Hey /biz. why is ETH taking such a big hit in this bear market?

Hey /biz. why is ETH taking such a big hit in this bear market?

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Because it's shit

Eth overrated. Vechain and Elastos are going to replace it. Screenshot this

The G20 about crypto is monday and tuesday. That's why the market is crashing.

Lucky shitcoin that got pumped showing its true colors. Probably would be -9000 by the EOY.

It is 100% a matter of morons piling back into the BTC ponzi because it broke below 8k and they think it's going to recover to new ATH later in the year, rather than die off like the dinosaur it is. Check the sat price for confirmation. The dollar price behaves the same because of arbitration.

I've always thought that should any shitcoins survive then the one that does will be the one with the best sounding name and ETH just doesn't sound like one of them.

Ether is one of the coolest sounding names in crypto though

because it's the penultimate shitcoin

Because ethereum hasn't seen a huge correction like other currencies. It was at 400 bucks in December and 1200 in January. For ethereum it just comes a little bit later than for others.

From a dev point of view ETH is tough to work with. NEO is better in this sense, but neo dropping even more compared to ETH. Something tells me this is whale play.

What kind of dev work have you done with NEO when it takes 500 gas to launch a smart contract?

>Yo bro, got a Etherium for a broke ass nigga?

It sounds like a drug.

I love how everyone is grasping at straws.

>up over 10x this year alone
>100x in the last two years
>taking a big hit

what are you on OP?


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Scamcoin ICOs exiting through their ETH holdings. Is it really that hard to understand?

>Muh flippening
>Muh safe haven

Ask yourself why its worth what its worth, there's no good answer. Its just pumped.

That's if you want to deploy a ready product on NEO main-net. It also prevents loads of shit from going on NEO (even though the list of NEP-5 tokens still reminds me of Dotcom websites). NEO is just more popular for development atm since it doesn't require solidity, and its platform is more versatile while ETH is limited.

If I would have enough fiat I would stock up a few ETH for upcoming ICOs :( but I'm broke as fuck

u brainlets...ico's killing eth prices.. money grabbers got u r eth for ico and they moving to fait and once they in scam is complete.

everything is dropping.

also if eth is shit then so is link


>muh moneyskeley
>muh Metropolis
>muh privacy features
>muh active dev

out of all coins i hate ETH the most. i really just can't stand vitalik and his shitlib faggotry. also, he is a Jew (in a vid he says first trip he took as a teen was to Israel). he's a canadian jew.

>NEO is just more popular for development atm since it doesn't require solidity
Solidity is not hard to learn, it's almost the same as Go. I'd be curious to see any evidence supporting the idea that "NEO is more popular for development", because the huge Ethereum dev ecosystem and number projects say otherwise. Neo might eventually be popular for enterprise development. I don't see why anyone else would bother with it if it takes a minimum of 9k to even use the NEO main-net.

>this happens every G20 meeting

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Rumors are they will start moving on privacy coins. You can’t outlaw the coins, but you can shutdown the fiat channels.

XMR and DASH are going to take a long hard shit next week.

why must everyone be spoonfed all the time

millions of people rushed in to buy graphic cards to mine ether in december and jan, now price is falling overall and they balance is -10k so they need to sell as soon as possible in this saturated market

Russian Jew u monkey lol.

What you guys think is a good buy in point, $501? Or are we seeing a return to $400 ranges?

The whales do not care about the underlying tech. They probably are not smart enough.

$300. Seriously.

$100-150 would be my guess. 90% correction after 10,000% gains seems fairly reasonable

also would conveniently form a double bottom with where it fell to at the bottom of last summer's correction

The demand for cryptokitties has plummeted

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no, screenshot my asshole, I'll cam you, ok?

The selling of Ether is propping up the BTC market right now. You saw a similar situation in Sept-Dec where massive selling of ETH helped fuel the BTC bull run.

The ratio will continue to fall until the end of April when it bottoms out. At this point we'll see a massive run similar to last year in ETH and alts.

>Erc20 token will replace platform on which it is built on
>Bu bu muh mainnet

people are so stupid.

>Bought at 5 eths for 2536.83 euros at 473 euros each literally 2 hours ago
>Now at 442 euros
>Currently at 186 loss

Should I just sell at a loss and get out of here or just hold?

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That depends. Do you believe the market is going to have a robust demand for ponzi schemes in the future?

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not him but this shit is just like the stock market. The scam has to keep going round and round or the 1% wont keep getting rich

1 crypto currencies still being utter shit
2 boomercoin is still kangz - market dominance ~ 42%
3 eth smart contracts are a massive vector of attack
4 jap dev left due to politics and eth being in the grey
5 ICO being shitfucked - ETH was a ICO
6 ETH is securities providing a platform to all other shitcoins (erc)
7 regulations might shitfuck it

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Because erc20 shitcoin icos are dead and that was the only reason people wanted eth

so link is dead to then?

Link has a different use

Ethereum is only good for making shitcoin icos. Since icos are dead now so is eth

>eth smart contracts are a massive vector of attack
And yet the Ethereum network has never actually been hacked. BTC can technically have smart contracts too, I doubt you think that's vulnerable.
> jap dev left due to politics and eth being in the grey
Yoichi Hirai did not leave, that is some ancient FUD.
> ICO being shitfucked - ETH was a ICO
>regulations might shitfuck it
Is that why France recently declared itself the ICO capital of the world, and ETH futures are in the works?

Damn crypto really is full of brainlets now.

>btc up 0.28% the past hour
>ltc up 2%
>eth down −0.93%

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This nigga gets it

This man speaks truth. Regulations probably aren't touching ETH. They might do their best to fuck Monero and the other privacy coins though. Only regulation I see touching ETH in the near future is some trading regulations. The amount of PnD and market manipulation in crypto speaks to that.

True, true

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It's ridiculous how hard ETH is getting hit compared to the other currencies.

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so is GPU mining dead then?

when can i pick up a decent priced one without you cryptofags buying them in bulk to smash imaginary rocks for 50 cents a day?

this. eths drop was delayed from jan/feb. its just adjusting to be the same drop as other coins.

serious question: is there anything in the ETH roadmap that will benefit its price? Litepay boosted litecoin last month really heavy so im hoping ETH has something similar

i bought one at 600 and will buy at 500 and keep buying every 2 weeks when paycheck comes in until it climbs past 700 again.

>And yet the Ethereum network has never actually been hacked.

hasn't been tested either but its known already

> Yoichi Hirai did not leave, that is some ancient FUD.

wrong and its new

> Is that why France recently declared itself the ICO capital of the world, and ETH futures are in the works?

FRANCE LOL even if it was the whole of EU... just get the fuck outta here


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95% XMR right now, how fucked/smart am I for the year?

Because the bubble popped a bit faster than with Bitcoin. Eth is giving you a glimpse of what's coming for Bitcoin

That'll be because I bought 2 of them at the start of the week thinking it was the dip. My apologies user.


my first crypto purchase was eth when it was over 800, my second was @680 (thought i got a steal) and my third was at @610. im crying right now

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good goood

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Get your lube ready for next week.

dont cry baby. it will be ok. eth will be 5k eoy. just buy what you can.

>hasn't been tested either but its known already
Ethereum's "test" is being on mainnet for years without ever being hacked.

>wrong and its new
He resigned only as EIP editor, he still does research for Ethereum.

>FRANCE LOL even if it was the whole of EU... just get the fuck outta here
"Even if the whole EU supports ICOs they're still wrong and I'm right"

You are retarded.

ethusd has been stronger than btcusd in this market, but weaker than other alts. i don't see why you think it's taking 'such a big hit'. it's a bear market so everything drops, but relative to other things in crypto it's not so bad.

those bags you carry must be heavy ...

I've wanted ETH for a while and set a buy order in Jan which fired today. Got 4 for 465€ each, did I do good?

that means eth goes up next. ltc always leads the market movement, followed by btc, then eth

if btc bounces on its current downtrend to 7600 and lower around 7200 yes - else you will certainly regret it

I saw a lot of people move to ETH in late Jan because it was rising more/falling less than BTC, which as you said, delayed the big fall.

Eth was hacked for millions that’s what cause the fork and created eth classics now u shut your whore mouth

Yes, there are like 20. Off the top of my head:
>move to POS (reduced circulating supply)
>sharding (scalability/speed upgrade)
>Plasma (scalability/speed upgrade)
>Plasmacash (even better scalability/speed upgrade implemenation)
>ring signaures (monero-level privacy option)
>ZKsnarks (Zcash-level privacy option)

OP, couple of things. Its marketcap if overinflated first of all. To double your money its marketcap has to over a 100 billion....which ETH hasnt proven itself to be worth yet and 3. There are too many coina in its system to weather the Bitcoin rise. Its economics is flawed and will continue to downtrend to .00? status.

You know it’s a shitcoin when a smart contract company is making it into a private coin. So what u telling me is that I can have anonmouse smart contracts? Well come to think of it that’s a billion dollar idea considering all eth is used for is scams

coz vitalik is a pedo

Please tell me this is a low effort troll and you're not really that stupid. A smart contract on ETH was hacked, not ETH itself. If a website gets hacked you don't say the entire internet was hacked.


I've rarely seen this guy be wrong with his predictions. He states that sheer size of the head and shoulders pattern on Eth should technically send it into a negative range; which obviously isn't possible as he also states. He expects it to land somewhere between $100-300 by April 18th and likely lower beyond that.

You have to be retarded to follow that guy

If you followed that guys calls for BTC you would be down so fucking much. He is either paid by the whales or is a brainlet. Muh inverted h&s can still play out on bitcoin!!!

yea you did well. anything under 600 is a steal.

A lot of coins were hit much harder than ETH. It might still go down, but I'll only think about being scared if it dips under $300.

VeChain may or may not increase from here but you’re a goddamn retarded for talking about the ERC20 bullshit. You know that VeChain handles drastically more transactions than Ethereum on their private blockchain, right? They’re moving over to the public blockchain in June, at which point it will be the most used public smart contract platform in the world. I’m not saying that would be reflected in price, we could still be in a bear market or it might still drop because all coins are overvalued, but goddamn you have to consider the facts.

im not even kidding its because i bought a bunch of ETH last night. everything i buy immediately crashes. i am directly to blame for it going below 600

>holding an assortment of erc20 tokens
>ethereum takes a big fat shit

Wow, thanks Vitamin Buttholic!

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