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I'm too impatient and am on the verge of cashing out now even though I know if I wait a few months it'll probably be a lot more

I don't have any crypto currency

Currently watching my sell orders fill for my entire portfolio.
Crypto is absolutely done for at least the next 6 months and the market will only go downward. The average person has zero interest in it and feels validated now for having called it a pyramid scheme. The actual tech has some value but will just be implemented privately.

ive been making money again on bitmex but i cant help but feel im going to end up on the bitmex rekt bot soon.

then cash out and wait a few months

I've tethered up and also short sometimes, doing very good in this bear market. I've never been this comfy since a year, because I know I did the right thing and will buy cheap Bitcoins in the 1k-3k price range in the following year from depressed panic sellers.
In the meanwhile I'm developing a trading bot (easy mode: market making, hard mode: arbitrage) to generate me passive income.

forgive me father im back to wagecuck

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I got burned 1.5 ETH by buying high and selling low in the last two days. I'm retarded for chasing a pump

I only bought 30 bucks worth of LINK cus turkish economy is shit
I bought 30 bucks of VEN
I know LINK will be better to buy but i don’t want to waste all of my money

Keep telling yourself that, cognitive dissonance

Ironic post

how are you not scared tether will fuck up and you won't be able to get your money out as no one will buy USDT

You're absolutely fucking delusional if you think crypto is going anywhere but down this year.
Either that or you're so out of touch with the normal person, or so socially removed, that you can't understand WHY nobody will be buying in again this year.

i know you're too stupid to understand TA but crypto is going up after this dip. have fun

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>public lender implemented privately
Pls sell and never come back

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I fomo’d into link at .87 cents

bought 1k worth of ETH at 1k-1.4k

Every other Friday with my paycheck I buy in and every Saturday everything dips but I still fomo in on Friday anyway

I spent about 4 bux on Etherdoge.

Yeah yeah, I'm the socially delusional one. Fucking retard actually believes we need normie money for crypto to become big? Do you not realize in other markets 80% of trading and investment is done by institutions? How the fuck is crypto gonna be any different? But but it's different this time! The NEETs need to be purged out of crypto first. Luckily it's happening as we speak.

Participated on the REMME's ICO.

>How the fuck is crypto gonna be any different?

Yeah it's going to be institutional investors and crustys like yourself dominating the world of crypto.

Get fucked you soon-to-be-busto waster

at the peak i had 1.3M and i've only cashed out 500k with 100k left

initial investment 20k

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Das bretty good mang

I started in 2013..

i sold 5 BTC in 2011

I dont care about crypto anymore, i barely come here but coinfess are allways nice to read.

I am also doing career and social gains lately.

I started buying ENG even though I barely understand what it does

Summin' about privacy I think

Agreed, it looks like this bear market is gonna last for at least a few months, crypto in the eyes of the public also doesn’t look too good right now either.

I should be on 50-150k+ right now but I am currently sitting on 2k.
Lost 7 ETH of total 8 through reckless leverage trading for the first time when BCC was going crazy, didn't sleep for days chasing the market, then I was so burned out and pissed off I didn't even look at trading again till Feb/March and got even more salty that I missed out on such easy gains.

Feelsbadman, but I return, may have missed the easy money but there is still money to be made.

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I started """investing""" on political contracts on a gambling website

so where exactly will enough volume come from to get us back on track to ATH? Just like the year-long bear market we saw after Mt Gox, BTC will drive down into the ground for the rest of the year. Sell now, this is your warning. Save yourself.

ive been scammed now twice
im still up from my initial investment
not sure if this means im taking appropriate risks or just getting lucky

I'm 3 month into crypto and this is the most retarded "money" ever.
I regret the day I fomoed in, fuck this pile of rotten cryptopuke.

Hey you're that guy who thought the markets weren't manipulated LOL

yes that is me
they arent

What you fail to realize is that the only thing crypto needs to go back into a bull market is good news.

Look at the previous drop to 6k. The one piece of good news that reversed that entire drop was the SEC meeting. People will FOMO like a motherfucker and bring the volume when the rocket takes off again

Cool, see you at ATH in 5 weeks

I secretly hope link goes down to .18 cents

I shill coins on biz i dont even hold

I make nocoiner threads on biz while my bags get heavier

I pulled my whips out and i smoked a nigga

>not waiting for confirmation

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I lost all my money in leverage, yet still go into threads about it acting like a smug millionaire. You'll know me from the pepes and celeb images i post while giving "expert advice"

nothing would please me more than the biggest fucking bear market right now for the next two years+ so i can accumulate more with paycheques from my shit job. I have read so much shit and done so much research i know exactly what to do. I just need time to get as much funds as i can for it

i bought 1.4 bitcoins at 4k and lost most of it to buying memecoins randomly and if i sell now i might get in just below the break even point

what makes it worse is i'm making great trades now (past few days)

i bought like, 6 gen 0 etheremon.

the dev is actually making a game now, it's not a ponzi anymore, and has given all gen 0 owners x3 'eggs' which essentially duplicate their current holdings.

I am desperately hoping i can at least break even at some point, dropped like 4 ETH into this shit

While I felt pretty smug about tethering a few weeks ago, I am terrified of waking one morning with that shit worth nothing

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>log graph

>most likely has no idea what log scale is used for lmao

I feel like crypto might really be over but then again a part of me knows just how bad the U.S. economy is so I still have a tiny glimpse of hope.

used to have 325K ATH. Now have about 45K.

feelsbadman. Today I was imagining buying a brand new gaming laptop and traveling if I had just cashed all that out. But I was stupid and greedy and have been holding until today. Everyday I spend aimlessly reading biz and reddit and twitter, waiting for a reversal.

oh that's funny, i gained 4 ETH on the dot from Etheremon...

I come here once a month because i put $50 in at 8k and i think im gonna make like 1k out of it