Why are you Anti-Semitic?


>In my article We Need To Shut Bitcoin And All Other Cryptocurrencies Down. Here’s Why from last week, I made the argument that cryptomining (the transaction processing behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) is so fraught with criminal enterprise that any crypto transaction unethically supports such crime.

>I pointed out in particular that illicit cryptomining, or ‘cryptojacking,’ where hackers install mining software on unsuspecting corporate networks, is set to explode, as organized crime becomes an increasingly pervasive force behind Bitcoin and other altcoins.

>I further argued that permissionless blockchain was at the heart of the problem, concluding that Bitcoin and its brethren would have to forego this flawed technology if they had any hopes of surviving.

>In response, I received hundreds of responses, many in agreement but an even greater number angrily opposed, particularly among the ‘crypto-anarchists’ at the heart of the Bitcoin/crypto movement.

>To my dismay, every single counterargument was fallacious – and many were downright hateful.

>First, the Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles

>Purveyors of hate speech often speak in ‘dog whistles,’ a kind of code in attempts to disguise their evil intent. For many of the most extreme crypto fans, cryptocurrency is anti-bank, with ‘bank’ being a dog whistle for ‘global Jewish conspiracy.’

>All it took was my Jewish-sounding name to set them off. “We Need To Shut Jews And All Their Currencies Down. Here’s Why,” says anonymous Veeky Forums contributor ‘3auiS//y,’ who calls himself ‘Adolf Hitler.’

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>He then proceeds to mock my article. “Last week I wrote an article on illicit usury - how Jews are sneaking fiat-currency debt-slavery in to nation states. I attempted to raise the alarm, calling this Jewish threat the most dangerous in the history of the world.”

>Other anonymous Veeky Forums contributors aren’t as eloquent. “Disgusting f**king kike, one day I hope this planet rids itself of this f**king plague known as the jew,” says ‘DBohsgDQ’ (asterisks added).

>And then there’s this: “((((((((((bloomberg))))))))) I hate them so much,” says ‘47tTRH3r,’ using the popular repeated parentheses alt-right dog whistle. Such parentheses usually appear in threes, so using ten on each side of my name must indicate an extreme level of anti-Semitic hatred on the part of this crypto fan.

>Not all crypto hate speech hides behind the anonymity of Veeky Forums. “Forbes article by (((Jason Bloomberg))) says to ‘Shut Down’ all crypto?” asks Zachary W. Williams, who bills himself as a ‘Blockchain Enthusiast at decentralized intelligence agency.’

>Williams continues: “This guy knows enough about Crypto to know what he is doing here is wrong, he is knowingly decieving people!” Williams says. “He probably owns a lot of crypto and makes money off of it, and he is trying to get the price down for himself to buy cheap by making you a fantasy that any country could stop Bitcoin when NO country can and he knows that!”

>For the record: I do not, nor do I ever intend to own any cryptocurrency.

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The fact that you have no arguments against him except "he's a Jew!!!" shows how wrong you are.

>One anti-Semitic commenter actually presented a counterargument of sorts. “You can productively do CPU mining on certain coins, especially if you had enough garbage computers chugging away at it,” says Douglas Bowser, blogger on Digital Currency Grid. “It’s just probably the absolute most benign thing a botnet could be doing, and it’s totally insane that the guy is suggesting this is the biggest cyber-threat in 2018 or whatever. We need to shut Jewish bankers down. And Jewish media.”

>Analyzing the Counterarguments

>At the core of the cryptocurrency movement is the belief that the fact that governments and banks are in charge of money impedes personal freedom and power, and thus a fully decentralized approach to money is a revolutionary technique for regaining this freedom and power for the people.

>Any suggestion of shutting down crypto, therefore, goes against this core philosophy, regardless of any rational argument. As a result, the clickbait title of my previous article predictably drew these people in, in spite of the fact that I wasn’t actually arguing for shutting down all cryptocurrencies.

>For many people, their counterargument simply takes this idea of cryptocurrency as a necessary revolution as given, and thus I’m either working on the side of evil or simply misinformed or clueless. “We basically have two communities with opposite views, one defending the past and their traditional platforms,” says Fit50, blogger at Investors’ Hub. “Bloomberg is one of them, the other trying to develop a future and unleash its promises.”

>In reality, my argument was that cryptos will either have to stop running on top of permissionless blockchain or face the prospect of being shut down, because of the unavoidable criminal benefits of permissionlessness. To avoid shutting down crypto altogether, then, the entire crypto world will have to move to permissioned blockchain.

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>/pol/tards learn about some get rich quick scheme in december
>fomoes the fuck into Veeky Forums but can't leave their autism at the doors
>Shit on everyone not a larping neo nazi
>they get tired of this shit and dump it all
>/pol/ stuck bagholding, losing yet again.

>there was one user on Veeky Forums who supported me a1O//FLI so even in a den of vipers a good goy will poke his head out and speak truth to power

>says anonymous Veeky Forums contributor ‘3auiS//y,’ who calls himself ‘Adolf Hitler.’

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>Such parentheses usually appear in threes, so using ten on each side of my name must indicate an extreme level of anti-Semitic hatred on the part of this crypto fan.

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If they keep being shills for big banks like this Bloomberg guy, then yes.

I will hate them

lol it feels great watching literal fascists get ass raped by red dildos for two months straight

Jewfag here.

The author here is a little bitch, but the rest of us laugh at anti Semitic comments like these. Boo hoo you’re a fucking NEET loser with no motivation or ambition, and meanwhile we crush it in every industry because we are smart. Successful despite the undeserved hatred. Yeah we help each other but what group doesn’t help their own. You’re just mad because you’re from bumfuck nowhere and the only people who can help you get a job is your uncle at Walmart. Kys losers

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And here I thought 56% face was just a meme.

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>Oy vey we don't control it so it's not safe goy and it needs to be shut down until we do
wtf is wrong with these people?

>>I pointed out in particular that illicit cryptomining, or ‘cryptojacking,’ where hackers install mining software on unsuspecting corporate networks, is set to explode, as organized crime becomes an increasingly pervasive force behind Bitcoin and other altcoins.
cryptojacking isnt a problem for currencies that are ASIC friendly :)

Ashkenazi jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group in the world. IQ matters, is heavily genetic, and doesn't change relative to others in one's age group throughout one's entire life (excluding developmental problems/damage like from starvation).

The control of the money supply is absolutely a tool for control, but this is why it's so important that the Jewish leaders at the top of all western societies and influential organizations keep full control of the money supply so they have another tool to guide humanity, letting less intelligent people control their own destiny may work, but has a higher chance of ending in disaster. Doesn't it make more sense to keep control in the hands of the best and brightest of humanity?

"jewfag here"
didnt read past this.
please kill yourself you disgusting fucking kike. you and your "people" are a plague on human society. you are the scum of the planet. the fungus between the toe and the toenail. you must be eradicated or this planet will never heal.
do the entire planet a favor and kill your entire famly and then kill yourself. its the least you can do.

"Ashkenazi jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group in the world."
didnt read past this statement. when you control the media, when you control scientific publications, you can take any sack of shit kike population and claim "oy vey, these jews are super special, highest IQ can u believe it goy?"
kill yourself you hook nosed kike loving faggot.

Jews don't view non-Jews as human so no, I think we would rather be in control of our own destinies. Also Jews are only 2% of the population so they are out numbered by smarter whites just by the sheer amount that are around them. We obviously don't need them, it's a one sided relationship that only helps them.

suicidal people should kill as many powerful jews as possible before they go out

You really believe the race that has been in total control of the world for at least a couple hundred years is only 2% of the population? They have to maintain victim status and can’t let goys think that victims outbred them. They have cross bred with every race and have conquered the west. They ain’t just 2 fuckin percent.

>Ashkenazi jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group in the world.

It is going to hurt just as bad as it did last time...


>They have cross bred with every race and have conquered the west. They ain’t just 2 fuckin percent.
They dilute themselves when they breed with us and part of that dilition is that they usually don't adhere to the cultural aspects of Judaism as much since it's only one one side of the family. They also can't pull that "fellow whites" shit in Asia so that will fucl them in the end. And yeah I believe there population is shrinking because Jews are constantly freaking out about it.

>/pol/tards buy into crypto in 2016
>board is still slow, nobody gives a fuck about le anti-semitism meme
>fast forward to bullrun
>/pol/tard is making bank
>suddenly newfriends from leddit that bought /pol/tard's bags start to complain about anti-semitism
>projecting his bagholding onto le /pol/ boogeyman while losing 80% from holding his favorite kike coin - XRP
I can't wait until we go into Despair so all reddit bagholders can finally kill themselves and buy my bags again during the next bullrun

the reason i love crypto so much is because the kikes cant fuck with it. and no i will never buy a kike coin, ever. i will dedicate my life to fudding every kike coin until another hitler kills all the jews.

>my jew lies tricked the goyim, who then persecuted me for NO REASON AT ALL quick call the ADL

People act according to their own desires, not according to what is best for humanity from a rational point of view.

>permissioned blockchain
You can't stop the revolution. Try to stop it and it gets bigger and more pure.

>until another hitler kills all the jews.
This can't fucking come soon enough. I pray to God that it happens in my lifetime.

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i firmly believe that hitler was doing nothing wrong and if he succeeded the world would be a thousand times better than it currently is

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jesus christ. that is the one of most disgusting fucking kikes i think i have ever seen. holy fuck i can only imagine the smell

they cant stop it. crypto cant be given out in credit and cant be stopped by centralized police.

Yeah it wasnt because of nepotism or anything like that

I’m enjoying watching merchant awareness spread to Veeky Forums

They can only co-opt it. Even then, I still win. Either way, I win and there's a small chance that I win twice as hard as I will have both money and a just system to pot my dollars to work in.

>We can't control it SHUT IT DOWN!

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>Veeky Forums hates jews because they control the markets
>makes bets AGAINST the jews instead of copying them because of autism
>jews win again, biz is left bagholding
Why is Veeky Forums so retarded?

Fuck off /pol/ kiddy

Tell that to the great thinkers of recorded history, most of them disapproved of you.

The vast majority of men, throughout history, have hated the Jew.

I'm actually surprised that Veeky Forums which is partially owned by some jewish folks is allowing the spread of this sort of hatred.

You're all probably being flagged and put on some secret CIA list.

>anti-bank is a code word for anti-jew
>some people think bitcoin is anti-bank
Gee, it's not like the genesis block would give anyone that sort of idea, no idea why anyone would think this. Fucking kike.

is that true? thatd be the last day on Veeky Forums if this is a jew site its time to find a new place to shitpost

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Come on, think of all the hundreds of controversities surrounding this site (especially shit that takes place on /b/ from CP to literal murder). Now ask yourself how come nothing ever happens to the site owners?

>Why are you Anti-Semitic?

I'm not. That being said I hate ripple because it represents itself as being crypto/blockchain to the masses and its not, its centralised. Further they lie and shill about non existent bank relationships. XRP is one of the worst scams going beside dragonchain, which is another scam based on similar bullshit. Dispite linkies being shit at least chainlink plays down its status but makes shit up about banks or disney

There they go trying to get their sneaky little tentacles into something worthwhile again and ruin it

The reason this site exists is the same reason NK still exists

They're both useful boogeyman which can serve as scapegoats for anything

I'm still gonna gas every single one of your kind you fucking kike, your days are numbered

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Interesting theory but it doesn't add up. Bad ROI (lots of trouble for very little benefit). The only way it would make sense is if Veeky Forums is also used as a honeypot to identify the extremely rebelious people.

>lots of trouble
>little benefit
Other way around, if anything this site makes profit while serving to effectively monitor, research and steer counter culture

Monitor and research, yes. But steer? I don't see that at all. Seems like everything is allowed including pure antisemitism :/


This fucking Heeb got triggered hard.

But the Jews need to be removed from political and economic franchise to be perfectly honest. Look what they did in the US - destroyed our culture and brought us to the brink of war with Russia, against our own interests.

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I have no problem with helping your own. The thing that is absolutely disgusting about Jews is that they help their own while systematically dismantling homogeneity for everyone else.

Thats common knowledge here newfag

CIA niggers can kiss my ass

They are a baby dick cut and suck ethnic cult.

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Beware the fury of a patient man.

>listen to my neophyte analysis guise
>/pol/ is comprised of dumb neo nazis
>cause I say so, so trust me
>no ancaps, agorists, minarchists, lolberts, classical liberals
>Ron Paul never happened

Really not surprised you have retards in here sucking your dick after that reply.

The only question should be: Why aren't you antisemitic?

How is DRGN a scam coin?



The Jews wanted to simultaneously weaken the US and use them as a strong protective guard dog. They literally cannot stop self-kiking. Smartest race my ass

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>bitches and moans about the joos hoarding wealth and lording over other races
>wants to hoard the wealth and lord over other races instead
The absolute state of /pol/invaded Veeky Forums

Pretty sure /pol/ just wants an ethnostate and for other races to fuck off out of their countries, not lord over anyone.

>he still hasnt lurked /pol/ for a few months and freed himself from all the propaganda

As a worthless history major, I have learned that throughout history, the Jews have been exiled from several nation states


"My spirit will rise from the grave, and the whole world will know that I was right."

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We really ought to start treating Jews in the West the same way Israelis treat Palestinians though.

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found the kike


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for good reason

this is unacceptable moshique

My favorite. “Anonymous user named”.. say that again, but slowly this time.

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It’s all a scheme to make reddit and the fags kill themselves. Before the major coins are finished and adopted

Watch Europa, The Last Battle. 10 part series ,11 hours of the most thoroughly researched documentary on why many do not like these monsters named Kikes

Do you not see the conmunism shilling on here? It’s not all ironic. Even if it was it would still steer some people into giving away more rights and tolerate evil

>wasting time arguing with jews instead of calling them for what they are

>anonymous user
>calls himself
pls go.

Fuck YOU Jew cunt. Jfc I wish hitler finished the job

Yes, of course, jews are the exception to that rule. Thank you for clarifying that, user.


At least he got himself a whitey!

He looks like a gypsified dwarf.

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Thank you sir, have been looking for a good joo documentary sir

>Ask yourself: is there a moral difference between donating to the Nazi party and being a Nazi yourself?

Good thing he got a bunch on anti semitic responses else he would of had to adres the actual arguments against his idiotic piece of writing.

Nice larp

So basically his argument went
>you can’t tell who exactly is mining (no form of ID since this is all public)
>and illicit cryptomining is super dangerous because it’s seemingly low priority and doesn’t take as many steps before it generates profits
>and every single transaction is verified publicly so therefore every single mined coin is complicit
>So: Ban Crypto
Which is completely retarded, because the exact same thing could be said if the internet
>anybody can get a VPN, even though many institutions require them to be functional, they can be used to facilitate illegal actions and it isn’t readily apparent what information is being sent if it’s encrypted
>Even without crypto, this can facilitate crimes that require willing viewers that generate profits, like child porn
>furthermore, hacking via social engineering can be done even on the surface level web, so hacking that takes just as many steps as illicit cryptomining can happen just as easily and result in significant losses
>it’s impossible to get every single hacker
>and you are actively facilitating all of this because of your own use of the network and the technology at all times making it impossible for some public security to vet every single byte sent or received and opened. We all want the freedom to send nudes and not be watched
>So: Ban the Internet

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They can't stop us. RWDS are coming kikes

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