When did you realize there is people right now not buying this falling wedge?

And why do they hate money so much ?

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I've looked at that wedge but.. how far can it fall you know?

It's going to $1000 that's why

Not below zero

>confirmation bias lines

Zoom out lmao

I'll buy when BTC is below a thousand. I can wait a few more weeks

bulltrap to 13k/14k then consolidation then dips


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I somehow missed this head and shoulders,
thanks for posting this chart,
I will add to my short

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When did you realize there are brainlets right now thinking this is falling wedge, not giant head and shoulders going to 6k?

It's going to bear trap to 3x, vertical flag for a cycle, dump alts on bitflex, then spend a week in a circle pattern before lifting to 10k

a lot of people been calling 7k but whales may try to stack buy orders so I'm fine buying here and waiting.


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>he thinks this insanely steep resistance line wont be broken


forgot pic

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He bought in December, lol.

That's an interesting graph you got there

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This. Why does no one mention this? String support at 0 as well as strong demand. Win win

>limited supply
>advantages over traditional currencies

Guys seriously just keep shorting if you want. I literally could give a toss because the price has a natural tendency to rise and will rise almost forever.

Interesting, but how interpretate it?

Never give up. I'm still holding out until Beanie Babies recover their price.

Anyone want to buy this one? It has value because it is rare.

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just buy bitcoin

sure would be a shame if it just went sideways a bit before dropping again huh?

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Crypto will be this generations beanie babies. It's about as useless as beanie babies too.

Three digits Here We

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steeper resistance lines are easier to break. i'm not a TAfag, but he basically says it in his post before the picture.

At least with a Beanie Baby, you have something to wipe your tears with.

Meanwhile, 50 years from now, kids are going to wonder why grandpa keeps clutching a dusty USB drive, and why he's claiming that the price is locked in, so he hasn't lost yet.

Classic correction wave, how can you not see this guyz?

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Good point beanie babies>crypto

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you're supposed to buy those when they break UP, user, not down.

i would guess a lot of people get fucked playing what they think is a falling wedge due to the fact that every single downtrend will have one at some point. This tactic would probably be ok in a bull market, but you are going to get dicked by the bear.