Post /retro biz/ posts like pic related

pls share, especially pre-2014 if available.

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>If you don't understand how it works well enough to explain it to a 12 year old, do some more reading about it
good post

Lol. All of the OPs are long, thought out posts. The cancer that currently inhabits Veeky Forums has ruined so much, people can't read or write more than like 20 words at a time now because they find us through twitter and reddit and come here and posts absolutely retarded shit. It's over.

At one point, people primarily posted on this particular board to get actual financial advice.

Now it's all cryptos and lambos.

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I feel the same exact way. People don't have shit to say in their OPs anymore, they just copy whatever generic comment gets the most replies.

god damn where did old biz go

Seriously. This guy timed the end of 2017 explosion perfectly while people here were posting suicide notes after a few weeks sell pressure. Also votes recorded on a blockchain just happened like 10 days ago. Underestimated alts though.

Wish I screencapped oil generals and ethereum is a Russian scam shitposts

>You know how to run a succesful business/ have a good career
>You want to come to Veeky Forums and browse/post on Veeky Forums

For the vast majority of people pick 1.

For the people that are left
>Enjoying discussing business and shit on biz
>Slowly see more and more crypto threads till its 90% of the board
>You r a typical business fucker and have 0 interest in that shit

It hits a tipping point where there are none of those people left.

Doubt anyone realized BTC core devs would be trying their hardest to destroy BTC's network effect in those years leading to the rise of alts.

anyone rule cucking in corporate is a visionless cunt and deserves to have no community to talk to, crypto is all the gains of business and none of the rules, if you don't have the balls to take off your suit and figure out how to trade beans for massive gains then you should be left behind

>muh muh muh dropshipping and real estate

nigger you sign a contract and buy the property and rent it to some mongrels we all know how it goes or you go to chinkshit general and go to the chink websites and buy trash and dump it on amazon for nickels a piece

it's hard work, sucks dick, and nobody wants to do it for an extended period of time

>muh affiliate marketing

same shit, pajeet-tier monkey work and no real career long term

Where did everyone migrate to?

nice quads.

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its not that everyone migrated out its that everyone migrated in. this is evident because whenever bitcoin is dying and people have nothing to talk about this board turns into /b/, /pol/, /r9k/ and about every respective board people originally came from

I like crypto and do think people who didn't atleast grab a few btc had a lack of foresight.

Most people here and those who are into crypto in general are actual retards though.
Crypto brings people working for viral marketing agencies to the board to shill on top of that. That's even more useless posts.

The type of shit people were doing might not of been as profitable as the bubble that is crypto but atleast it took some effort. If someone is trying to succeed in real estate they are going to learn somethings along the way that will benefit them even if their hustle doesnt work out.

Typical user on here now: Buy jnt pray it 100x's.

Anons aren't even doing any research beyond the absolute surface level shit they find on the coins site/telegram.

No idea, I used to flip alts for easy gains when bittrex was on their comeup. In the summer of 2014 I traded all my shit into btc and didnt look at my bittrex acount or Veeky Forums until I saw the 20k news last winter (mostly a /g/, /x/ poster). Crypto took over my life so I wanted to quit cold turkey. I missed the ethereum ico by a month but atleast I was all in btc.

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I always hated Veeky Forumsraelis
obvious jews just shilling themselves

Don't forget waifus... Those are important too

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Thank you for this.
I've been coming here on and off since 2014.
With everybody claiming BTC and ETH were shilled to death on here back in the days, I thought I must have been crazy or retarded for never noticing any threads about cryptos throughout that time.
This is exactly as I remember it, plenty of resume critiques, financial advice and stock tips.
I never invested in cryptos b/c the only place I saw it shilled on was the Doge and Chancoin threads on /b/.

And we all end up replying to it lol

shut up faggot

Haven't seen any real lambo threads since early jan. Hell, all the TOO THE MOON shilling of alts is dead and gone.
It's getting kinda sad.

they say a picture is worth a thousand words... but this one is only worth seven zeros

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I lurk more than post these days

Man, does anyone remember the guy who opened the coffee shop and day by day fucked his business up more and more?

It was something like
> hey Veeky Forums I opened a coffee shop how do I get customers
> hey Veeky Forums my suppliers need to be paid but I spent all my money on new tables, what should I do
> hey Veeky Forums i took out a groupon but priced everything wrong and im out of money

There was no continuity between threads, you just had to hope you caught one.

It was one of the real highlights of /oldbiz/ before it became 100% HODL

Can’t wait to see the updated versions in a couple of years of what shitcoins pulled the same

>Typical user on here now: Buy jnt pray it 100x's.
It worked for Warren Buffet...

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Who gives a fuck??? it's only up 20x from there now...

I just got done playing with a penny stock that 20xed...20x isn't amazing, and you can't retire of 20x unless you put down 100 grand as your ogirinal investment..

So fuck off...ethereum and most cryptos are coming to a shitty end...i wouldn't be surprised of ethereum hits those levels they were at last year.

>its too useful
As a world's first decentralised, distributed Ponzi scheme, yes. Does anyone actually pay with Bitcoin for things? The only legit use cases I know of is buying weed and cryptolockers (lol).

>prove me wrong
Found the shitposter.

>Who gives a fuck??? it's only up 20x from there now...
Ethereum's ICO price was ~$0.31 genius. That is more like 1700x and above 4700x at it's last peak. $250 invested in the ICO and held for 3.5 years was enough to retire on.