What the eff

>ex gf shows up at my condo with her bf
>ask what shes doing
>she jumps like I scared her
>shes like oh my god user im so sorry someone gave me this address to pre drink
>the guys like do you know eachother
>i saw no and close the door
>he starts banging on my door screaming at me to open the door and I hear her call her a cheating bitch
>i open the door
>he punches me
>i punch him and I use my shoe rack to hit him in the head i know bitch move but he pretty much sucker punched me
>I close condo door again this and he bangs on the door again for like 5 minutes than leaves

Who was in the wrong here? I have a black eye now

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Did you at least fuck him up worse then what he did to you?

idk I punched his face once and the shoerack hit his back/neck area

Why didn't you use a firearm?

I don't get the story. Who would give her your address for pre drinks and why?

i think someone was fucking with her.

How powerfully where the blows you dealt?
did you put in as much strength as you could or did you just pun in enough to get him to want to get him away from you?
also is your girl indian?

You should have slapped her ass so it would be like that one meme and then he wouldn't know what to do.

shoerack was hard punch was just a reaction thing probably did nothing. yeah shes indian lol how did you know

Didn't read, not your blog faggot.

Cause of her look?
Indians/Pakis have a very specific look that anyone can distinguish if he has seen at least one in his life.
Also are you white or an indian?

If not larp she just wanted to make you jelaous with her new BF, the "predrink adress" story is what she told you and her bf


I want need her instagram to answer this question user.

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shed have no idea what my address is since I moved her after we broke up. unless she stalks me

did u suck his cock?

yazziie_xx is her ig. Thank me anons

>shed have no idea what my address is since I moved her after we broke up. unless she stalks me

creepy. report to cops

That’s just what she said, the bf took her to the condo and wanted to see if they knew each other, maybe she was cheating or he thought so.

>I use my shoe rack to hit him in the head

+1 for creativity

i hate this fucking board

>ex gf

what does he mean by this?

She follows 372 people/
Try finding OP we know hes Italian and hes probably a normie that posts that shit in his bio.

Nive trips however
>he's not here to end up rolling up in a Lambo at ex's place to laugh at her for not believing in your business

same stupid face in every pic.

how the fuck would you know if she's following him or the other way around? thatd be retarded if she was following him, it'd be the other way

>How powerfully where the blows you dealt?
>also is your girl indian?
Did you do the needful OP?

you were for opening the door and not calling the cops after closing it a second time

should've beat his ass with the shoe rack

actually there's still time to call the cops
file a complaint and say they came to your house to assault you
that's what happened wasn't it?
doesn't matter if you hit him back, that was self defense in your own home

OP missed a golden opportunity to mag dump two people and get away with it

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You should have never reopened the door. Should have armed yourself and if he kept banging, called the police.

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Also, might want to put your phone to record next time something like this happens.

Belongs in /adv/ you fucking lame

Wouldn't you just suspect she brought some random guy to kick your ass. You knew it was her BF, how'd you get them to your new apartment?
Lol at this drama queen bullshit, leave that to these bitches OP


My first thought was he missed an opportunity for a threesome.

post her nudes nigga

OP post her feet ffs

>he starts banging on my door screaming at me to open the door and I hear her call her a cheating bitch
>i open the door
He was in the wrong, but you're mentally retarded for not reading the situation accurately.

>mmf threesome

How is this biz related you fucking faggot?


This is Veeky Forums, not your personal fucking soapbox.

Did you lie, tresspass, or strike first? Then you are not in the wrong.

btw how is your sex life?

>not hitting him with the shoerack
why didnt you hit him with the shoerack OP
>perfectly good shoerack for beatings
next time use the shoe rack to beat the guy

>someone gave me this address to pre drink
1. wtf is a pre drink
2. wtf is a bitch doing with an address bitches don't think they dont need addresses.
3. wtf would you open the door -- dumbass
4. wtf shoe rack wtf

god damn you millennials are a bunch of twink faggots

fuck me if this isn't the most punchable face on the fucking planet

Seeing you have a right to literally kill him I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you didn't do enough. Guy sucker punched you after banging on your door all hostile and shit? FUCK EM UP. Your ex probably looking for a save and you fucked it up.