Feels good

So many unironic suicide threads going on here. Everyone pink wojacking and claiming crypto is dead.
Feels good knowing next bullrun is just around the corner and I've increased my holdings during the bear market.

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thanks for buying my bags

Me too. This is now a positive thread.

Anyone who fuds is a faggot.

>catching a falling knife

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See you at 4k

Faggots confirmed

>he thinks crypto is going to do anything but bleed slowly until zero

oh boy, youve got no idea how much we still got to fall...

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I was in crypto before either of you faggots. Le buy my bags meme is so old... You'll buy them back at 5x the price and thank me for it.

Good for you nigger, so lonely you make a thread to communicate a faceless entity about the amount of digital coins you have. Go fuck your mother

I'm sorry you sold at 6k, rebought at 12 and now sold at 8.
Also, I never disclosed the amount so you might want to learn to read.

Committing suicide? Try suicide coins!

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>Feels good knowing next bullrun is just around the corner
lend me your crystal ball user

I know.. But pinking is fun

Same here friend. Only have two stacks and they have both grown. Ignore your dollar value.

Only down about 10% in SATOSHIS

buying in a little bit every day.
agree, op.
people here are way too emotional.
oracle was a tripfag nigger but that shut the fuck up and breathe and think lesson was something biz really needed to fucking wrap their collective head around

Can you elaborate? I want that comfy message right now.

Who are the absolute faggots panicking?
You guys didn't actually use your money to buy crypto did you anons?
Top kek

Lol sold at 16k. Well done for getting in early, shame you couldn't sell high guess you're only half clever.

don't fomo
don't buy into fud
keep breathing (when you're anxious and fucked up, you breathe weird, making you more anxious and fucked up)
to elaborate on the above for anyone unfamiliar, do deep belly breathing exercises when stressed. control physical stress symptoms and you control the head stress a bit better, and can make better decisions for yourself
the shut the fuck up part is mostly just like not contributing to a circus of emotion that will only serve to amplify your own freakout (along with everyone else's, ofc)
watch charts, don't panic, make calculated decisions, don't flip out and do anything drastic

Whose money did you use?
I’m bummed I went from $45K in December to $15K now off a $10K investment last June

to add: if you don't feel comfortable buying more crypto now, then don't. if you do anticipate we'll go up again and don't know where the bottom is, buy a little every day.
if you're really stressed about losing everything: i personally don't think that's gonna happen and we're going up again for sure. no screencap necessary.

I mined link a normal faggot

Like. Fucking auto correct

>buying before g20
Enjoy getting justed hard