LMFAO people are retarded

so this is the power of mass societal wide delusion...

How many fucking bubbles do we need to have for people to stop doing this?

Dotcom 1999
Real Estate 2008
Crypto 2017

I mean it's like clockwork-- every fucking decade theres a new thing people irrationally go batshit over

unreal levels of stupidity

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>this is only the first sell off

The only unreal level of stupidity is you comparing the miniscule amount of money in crypto at its peak, to those other things.

your mistake is assuming that you can't make money after a bubble bursts

Quads of Truth.

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>not even 1t total cap

ahm you see the pic or - the tec bubble, did you mean the current one or the last one.

So will BTC bubble again as it did in 2013

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so , you say it finally burst after 8years?

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>The only unreal level of stupidity is you comparing the miniscule amount of money in crypto at its peak, to those other things.
crypto is minuscule shit
just a tiny part of internet
going crazy over crypto is like going crazy over coupon sites, or uber or pokemon go

>This seriously has to stop

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why the fuck do faggots use linear

op for real kill yourself retard

If you held decent stocks during the dotcom bubble you'd have made a fucking killing. Same applies for crypto. Obviously people holding chink vapourwave will get shit on.

>exponential growth forever is totally possible
nah dude anyone trying to btfo me should kys, not the other way around

acting like it's all okay cuz muh price looks just like it did back in 2013 is retarded

1T was way too much for this market driven solely on hype

people actually used websites back in dotcom

people you know, actually used HOUSES back in 2008 since they fucking lived in them

noone uses crypto for fuckall outside speculation, and now you all are crying yourselves to sleep wondering why you aren't making millions overnight anymore

stay mad


Teach us teacher

I think you're missing the point if you think this market is solely driven by hype. You're also after the wrong people, shitposting here won't make your graphics cards cheaper, and if you state something then refuse to hear any explanation as to why you're wrong, you're pretty idiotic. Hopefully you're not like this in every aspect of your life.

>sage own thread
>continuing to type and not actually killing themselves
peak retardation, total dumbfuckery

because it fits the meme graph the best, insider here

>being this mad
Lol, and nice use of sage you fucking newfaggot. Unironically kill yourself.

Looking at the log graph, $3000 seems reasonable

Damn you sound pretty angry
can't afford a new GPU on your mcdonalds wage anymore?

lmfao stay mad coiner I rode this shit all the way up and dumped on normies retard asses back @ 20k

I just enjoy trolling desu

anyway have fun wageslaving for the rest of ur life cuz you thought you were a genius for investing in an obvious bubble and couldn't cash in your ticket @ the top



capital will always want to break out. one day there will ba "bubble" that doesn't pop and consequences will never be the same. who knows, crypto might just be it.

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KEK literally can't take this brain damaged Op seriously
300B and bubbles popped?
See you at 100k

Bitcoin bubble popped 5+ times now. Still low marketcap. Wall Street incoming this year. If these things were not true, it would be stupid to hold. OP is just mad he didn't get to buy at $4k.

Haha, you say you're leaving then keep replying to your thread while saging it. I see what kind of person you are. Well, I'm at least glad I'm not you. :)

I'm not even mad if it bursts. It means that the tech has matured past its mania phase, and absolutely amazing things will come next. Can't wait for central banks to shit their pants when they realize they're out of business.

>Dotcom 1999
Tech companies now higher than 1999

>real estate 2008
Real estate prices now higher than 2008

>Crypto 2017
To be continued...

he's right though

Bubbles are good for technological booms. The internet wouldn't be what it was today if it wasn't for that bubble period.
Google was made by a couple of grads in 1998, Amazon by some guy in 1994, and internet explorer as a competitor to Netscape in 1995.

>I'm not retarded guys I'm just trolling

>sages own thread
wew that's a first for me

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Fucking this. Who gives a fuck if I have to HODL for 3-4 years more, or even a decade. My plan was to invest in the long run anyway.

The problem is that all your previous examples had a market cap of 100x of crypto.

user you are f retarded

>log graphs

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and didn't bubble literally 4x(not even close) in 1 month

It's going into a bear market of at least 1 year, just like after Gox.

Jews, Futures & shorts
People cashing out after they panic about taxes

All these will put negative price pressure on it that never existed before

Why the fuck hold when you can sell now and buy at 3k?

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Only 6-8% of the ppl are invested in crypto so far and institutional money isn't even able to get in. This is far off from its peak

>Bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0

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>posted in 2015

fuck I wish I had seen this vid back then

>Saging his own thread
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH also reported for announcing sage

It was an obvious bubble back then and he warned you.

>using log to cope with your losses
try harder faggot

>starts a thread
>sages it himself

They're going with Hashgraph. They're gonna and are trying to get around bitcoin and the blockchain.

>Le hashgraph meme

I hope normies won't fall for this shit. Hashgraph might sound good, but it's not open source, so it's worthless trash.

If it becomes open source at some point, it might be worth something, but as it is, it really does reek like something the banks will praise with all their might.

Yeah it not being open source is what will kill it's sue by normies. But a lot of them will use it because it will be advertised as the one up on blockchain. Just because it's faster on paper doesn't mean it will be better to use. Blockchain can still be used and built upon. Government is scrambling to figure a way out.