Spotted in san francisco. Had a QT azn gf too

Spotted in san francisco. Had a QT azn gf too.

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wtf is bodhi?

shameful hips
probably could only fit a 6lb baby through there, not good enough. any baby under 8lbs is going to be clinically retarded

is that what passes as a white guy in the US?

I bet this guy can't even squat 135.



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he looks in pain walking what a hero. He doesnt allow his knock knee disability to hold him back and he has middle aged asian trap who appears to care for him. What a hero

Why do Asians look so good in mostly black attire? Very sleek. But if a white guy wore that he'd look like a wigger.

if I told her she had a beautiful body, would she HODL it against me?

Lol what a bad time to astroturf your shitcoin

He looks like hes asian himself tho



Sorry that was supposed to be a 100 emoji i guess Veeky Forums doesnt allow them

This was at coinfest in SF yesterday. They had a booth and were selling some crypto-related product.

>not BODHI

Hm well I spotted him this morning on 6th street in SF

the brutality of her subhumanity is too much to bear

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honestly that line would make a nice T-shirt, much better than OP's

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6th st in sf is literally a third world country

>Being that creep who takes pictures of random people from behind without even asking
How many severed heads you got in your freezer senpai?

do your thing /r9k/

is that fucking sergey???????

there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking pictures of stragers without them knowing.


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Funniest thing I've read all day. Thanks man

Yup I know I’ve lived there. Great way to become racist overnight.
No i unironically like emojis
I did feel creepy but I was like gotta show this to biz

is bodhi the next 100x coin?

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just bought 100k

bodhi is asian augur like how oraclechain is ching chong chainlink

>weixing chen
>patrick dai
>chandler guo


Head shape, skin tone, texture of hair looks like a solid asian male brah

That middle button is holding the whole crypto market in tact. Once that burst, crypto is done forever!

he's clearly asian you stupid fuck

>taller than 5'5''

you're an idiot.

manlet micropenis asian detected

>shorter than 5'5

hey manlet i think you're :::: reaching