Any recommended songs to listen to while down over 70% in your portfolio?

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lolicore/rave mixes

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REM - Everybody Hurts
Mary J Blige - Goin Down

i quit, i give up

Put it on loop and enjoy.

We will never be back to ATH...good bye my soilder...goodbye my sweet love...I hope I see you one day. and touch your soul, as you've just touched mine

Kasbo - Bleed It Out

No larp...this made me cry

Rolling in the Deep - Adele



i feel u user, im down 74% of my portfolio. it hurts. hold me

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Fat stacks novogratz > my sides

thank you, been trying to find this song for ages

This is the one i recommend
everything will be ok
it's only the end of the bear run, godspeed user

naw, just like the song. i'm still holding ~7k fiat pumped in, i don't care i will hold to zero and buy more. we're going to make it, we're all going to make it.

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Natedogg Music and Me
Great while smoking a blunt