Monero, Dash, Zcash. Privacy coins will get owned

It's starting

You anarchist deluded anons. You really believe fully anonymous coins will survive?

Yes I would like too, but it's a pipedream. Drop your privacy coins cause it's inevitable that they will go back to the darkweb and darkweb web only + DEX.

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extension blocks are going to bring to bitcoin cash privacy as good if not better than dash/zcoin

Banning -> Price increase.

Wow, this is the end.

Oh no, they're going to ban anonymous coins. How am I going to use them now, the government will surely find me.
you fucking brainlet. jesus

you realize this is what makes them valuable right? if they didn't try to ban them then they'd be useless

You fcking retard. No they won't be banned. But every exchange is going to need to DELIST THEM when they want to be compliant fcking retard.

So the only way you will be able to buy your fcking monero is through a DEX or some shitty pajeet exchange LOL.

Does this also affect enigma? They're provoding privacy to different blockchains.

Governments don't like and will never want fully anonymity. Give up your anarchist pipedream.

Privacy coins will be a niche at best. They will never be widely adopted.

>Implying DEX aren't the future anyway
What kind of mongrel buys monero from an exchange that can be traced back to their bank account / identity?

Dex is absolutely not the future. If crypto ever needs to become mainstream it requires institutional investors. They will buy through centralized compliant exchange not your fcking DEX KEK.

RIP privacy coins.

We fought hard but our deluded anarchist dream can't bounce up against governments anons. We lost.

Who's laughing now?

Privacy as a CHOICE.

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yes banning something which has no inherent value results in a price increase. nice understanding of economics.

>inherent value

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/ourcoin/ will fix it

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zcash, dash, monero functionality will be present on bch eventually
screen cap this post

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is craig /ourguy/?

Almost anything is better than Dash.

Whatever they implement as a second layer is still optional though. With Monero the privacy is enforced. Unless they literally turn Bcash into Monero, XMR will remain the only F U N G I B L E crypto.

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If cryptos become mainstream by losing privacy then becoming mainstream is not the goal.

time to migrate to zen