Why are male friendships so difficult? It is always a weird power grab and who can use the other more

Why are male friendships so difficult? It is always a weird power grab and who can use the other more.

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If you say that about male friendships you're in for a surprise when it comes to females friendships.
Male friendships are very simple, unless you're tryind to be friends with the wrong person.

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What kind of douchebags are you hanging out with bro? Most of my male friendships are comfy as fuck.

Wat. Male friendships are literally none of that.

You have the wrong set of friends user, go to Veeky Forums start training and search for new friends.

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Uhh, not really? All mates I've had so far were pretty chill to talk and laugh with.

Are you, by any chance, a female? That's how woman perceive relationships between man, even though their own girl friends are far, far more maleficent.

how to have a good male friendship:
do fun shit
fun shit is whatever you find fun
shut up


This is the exact opposite of what a male friendship is actually like

Uh, they're actually not. You have shit friends.

Sounds like you've never actually had any real friends :(

ur probably talking about some business relationship am i rite?

>this picture
>this post

Obviously a roastie pretending to be a dude who is butthurt about male friendships being more sincere than her getting fucked in the ass by strangers weekly

What kind of retarded ass friends do you have?... If anyone starts power grabbing I just fuck their ass off out of my life... Everyone is super chill and respectful or we ain't friends... Simple!


Fucking normie

this, just look at other places and peps with the same IQ

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you sound like a female trying to have male friends.

Male friendships are nothing like that.

And this is not /soc/.

depends on the male. Some males are narcissists and they make friendships rather difficult and if they are in a group they will influence the rest of the males thereby making everything difficult. However, if there are no narcissists around male friendships are easy
I am living with a narcissistic roommate and a normal guy. Both I am actually very fond off. but the narcissist does make interaction difficult sometimes. I learned to live with it, but I do know it could be different. It all depends on the persons and the environment.

Honestly it is the hermeneutics of gay suspicion. If you have a male relationship then you are a fag.

any advice on how to talk with new friends?

I'm a pretty weird guy, in that topics that interests me are kinda boring for everyone. This makes it difficult for me to make new friends as i usually don't know what to talk about. Recently started a new job and met a cool coworker. He has been suggesting that we hang out for drinks or dinner but I've been delaying it and feel bad for it.

What do people usually talk about? My existing friends already know how I'm like so they usually "carry" the conversations when we hang out. I just chime in with relevant nuggets of information from time to time

Do you study Law?

just go for it, would be worse if he just thinks that you're not interested. it's usually easy to hang out for 1-2 hours, and then one of you will usually make up a reason to go.

Yeah man you must be hanging out with some insecure Chad's. Everyone jokes about wishing they were gay after dealing with female bullshit not because they secretly crave cock (or maybe you do) but because males are generally more direct and to the point and quicker to make up. Your boyfriend talks shit about your new cock ring you punch him in the face then you guys hug it out and blow each other. Tell your wife you liked her hair better when it was X and you're sleeping on the couch for a week.

>t. has a dad

This has to be bait.
Male friendships are always straightforward.
Find male that shares your general view on life
Have beer. Watch TV or stuff.
Play Vidya or stuff.
Talk about some shit. More beer.
Do some sports or stuff.
Only if in dire need ask for help/advice.
Always give help/advice if asked. No strings attached.

I'm glad anons have good friendships

But you're a fool if you think niggas don't hate