Good night sweet childhood memories

Good night sweet childhood memories.

Share your memories of this place here.

What do you hope to get from the store nearest you during the liquidation event?

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I remember getting my first Playstation from Toys R Us.

Pops got us Fade to Black and Final Fantasy 7.

I hope to get a PS4 Pro during liquidation

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I worked there, was pretty chill

Got my first 30gb ipod there upgraded from my cd player. Thanks based dad. Also just walking around looking at all the cool shit was great, I particularly remember the bikes, toy guns silly string etc

I remember playing Rampage World Tour at Toys R Us..I also remember riding a big scooter all around the store. But mostly, I remember my parents never buying me anything from there because it was all too expensive.

actually, it was a Godzilla game.

i loved toys are us but the toys were overpriced

i remeber my dad bought me my PSP in 2006 there

RIP dad

I remember saving up my allowance for a month and then going there to buy Majora's Mask when it came out

I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys r us kid. Theirs a million toys at toys r us that I can play with. From bikes to things to video games, it's the biggest toy store their is! Gee Wiz! I don't want to grown up, because if I did... I wouldn't be a toys r us kid!

There was one like a 10 min drive from my house growing up. My parents would take my bro and I there on our birthdays to pick out a gift. It was always exciting going and picking out a game slip from the aisle then actually getting that new game on checkout. Think I got like every birthday present until I was 14 at that store - great times

I still have a mountain bike from there. I remember I had so many gift certificates it ended up being like $0.30

>the year is 2040 and a child sits in amazement as his father tells him how there used to be giant stores full of toys for kids

Do kids not like toys anymore

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no they're too busy turning into the opposite sex and protesting gun violence lmao

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probably just overexpanded in the US + online not doing well. plus walmart. canada's stores are fine.

they stopped selling toys and started selling video games.
>t. owner

You'd think it would be annoying as shit but kids are so well behaved in there its insane and mostly just parents go there, its like a library.


Just bought a switch there 2 months ago, they had good deals pretty often on stuff, espicially the buy one get one 50% off or even one free. Also Pokemon events to get Mew and shit.

It was always fun just looking around there, it had a good atmosphere to it even as an adult, I don't know.

somehow it managed to not post the picture too

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>tfw saved up money for years as a kid and finally reached a whole $100 and I came home from school one day to see my mom turned it into fucking toys r us money

80s ToysЯus was amazing!

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I remember when yugioh first came out. I was obsessed with the show and forced my mom to take me to Toys R Us so I could buy a few packs. I remember buying around 5 packs and opening one of them up. And there it was, the Blue eyes White dragon. I nearly died.
Seeing this Toys R Us close makes me sad. Not because it was necessarily the best toy store, but because I remember having so many fond childhood memories like this in that store.

I used to go to Oldbury and Birmingham stores to buy overpriced MicroMachines 10-packs and Bionicles

I guess my kids will order their toys from amazon

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I remember giving a Blue Eyes White Dragon to my friend for his birthday, he didn't care. I wish I still had it honestly

I only went twice, my parents hated going there.

y buy 5 pack when u can buy a deck?

I got a Real Ghostbusters hooper ghost toy from there, and Zelda 2 on the gold cartridge. Both birthday gifts. Only things I ever got.from there. Went in to buy Xmas gifts in December 2016 and I called it then. Like a horrible, soulless warehouse. Like a seaside resort town in November.

Late 90's Toys R Us was the shit.

My dad only took my older brother and I to toys R us on Report Card day if we did well. Rest in fucking peace

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R.i.p sometimes capitalism makes me sad
>tfw dad used to buy me weekly yu gi oh card packs from there

Because I was an autistic 8 year old with no concept of money. I just wanted the shiny cool looking packs that had my favorite characters on them.

Toys R Us was a store I never really got to go to as a kid because I grew up in a poor and abusive family. Since they were not going to buy me anything they wouldn't let me go in there. Instead my parents would take me next door to Borders books & music so they could spend hours reading magazines and listening to music without buying anything.

By the time I finally ran away from home, I was already getting to old for that stuff. Even if I was still interested, wtf would I do with toys now that I was homeless?

FF 10 years. Walked into Toys R Us. No longer broke or homeless, but too old for everything. Only interested in porn and video games now. Everything is cheaper online anyway.

Toys R US will always be remembered as the Holy Grail toy paradise I never got to experience. RIP.

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