This is part 8 of the historical Veeky Forums XTCC pump for Tai Chi Chain

A few updates.

So as we all know, the price is not at $1 as expected by a majority of you.
The thing is, A LOT has changed. Other whales have entered the market.

A majority of my holdings have been bought up when I wasn't paying attention.

It has turned into an accumulation war, so to speak.

This coin is going to be listed on multiple high volume exchanges from inside sources confirmed.

Once this coin is listed on CMC, more people will have a general idea of its market capital & token circulation.

I still have a good grip on it's current price, my goal is to have increased volume of 100K+ for the next week. You should know what that means.

Any questions just ask, I'll be here for about another 30 minutes.

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thank you based willy.
any idea of the timeline for the exchanges listings, or CMC?

Given current situations, do you expect any jumps back up to .1 today? Given changes, how long do you intend to continue this?

Why don't the sell pickles outside of the jar?

this threads are the most entertaining in the last few weeks.

whoever didn´t buy XTCC yet is a fucking brainlet. those whale groups gonna push this coin to a 100x. you just need to dump in the right moment.

Did you really assume there weren't whales on biz who would buy up all your shit just for a laugh? Where do you think all the overnight millionaires from December went?
So far they've been the best threads since assblaster, very disappointing to end with a dump

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This has been entertaining af, so thank you for that based whale. I personally think you're a dev of the project and running some fantastic marketing

This is my theory too



thank u willy, made another meme for you.

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Can't say an exact date

It's up to the other whales.

I'm not sure if they just did a huge buy in or if they are still accumulating, testing the waters.

Trick question.

They do sell them outside of the jar.

It has been fun. I will be around for awhile.
Looking forward to doing part X (10).

I'll have a little surprise.

The coin hasn't dumped.

You are retarded as fuck.

Willy does Nothing....

Famed as a profit....

Willy is the placebo we needed to change the world.

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We love willy
willy loves us
just dont fud or be silly
or we'll kick you in the nuts

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I may be retarded but your coin is in the shitter m8

wow violent

Anyone who hasn't bought this yet is fucking retarded, delusional and unironically deserves to stay poor.

This shit isn't dropping under .035, it's not too late to accumulate before it hits exchanges.

>This shit isn't dropping under .035
>Was 0.024 literally yesterday

Thanks for the update Willy can't wait to buy you that beer.

Before the last pump, sure. I don't see it dropping much further than where it's at now, I've been watching the price all day.

They already applied for a kucoin listing


>They already applied for a kucoin listing
Source for that senpai


check the tai chi chain twitter page


seriously though, this shit is roughly one cent.

>muh privacy coin
>muh decentralized
>mug stellar fork

This shit is going to blow the fuck up. Get the fuck in here brainlets

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Where can I get this shit?


what the fuck are you doing user

There's still hope for making it guys

Does anyone know of a stellar asset wallet/monitor app so I can track the price of XTCC on my phone? I have iOS

baked af, bro


I've been on biz for 6 months. Literally refreshing this shit pretty much all day
>inb4 newfag

In that time I haven't seen an opportunity to get in early as fuck on a non-ICO coin literally ground floor. I won't waste too much effort shilling this since it's bound to take off with or without Veeky Forumsbros joining in

I jut have this link opened in a different tab in Safari and watch for the top selling price


yeah, looks like the best we've got until it's on CMC

fill your bags before then to /make it/

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I have 11k xtcc. Roughly 30 xlm, and fractions of bitcoin and eth and like 30 chainlink. Should i just dump everything in and hope i hit 20k xtcc?

you'd be dumb not to


I have around 15k thinking about going in with even more just trying to decide how much more I am willing to put in.

bro, sorry to hear that you are so poor.

Don't put in more than you're willing to lose.

I threw $90 at this shit literally two weeks ago and got 64,400 xtcc for it.

Take that how you will. Ignore the fud, this coin is growing steadily.

After I write Willy Dick I might have like $30 bucks extra to throw in in a few years. I might get a quarter of an extra xtcc then. But yeah, don't be poor like me. You'll be unhappy with life.

What's your Stellar wallet ID. I'll send you some xtcc

I'm very much looking to buy something. I am extremely new to this( this being investing in chain and/or crypto). Where can I go to get started in investment in chain and crypto? I have been lurking on Veeky Forums for quite some time now( I was around during late 2016 when bitcoin was starting to get hype, but never wanted to buy, got jealous after shit hit the good money fan)

so how do I start and is Tai Chi Chain a good place to begin?

These opinions check out. I'll follow both; 50% invest 50% keep.

I'd personally get more if I could, so stock up because in my place, user. I believe in you

You really don't need to, user. I'm more happy having fun in these threads than anything. If xtcc gets even moderately big, then cashing out 11k xtcc at .50 would be a huge benefit to me, and that makes me content.

shit, I'll take it. I'm /all in/ xtcc, at 11k

also thanks for using my meme bro, feels good

Nice dubs. Your meme is a beautiful start to a strong XTCC army.

much obliged, TaiChiMarine

Sent you 1K.

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Based Willy are any of the 1mil Xtcc sell walls put up by you or is that some of the others who accumulated? I saw a 2mil one get eaten up last night as well.

thank you man :)
we're all gonna make it

B-but I'm making memes also :(

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Thanks Willy. 80k in for the long haul.

desu we should get an svg version of the nodes logo because the pixelated artifacts are less than ideal – gonna try to do that now for further memeing

Thank you for sending to another user, user. It's good to see kindness, and I'll find a way to include this in the book.

This has turned from a pump and dump into a community

I love you guys

love you too bro

This is the kind of opportunity newbies only get once!

Step 1: buy eth or btc
Step 2: trade that for XLM
Step 3: transfer your xlm to an account you made through one of the wallets on Stellar.org
Step 4: use xlm to buy xtcc

That's true. I always have to pimp it up in photoshop

Scam. Stay away. Price down like 80% because this babby whale is too broke to pump.

I only intended on sending out to one person man, I'm sorry. I like that one too though.

We should have a meme/shill thread later this weekend. If I can accumulate some more I may do a small giveaway to get some memes going. Building a community stronger than the fudders will be worth it.

Let's just all hope the white paper doesn't look like shit when it's released. Even so, the thread entertainment was worth it.

yes, if you are too stupid to spot an obvious pump and dump, please follow the above directions because you do not deserve to have money

our whale here has successfully moved the price to a cent a couple of times- his excuse for not going 100x that, as he promised, is that other whales are interested

that would normally drive the price up, but in magic whale land that isnt the case. just give him your money please

Unironically this
How would more whales buying drive the price down. Why would whales want to drive the price down?

Designer here with over 10 years experience in branding and web design.

If any XTCC devs want to get in touch hit me up and we can work something out.

I take XTCC as payment of course.

Cool! looking forward to it :)
I also think that what we have is special - not like link autists
I'm trying to be as active as possible, kinda think we could be all tripfags so that we can make our comunnity better

Reminder: 90% of posters in this thread are OP's shills. SCAM ALERT

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Might be worth reaching out to them in a PM. I'm not a dev or affiliated with xtcc aside from having bags

Keep telling yourself that. I'll screen cap this and post it EOY.

poor money hater alert

Anyone who thought they were going to /make it/ off of a pump and dump is retarded and doesn't need to be in crypto period.

Investing early and holding until the project develops more is the only reason to be in this. A privacy coin on the stellar network could be huge. We'll find out as more develops. Get in early or wait until it moons.

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or, you know, it could be a website with vaporware paying people to shill an anonymous message board to give them 10mm for 1b worth of nothing tokens

maybe that too

That's also possibly.


Not a pajeet

> until the project develops
You mean until that microsoft NDA expires ;)
Yes that's a quote from wally himself, think he got cocky

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wow nice dump. fake whale exposed himself again, gonna shift your deadline for the next pump again? ahahahahahahahhahaha

>price was 0.002 three weeks ago
Nice SCAM coin!

>price at 0.005 two weeks ago
Kek biztards buying scams. Stay poor

>peaked at 1.17 two days ago
Obvious pump and dump

>dropped to and now isn't selling less than 0.035

Stay poor faggot

it's really getting mind-numbing debating these faggots about a coin that is too young to be anything other than speculative. they haven't even released a white paper yet.
you can scream scamcoin all you want, and we can counter with promises that haven't been fulfilled yet. it's fucking pointless.
what is clearly true is that when it's listed on an exchange, whether or not the tech is there, this fucker is going to pump.

The one problem is that we are the most expensive coin that has no reason,

Now if that is a good thing or a bad thing I have no clue,

But you can't argue that this coin shouldn't even be a thing right now,

Who ever is heading this media campaign is a fucking genius though.

This is the Apple of the crypto market right now, all media no point.

dude, i know you're probably a good guy but you're getting scammed

Willy can you beat the other whales and regain control of the coin

Hurr durrrr tell me who made monero.

Protip you can't

Try harder bro, it's okay that you didn't get in below 0.01 there's still heaps of growth to be had from ath

Failed to come up with a generic cat meme for xtcc, but he's been chilling with me through the threads and buy/sell windows. We can consider him the xtcc cat of good gains or some shit.


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tfw no coiner
Is this something I should try to get in on? I don't have much spare money but I thought maybe if I could scrape up enough I may be able to pay for my surgery I have a broken tooth so I'm in pain constantly and need to get it replaced. Right now I have barely enough to afford just getting it pulled.

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funny thing is is that i bought a shitload at .005 when it was first shilled here. i intended to make the same threads this jack off is making to sell my bags at a easy 20x in a few days. seems like this guy beat me to it lmao.

>things i know tho
>2m coins released so far
>1b total
>shit is going to crash once they start giving it away like worthless shit coins

>2M released
over 4M on order books and willy has been flashing walls of 10M.

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it's actually 40M of coins in circulation, that guess is still better than your bitcoin predictions, so cheer up


I assume these sell walls are trying to stop willy?

What does this gain anyone ovwer just letting him pump up??

> OmegaMaker trying to post like he's a regular user
No one gives a fuck what you think. You are wrong every time. Your only use now would be for companies to pay you to shit on their product, thereby guaranteeing its success.
You endorsing this is the strongest sell signal imaginable.

It’s all very exciting

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Thanks just devoted my life to growing the value of this coin specifically.

Looks like they just submitted for a KuCoin listing

and they are waiting for the next round of cmc listings.

A privacy XLM should really grab people's attention, guess we'll have to see how it pays out.

you are a huge faggot

They thought that they had this cmc listing so they started willy, then when they found out they werent he backed off, now hes got something "special" planned for the next attempt at cmc -.- this shit is so obvious