I am friendless

I might have crypto gainz. But I have no friends. And I am a 30 year old virgin. So despite my wealth, I lose. Should I just settle for a single mother?

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lmfao yeah with that one too.

you dont respect yourself
no woman will ever respect a man who doesnt respect himself
first make yourself into a human being you respect
then dont settle for being with someone you dont respect

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This is actually good advice.

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>falling for the single mother meme

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This is what i see 95% of the time. They seem to all fall for the travel meme

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There is literally nothing worng with marrying a single mom.

First of all work out the source of the problem. Is it your looks, are you overweight, do you just have a shit personality? Most things can be fixed if you're willing to put in the effort.

Once you've fixed yourself get on tinder or something, it's not hard if you're decent looking and aren't a complete autist about it

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>tfw you ruin your life just as it has begun

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>claims to be really good at reading people
>couldnt figure out she wasnt compatible with the babys daddy before getting pregnant

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They should add the item "Have you been blacked?".

Is this plenty of fish?

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Other than the fact you're cucking yourself and looking after Tyrone's kid while he probably still fucks her on the side

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LOL at the description.
Is this all or do you want fries with that?
This is fucking tinder lol

No, Milfs stank. Get a lambo and get your self a Prenuptial agreement (one that wont expire) and the gold diggers will be rushing.

NEVER EVER EVER be a fucking KEK! Jesus christ Veeky Forums. If you see some shit like "My kids are my world" or "my kids come first" - that really just means "fuck, i picked an abusive chad that pumped my pussy until we had a kid and then left me for another stacy so now im all fucked in the head and have these babies that you will always resent deep down and will always remind me of that chad. Please help me gather the shattered pieces of my life, ive clearly demonstrated a lack of good decision making skills, oh - and I hope you like seeing chad on holidays!"

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fucking top kek. Makes me happy being a male virgin at 25

would rather neck myself before settling down with a single mother

Fuck im gonna have to start taking more screenshots of this shit. Where i live is pretty much 90%+ white and dont get to see too many degenerates while swiping

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>6' 3"ft (no exceptions)
>3.9 percent of adult men are 6'2" or taller

Stop being a little bitch and go fuck some whores. You're going to pay the same anyway.

You would get with an blacked overweight chick? No wonder the white man is dying out...

Bonnie and Clyde type of shit.
Wouldn't even steal a tide pot.

These just make me sad. A bunch of brain dead morons and their children who'd rather have never existed.


Medium rare roast beef

>Buy my bags.

Going overseas for a wife to e. Europe, SA, Southern Africa or anywhere in Asia is a better choice than dealing with single moms. Single moms are not long term relationship material unless you plan on fucking your step daughter too.

28yo touchless virgin here, same man I'm really happy I don't have to deal with this type of roastie shit EVER.

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Damn, that was deep.

Kek, Im not even good enough for fat single mother.

Seeing these profiles is like staring into the abyss.

lel, shit like this is why the ONLY safe play was to find a girl in her early teens and hold onto her forever. Fuck I wish I took high school more seriously

This was amazing!

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Does anyone else just swipe left on birds that are guaranteed not to swipe right on you? Especially the instragram & snapchat shills

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user, I know exactly what you mean.

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>A few extra pounds
>Education high school
>Lists their zodiac sin under ethnicity
Run run run

She doesn't even deserve a like, let alone a super like

That make up is shameful

Not to mention she's dog ugly on top of all that.

>tfw the only super likes ive given out have been shot down

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Her name is Aubrey

>implying that isn't a baby shower

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this should be common sense, sadly it is not. Women need to learn that being a single mom is not a option in todays society.
You dont get to be a whore for your twenties then settle down with a good guy. If you have a kid along the way, you are doomed for the rest of your life to date sub par candidates with emotional baggage.
You arent a man you fucking cunt, you are a woman. Learn to act like one.

You can tell a fake account, the pictures just look way too professional.

Move to a poor country, get a flashy expensive convertible, drown in pussy.

The worst part about dating single moms isn't even the kids, it's the loose vag.


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> fathers
> plural

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Theres way too many of them, usually they have sort of basic description or none at all

>baby shower
Wtf is that it sounds gay

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Look at that... Some other man's jizz plant growing inside her. Lmao

>jizz plant
made me laugh, thanks user

>Has Miscarried
that seems out of place. shit happens without any degeneracy being responsible. the other 48 are good though.

It needs to be cut down to 25 imo.

>not a virgin
>free space

audible kek

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you're wrong, not that you should be, but you're paying for their kids no matter what through taxes and an ever-growing budget for welfare.

op would you buy me a motorcycle so i can be happy??


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Actually so accurate

>I know it's not fair to him and I lied about my past, but *copy and pastes quote from Cosmo magazine*

That belly can't be real... It's probably a joke.

>Note I don't need a man, just finally want a family
>made 4 kids with 4 different men
>couldn't make a family with any of them
>pls no bully i just want famil

wew laddy

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they're all waiting for daddy to take them on a trip

>inb4 they realize their prime time is between 17-23 and anything after that is dogshit


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Probably a small girl, or carrying twins

God I wish I was that baby

The only shit it lacked.

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You really want that thot to be your mom? rofl

You want to grow up in an environment where none of your needs are met, you will never have a good role model in your life, and you will be told to be thankful that your mother got you to 18 without being dead or in jail?

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Based Tom, destroyer of thots

our hero

Truly /ourguy/


u tell em tom

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yeah you are right, there should be nothing but shame and poverty for those who make such choices. compassion is a real weakness sometimes.

>also thot thread
Fuck off.

>The future of /pol/tards

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"If you can't handle the spawn of a prison gangbang, then you ain't no man"