What are some shitcoins that WON'T recover from this crash?

What are some shitcoins that WON'T recover from this crash?
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omg is literally the only coin that is not based on speculation, but has an actual value tied to fiat. It literally the same thing as buying a stock with a high dividend once plasma is out.

i love OMG.

have nearly 7k of these beautiful things

that, jnt, omg, nano, amb

basically anything with a blue logo that isn't from china

my patience is thinning with this shitcoin


Buy high, sell low: a Veeky Forums story.

500 omg, i making it guys?

>omg is literally the only coin that is not based on speculation

That's the funniest shit I've read in a while. Literally smirked with an audible chuckle.

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what else is directly tied to a guaranteed income of fiat currency?

I have similar so im going with YES

Like an REIT or preferred shares...

Why would you own a White Paper shitcoin with hopes of ever seeing completion for fixed income of all things?

You can own REAL assets which exist TODAY, that pay monthly dividends and distributions.

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i'm talking about crypto you dumb autist

and because based on the current price of omg the dividend will be proportionally very high at the current size of Omisie, let alone if they grow. Even if crypto dies, assuming plasma is finished, OMG is a good investment as it will always have value as long as Omisie is completing payments. Estimations of 3-4 USD per year per token are fairly reasonable and the token is about 10 usd right now. Seems like a pretty wise investment to me...

Why would you own mickey mouse crypto White Paper vapor-ware hoping for fixed income?

Crypto is about explosive growth and gains.

>mickey mouse

boomer detected

Well yeah, it depends on plasma, but plasma isn't vapor-ware.

I would own it because it is a guaranteed percent return that is not matched by anything else. OMG is probably the best risk vs reward asset you can currently own.

bought 80k of these at ico, thinking of putting it into zilliqa

>Well yeah, it depends on plasma, but plasma isn't vapor-ware.

You don't need to OMG for Plasma.

Why does OMG even exist? The devs don't even know how to program...

>Phase: Denial

do you even know what omg is? Of course you don't need omg for plasma, its the other way around...

Oh look, OmiseNigger Midget is back fudding again

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Does anyone really know what it is that OMG actually does?

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yeah its a token for staking to secure the network for Omisie Pay, operating a decentralized exchange to all the customers. Stakers are rewarded with 100% of the payment fees and so your earnings are in fiat, giving the token an absolute value, as well as a guaranteed income as long as Omisie stays in operation, and they are projected to do nothing but grow.

So another kind of lending platform ponzi like bcc or davor, falcon.

Fml can't believe people still fall for these.
Stake it till they take it.
Lend it till you lose it

>mfw sold my OMG stash to trade on bitmex
>it was worth 0.31 BTC, didn't change anything in the blockfolio, check back today and it would have been worth 0.28 BTC today

what? how is it a lending platform? That doesn't even make sense. I'm pretty sure vitalik buterin isn't trying to scam you

>operating a decentralized exchange

Can you prove any of this? Where is the exchange? Where are the customers?

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>Doesn't understand how staking works

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>write a 16-page white paper with your fratbro
>the paper has primary school level citations: a grand total of twelve citations which consist of youtube videos and blogposts
>use fiverr to get a logo and semi-professional looking website built for you for $10
>have no actual product, no working code
>proposed product doesn't even solve any problems that BTC doesn't already (or will soon) solve
>release 100,000,000 'virtual tokens' representing a share of your "amazing vision"
>people literally pay you $9.94 for each token
>you are suddenly worth $1,014,212,147

people actually fall for this shit

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Exchange is currently being tested internally by professionals and is estimated for a Q4 release date.

the customers are the customers on the omisie pay platform already. They already do billions annually in SE Asia. All customers will be moved over to the cyrpto mechanism once the network is live. They are increasing in size exponentially already. Plus, as long as the fiat currency is on the exchange, customers and merchants will be able to pay/accept whatever currency they wish.

The exchange will be run on the blockchain. It's similar to stellar's SDEX

omise.co/ company website

omisego.network/ omg site

no they cant , because OMG stil just talks about thaqt shit since a year and nobody is workin on it

It's something a nigger that lost 30k on bcc said on YouTube.
Shits hilarious, just like omg

OMiseGo just got killed by this already workin product:


Abra sets up a new decentralized exchange based
on Litecoin smart contracts.

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that's not even close to the sample application... OMG exchange is used for payment settling on an already existing customer base. It's not for trading crypto

>the customers are the customers on the omisie pay platform already.

Yeah where are they?

Have you seen or heard from a single customer for this alleged business.

Do you have any proof they sold ANY financial services to anyone?

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>not based on speculation
>when plasma is out
you are speculating roght now

You're right, it is a little bit of speculation, but I was referring to the actual use case. All other crypto is dependent on it being adopted by the public. OMG is not dependent on that. Customers will use it without even knowing it.

It's not an alleged business. Its an established entity from 2013


They purchased Paysbuy which has been around since 2004, which is one of the biggest payment processors in Thailand


>It's not an alleged business. Its an established entity from 2013

Yeah, but that's just a word salad press release with no evidence or info.

I repeat the same questions in every shitty thread and not one of you cultists have ever been able to prove that Omise is an actual usiness, and not just a shell with fake employees, fake credentials, fake management.

Do they have an office? Has anyone heard of any business that uses Omise services? Where's the evidence?


BTW, that lists nothing in terms of financial filings, earnings or revenue, just a generic broad description from their own website and the registration location.

For all we know, this could an empty shed in Thailand with Jun and his Mongoloid gang running a marketing scam, pretending to be a real business with a Blockchain application.

They were founded in 2013, after the Bitcoin craze, they have no fintech experience prior to 2013, and there is no trail of credentials before 2013 for any of the people involved.

Right now, it appears to be a 1.5 billion white paper with Vitalik's name dragged across the White Paper..

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I second this. Was never meant to be taken unironically as an investment.

Because your accusation is so outlandish, so incredible, and so baseless that nobody feels required to dedicate an ounce of energy attempting to refute something that does not need to be refuted.

You post the same, opinionated medium article with absolutely no substance except for your findings on LinkedIn and google - not reputable sources at all.

>Exchange is currently being tested internally by professionals

Is there even any evidence that these people know how to do any basic computer programming?

What are the academic credentials for the team?

And before you think you get clever, Vitality or Poon are NOT developers for OMG.

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>Because your accusation is so outlandish, so incredible

Seems like you've been cornered and are desperate, now rejecting the very fundamental demand of proof of financial viability.

I ask again, can you show me a SINGLE business in real life, that has in real life, paid REAL money to the parent, Omise, for financial services?

>actual usiness, and not just a shell with fake employees, fake credentials, fake management

they said that they are partnered with mcdonalds thailand.... back in september

I asked mcThailand 100 times I have a buddy that was 8months in Thai, and wrote him if he have time to prove it - nbo chance to get any inforamtion out of MCI Thai....

No official statment from mcdonalds yet.

sorry pic- > everything is legit

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>they said that they are partnered with mcdonalds thailand.... back in september

Oh, so the same non-answer I got last I asked the same questions.

It's literally like talking to Scientologists...

Alright wise guy, what does that partnership mean in the physical, real world of business?


Are you saying Omise is currently handling merchant accounts for McDonald's restaurants? How many transactions per day do they handle?

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Because I don’t have access to the financial records of a private foreign entity? How autistic are you?

What proof do you want that a financial company pays to Omise? Do you want a fucking credit card statement?

>everything is legit

I've come to the conclusion that the only moon kiddies with fewer IQ points than Tron bag holders are those who bought OMG

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omise has been funding ethereum dev since early 2016 blog.ethereum.org/2016/01/08/dξvgrants-update-new-funding/

Omise nigger lives with his overly.religious mom and she prays to God every night why she has a midget son

I dont fuckin no .. as I saif back then I already tried to figure out if this Omise shit is real or not ....

but I didnt got the infromations I need, thats why i dont hava a single OMG - only the airdop OMG

>Because I don’t have access to the financial records of a private foreign entity?

OK, so you basically have no idea if they're a real business with real transactions, versus a shell company with non-existent credentials, that may or may not be committing fraud and embezzlement.

Next time you need to be more clear, before you waste my time.

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Sarcasm ...

Lol this stupid midget nigger always argues theres no proof yet he has no proof for his own outlandish claims.

Fucking australeopithesis nigger lip watermelon sucking logic right here. Id love to curbstomp this nigger

>I dont fuckin no

Well that's exactly my point.

I'm starting to suspect that OMG might be totally fraudulent. The entire project hinges on the diligent work of Ethereum coders and developers, and I suspect the parent company is a hoax, an empty shell constructed to give them more credibility in the Blockchain world where no one does basic due diligence.

These are my own conclusions, when I evaluated to add OMG to my own portfolio.

Red flags all over this.

You have to look beyond the catchphrases, Twitter announcements, and make some phone calls to real locations.

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>Prove a negative

Ugh-huh, very cute.

Call omg then and they will laugh at your nigger ass for being so stupid

Why would he ministry of finance sign a MOU with a shell company without due diligence?

Do you want me to get their formation documents and operating agreement?


BTW, Thailand is a country notorious for corruption, corporate fraud, institutional laziness.

You can literally buy yourself a "partnership" (what does it even entail) with the owner of a McDonald's franchise for a few thousand American dollars I'm willing to bet.

You can also buy a harem of whores and ladyboys for a few hundred dollars.

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More baseless claims. Cite your sources nigger.

Im sure you researched ladyboy prices extensively

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yup thats it, I first looked at it during there ICO and rigth after it, when it was at 1$.

they had a real great shilling base, with a great website and a good concept, but thats it.
They kept on promesing stuff and didnt delivered, they also changed there business plan several times.

LIke Plasma wasnt on track back in June July or August and now because some Lightning Devs found a way to implement the same into Ethereum - OMG is the new ...whatever.

But Plasma isnt more then Lightning is for BTC LTC ... and PLasma isnt developed from OmiseGO or Ethereum itself its a "spin off" from lightning.engineering/

>Why would he ministry of finance sign a MOU

Oh look, another meme non-answer.

They would because it's meaningless and they have a financial stake?

What if I told you they gave the ministry people a few thousand OMG tokens, to pose for a photo?

The simplest answer is always the correct one. People are willing to overlook fraud, especially in a corrupt Third World shithole, if you dangle a few thousand AMERICAN dollars in front of their faces.

Let's take a pause and see how we stand in this thread:

So far:

-NO evidence that Omise the parent, is a real business, that operates financial services and has any regular customers or revenue

-Announcements reek of marketing hype with little substance. What does a "partnership" with a private restaurant franchise in Thailand mean?

What the fuck does a "Memorandum" with some pineapple republic mean in real world business terms?

Most likely nothing.

Furthermore, at this time:

OMG is a White paper project, there is no working interface, smartcontract or proprietary blockchain.

Oh, but there's an SDK.

Totally worth the 1.5 billion dollar valuation, right crypto kiddies?

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vitalik just did a talk on plasma the other day. VB shilled OMG himself. the founder of ETH is literally building plasma for OMG (despite OMG saying its OMG building it - technically its VB as part of OMG, but vb is larger than omg , so..)

If you’re so confident,

Here you go. Get the results, prove to me, and I will personally liquidate all my tokens and give them to you.


That's exactly it.

I haven't even been able to get a coherent answer from the cultists and bag holders on what it is that OMG even does uniquely, neither here nor on the Reddit.

Just autistic screeches and appeals to "MUH MCDONALD'S MUFFUGAH".

That's when you know you're dealing with fraud and panicked bagholders.

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>I don't understand what the project does and who's behind it. Must be a scam.

MOD wont survive. AMB will survive and moon :)

I made some inquiries to the entity that owns the McDonald's franchise in Thailand several weeks ago, asking about the nature of this "alleged" partnership.

Nothing yet, but if I do get a response, I will post it here no doubt.

I don't care if you lose your money. I did my own smell test, before investing, and decided against a position in OMG for all of the above reasons.

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Do you even know what OMG does?

I'll even give you enough time to go to the Reddit FAQ and copy and paste the answers!

i love this kind of fear-induced FUD. NEO and EOS bagholders are scared, ETH bagholders are concerned, Bcash shitcoin holders are wiping the diarreah off the floor and shitting themselves at the same time. more FUD please, it sustains me.

ChainLink is doomed.

Challenge to fellow Veeky Forumstards, what would be a correct mathematic formula to describe what is shown in the graph?
Hint: it's not what's in the pic.

HAHAHAHAHA holy fuck

Omise Go, Request Network are the only crypto companies I know of right now that are actually profitable and not just a whitepaper project or worse.

ChainLINK also has potential, but it isn't a profitable business just yet.

So OMG, REQ are the ONLY crypto businesses right now that you can actually evaluate using conventional methods and they will 100% survive the crypto crash as they are both already profitable businesses.

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omg's price is hugely based on speculation since we have absolutely no idea about the stacking reward

>Omise Go

>actually profitable

Omise Go is a White Paper and Omise is en empty husk with no business revenue.

Don't drag real developers, like the REQ team, into this cesspit of fraud and marketing gimmicks.

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abra isnt actually using the coins underlying. it will be only btc with gains or loses based on ratio of coins you "buy". you dont actually ever hold altcoins.

am I going to make it, biz?

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an incredible buy signal, btw

Whats life as a 5'1 nigger? Do girls just cringe when you approach them? Do interviewers cut it short when they see your height that cant be fixed even with 3 inch platform heels?

t. 5'11

so i dunno, i cant seem to find anything about people actually using omise either. every source i found about the mcdonalds partnership was crypto related and i couldnt seem to find anything about mcdonalds actually confirming any partnerships, and what it actually means. i sent an email to omise asking them to point me in the direction of a source from mcdonalds confirming this partnership and what it means, and also i asked them to send me some evidence that omise is a payment platform all ready being used by company's and people.


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Thai fraud investigations - PayPal verified

> hey Bro, you need Anti fraud sign - we accapt paypal tho

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in addition what I have found:
Omise Go Library

119 119 33
There have been 0 commits in the last 5 days.
The most recent commit was have been 3 months ago.

what did they do the whole time?

the absolute state of OMG FUD. pathetic.



They have no professional programmers.




None of that is actually untrue.

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>These are the contributors


>Mfw your 1-billion dollar White Paper project is run by hobby programmers from Reddit and communist college IT admins, part time.

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>24 posts by this ID
>Spreads weak bait FUD all day that he knows is ambiguous
>Has been copying and pasting the $1.5BN market cap FUD for over a month
>Has to make fake twitter accounts to shill his own patreon
>deletes all his old tweets where his calls were incorrect
>Tries to sell articles by posting his portfolio that showcased his December performance and all the gains he made
>MFW Dec was the biggest bullrun in history and you could have made money buying confido because of the market velocity
>Literally sits on biz all day making OMG fud threads
>5'1 no prospects for business aptitude in the real world so he finds his self worth on biz
>Publishes mt gox debunking article 3 days after mt gox guy confirms he didnt dump, thinks he is a genius for refruting the dump that was confirmed by some cnbc article


Lol. What if I were to say, YOU were the fraud?

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>Growing evidence of fraud is a buy signal

I have some under-valued stock certificates of Enron I'd like to sell you at a steep discount. This shit has been FUDed to death by pajeets and shills.

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>Contributor: A contributor is someone from the outside not on the core development team of the project that wants to contribute some changes to a project.

How does that help you OMG bagholders?

The only apparent "talent" on this project is a bunch of part-time bloggers.


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Let me log onto reddit and plaigarize this guys article.



Teehee Im so smart mommy! are u proud yet?

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