What is better to use for online transactions?

What is better to use for online transactions?
Paypal or a bank?

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Is anyone actually attracted to those cartoonish proportions?





eah i'd fuck the shit out of that street shitter

I personally love hips.

2d > 3d

What the fuck is wrong with her boobs. She photoshopped them into footballs

She's a cunt hair away from walking on all fours. Fucking cow worshippers

Come on boys, answer the question.
and here a more petite woman for you guys

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Need a name op

Stephanie Curry

Not everyone is into skinny hipped traps, loser.

Neither am I kiddo, I just prefer women that don't have horse DNA injected into their thighs

I find that sexy as hell, you're just conditioned to like what society determined for you to like. You have no individual taste. Keep creepin

Good one faggot

I bet you sweat every time you drive by a farm

I bet you never had a girlfriend

Says the goyim into bestiality

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Jesus fucking christ, she went way overboard with her hip augmentation. It's disgusting really.

yep. out of proportions. looks hideous, ridiculous

I bet you're not white

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REQ will soon make both obsolete.

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That is grotesque.