We're still pretty much on track

we're still pretty much on track.

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niec beito

the point is that this chart has pretty accurately predicted events 4 yrs prior to their occurrence.

are you so stupid you need this explained to you?

>log log scales

He (Trolololo) does updates every once in a while and he has also updated the estimation curve since. Now it is a little bit lower.

careful last time somebody posted this he got banned for begging because of the QR code

>bitcoin alone will have a market cap of 210 trillion in like 2027


thats nice but its 2017. if youre gonna post a chart make it fucking up to date

you really should be using log scale user

funny enough @trololo from bitcointalk updated his chart in february. i actually thought he was never coming back to crypto


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UK banking sector alone is 2 trillion this year. by 2027 and if we are in a technological/economic golden age then 210 trillion isn't to far off IFcrypto is the tech of the future.

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thanks mate, it's literally lifted from google images. I didn't even think about it... will be more careful in future.

here's a link to this dudes reddit post in nov 2017: reddit.com/r/BitcoinMarkets/comments/7hzmnj/longterm_nonlinear_regression_analysis_of_bitcoin/

This part is scarily accurate:

>The basic result from this graph is that we are currently in a bubble (also known as speculative mania), a possible crash could wipeout as much as 70% of the current value.

so it is the bottom then

its been crazily accurate.

>make it fucking up to date
>It's 2017

Looks like we have a long way down left to go if we don't even hit 1T until 2021.

ok faggots, here is the 'up to date' version as if it makes one iota of difference...

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Could you fully update it to 03/18 pls

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Nigger that’s still not updated enough. Post the bitcointalk one.. it cover Q1 2018

Where can I get historical bitcoin prices as CSV to update this chart on my own?

basically, if the regression is correct, we're about 2 years off of having and "organic" value of 10K +. which is fine. People everywhere need to calm the fuck down.

What a retard..

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Thanks Sminem

Fuck im going to havw to go bakc to wagw cucking if this is true.

looks like its going to 4k for this year

>People everywhere need to calm the fuck down


I doubt there being another bubble in 2018, the next bubble won't be before 2023.

>have 6 figures in crypto
>no bubble until 2023, nowhere to go but down for 3+ years
>will have to wait 5 more years, will never get to be young and wealthy

>5 years till next bull rally

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he give link to calculate current price, so that might give you the variables he is using

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Every coin is overvalued though. We're going back to 100B total marketcap, 95% loss of value :^)

Perfect time to accumulate for us late adopters then.

Can't accumulate when all your money is in crypto :^)

Also, in all seriousness the altcoin regression is questionable since BTC was most of the market cap until 2017 basically and altcoins were all BTC forks or scams. Now they are of course ETH forks and scams.

You can wageslave for the time being, when the next bullrun comes just sell at ATH.

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spurious regression, you failed at this one OP

retake stats lol

People selling now are selling to the whales and will regret fomo buy it back later during the next pump.

The game is next level now, wallstreet sharks have joined

So what are you guys going to buy when bitcorns hit 900 trillion quadrillion a piece in 2080?

>pretty much

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Not quite

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what software is used for this, how come I never see log graphs used for stocks?

curve fitting is a hell of a drug

come on even Excel and LibreOffice can do this, and you do see log plots for parabolic analysis and stuff

You realize than even if it happens it would screw the whole economy and all the people that didn't invest in crypto would be eating dirt and be homeless while every stupid person that bought one BTC would own 50 lambos? Money have to be redistribued in order to keep a minimum of equality in the world.

You're acting like holding is easy. Reactions on this board over the past few weeks should be a good indicator of how hard it actually is. Even if BTC mooned to absurd levels, most people would sell way before they can buy 50 lambos.

>Money have to be redistribued in order to keep a minimum of equality in the world.
And yet the opposite is what consistently happens. And it will happen again with crypto.

Until the next revolution anyway.

>minimum of equality in the world
What world you on?

a handful of men today own more than 3.5 billion people. What are you on about?

we need to encourage more women into crypto

can you imagine how much easier markets would be if women were in it, they would constantly pump by buying tops and sell instantly as soon as they saw red

this desu ne

TIL I’m a woman.

Yes encourage more women. I would love to dump my bags on women. We should start a feminist crypto movement and then reap the benefits of these emotionell gold diggers.

...and that's a good thing

>...and that's a good thing