TFW you know the bubble has burst

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Yeah. It was a fad like Pokemon Go or fidget spinners to most people.

lol if you think a shitty game is comparable to decentralized online wealth storage/computing

Holy bitcoin was the nigerian prince scam 2.0 the entire all makes sense now.

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I don't, and that's why it disappoints me that the normies left so fast. Crypto won't go away, but for now the fad has ended.

why do people use this argument to say that it its guarenteed to be worth a ton in the future? People say it cannot be worth nothing because the tech is there.

Can I ask why yall are so obsessed with crypto when using the donchian channel strategy on the daily for regular stocks is literally free money?

My guess is since BTC mooned and made a couple nerds millionaires, yall are stuck chasing the highly manipulated, speculated crypto market instead of a time-tested proven system on the stock market.

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>wealth storage
If my wealth is "in storage" how come I lost half of it already?

Also this

Same. I'm down like 70% and it's still dropping

happens every january, don't worry about it.

Ah, yes, so in 10 years or so I will be left with ~0.1% of my original wealth? I think this storage needs improvement.

Tell me how much you made in 1 year and I'll tell you how much I made in 1 year :^)

3.6M last year

I don't believe you. If there was a strategy that consistently worked, bots would exploit it until it was no longer profitable.

Hello stockbro, on that donchian channel strategy, do you use a 20-period indicator for the daily?

a TON of the people buying up crypto were international and from developing countrys. theres a reason a lot of the crypto conferences go into random developing countrys, because the people there with modest savings ($5-$100k+) cant really do anything with it and can easily be lured into "investing" in something like crypto.

it stored your wealth so good, you can no longer access it

What bubble, it was a small correction.


You're thinking with your tinfoil hat. Bots trade well known strategies all the time, they make their profit by taking small scalps and being designed to cut losses early.

There are a ton of profitable trading systems out there if you do enough research.

21 period is the standard. Look up how it was used for decades by many popular trend following traders.

Personally I don't blindly buy when it makes a new high, but it helps to determine the overall trend so you can determine if the next pullback is a buy opportunity.

it was just he normie millennials. don't worry.

yeah no useful product or technology ever failed

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how much did you start with though

t. completely up himself and thinks no one can put it together



trailing indicator

His strategy mIght have been the old "get lucky holding a shit ton of eth"

>decentralized online wealth storage/computing

Is a shitty game

They aren't buying it user.

Best way to win is not to play.

Suckers born every minute and it was no different with the self proclaimed crypto anarchist.