why haven't you bought yet, user?

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sellwall the coin

TaiChi bros wya

whales want more XTCC.
not surprised.

Here bro, lets make more memes for coins

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no one cares about your nigger pnd

let's do it

Willy The Whale approves this message.

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OH SHIT what's up willy??
doing another thread today?

my man

They keep banning me.

Very annoying.

This man has the right idea.

That sucks. Thread or not, still continuing with the pump?



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I will be making a new thread in about an hour.

nigga wat, i made the same one in the previous thread

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Willy, come to my country. Live here, its Portugal, a lot of ocean for a beautiful whale like you.

And if you come, and if you want, I would marry you, its legal here.


>why haven’t you bought yet?
Uuhhhh cause crypto is fucking dead?


Morning Willy, looking forward to the day's thread.

wait what lmao I swear to god I didn't see this.
great minds I guess.

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you did a better job, I went a little too crazy with the perspective tool but you did a nice job with the eye. I would have made the nodes white tho

Dude can't even make a thread now, can't move the value either, should have called it "Whale" wars,

Tried to move value,
got it to .2
Went broke

you bet

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1) Wlliy is a faggot. Dont fall for this scam.

2) Xtcc is going to 0.


for a sec there i had believed you abandoned us... perish the thought, $1.00 here we come.

shut up faggot. bare fucking minimum this is going to 10x once it hits CMC. If the tech is there, please prepare to be fucking BTFO.
I swear to god, Veeky Forums is completely fucking retarded. white knights like you try to use the fact that this is a new coin to paint it as a scam.
2. weeks. old. it's just begun.
sit back, eat a dick, and enjoy the show, faggot.

user it's blatantly a scam.
I'm sure tradesatoshi will list it

>it's not a scam
Well man, even though I don't agree with this idiot you should know, that it still propably is a scam, or at least looks like one. no whitepaper, no known/real dude backing it etc.
I don't mean it badly, I'm in afterall. Let's ride willy's wawes till they last, but stay careful with your assumptions

This. For now let's trust our favourite whale.

fair enough. definitely a high risk investment, no denying that