Congrats on the few that listened to my advice to short at 8.5k. >>8344599

Congrats on the few that listened to my advice to short at 8.5k. Bump if you want my next advice.

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bumpitty bump

sure I'll bump. I've been trying to cash in on this crash but I failed everytime, I misplaced shorts and then market sold them because I was anxious to get liquidated only to find out it crashes 5 seconds after I market sell. ;(

Had I just stuck with it I would have made 50k, thats more 2x more than I made the entire bullmarket QQ.

Oh and also this post to show that I wasn't worried when we hit 8.5k

But who knows, I could just be trolling here. Maybe I'll lose you all your money?

im just curious what youre gonna say

So note, this isn't an elliot wave, actually I dont think I can spot any but Im not good with them to begin with. But even those strong with elliot wave aren't using them for short-term stuff atm.

Anyways, bc the fib retracements were so similar between the blue and yellow, Im betting on the same pattern happening with points 3,4,5 on yellow.

However, we still have to wait on double bottom confirmation. I closed 25% of my short at 7.7k and will go long with 50% of my stack at 8.1k with target of 8.7k and stop loss at 7.8k. (so 2:1 risk reward) Afterwards, 80% on a short. This is all with 3x leverage think I find going above 10x is retarded for such a volatile market. Anyways you can tell that Im not even that confident just bc of how im not going balls deep.

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Fuck off. Every day there's a new faggot who thinks he can predict the future.

wave 4 can't retrace more as wave 1

Okay ignore this guys advice, cause we have already retraced to 8700 which came out as 8.6. We aren't retracing that high again.

nobody cares about your shitnalysis

theyre not elliot waves you retard, try and find someone thats doing elliot waves correctly right now. Philakone has been wrong like 100% of his calls the last 12 hours.

you're too bullish, good thing you didn't go balls deep. it's possible to see a bounce over 8 or 8.1k but after that we continue to slide down day by day

nobody cares until I get them correct

I've always laughed at TA, now I'm unironically looking for any signs from anyone that will give the slightest hint of optimism with TA. I now understand why religions occur and charlatans make money off people.

how to close a % of my short on bitmex?

Why didn't I just stop trading after 8500 I could have easily rode the price action to 7700 and literally got almost 10% more BTC, fuck my life.

post your login, password and 2FA and Ill do it for you.

congrats on that long too :)
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mad pajeet

Right I acknowledge that may be a scenario, some ppl think its going to touch 8k before bouncing down. Its why I only closed 25% of my short and wont go long until over 8.1

im fully expecting weirdness of all sorts
for all i know we could sideways from 7700-8000 for a week

Here's a more traditional wave that I factored into my trade. Once again, I'll only go long if "wave 4" goes above wave 1.

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Thanks, user. Shorted @8600 because of your advice on Elliot waves. Only 5x though because I wasnt that confident. Still got a bunch of profit. Choochoo.