Mt Gox trustee says his selling did NOT effect the price


>but user what does this mean
it means the market tanked by itself and it wasnt because of this jap selling off his coins, meaning it can easily get to those levels again.

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If I crashed the market, the entire world knew my name, and I could potentially be in legal trouble for negligence, I would definitely be telling everyone that my selling had 0 impact on the price.

>Shooter says his bullets did not pierce flesh

Sold 200k today when i heard this

>I dumped a huge stack but it didn't effect the price, I swear!
fuckin lmao what a brainlet

herro, i sell $400,000,000 USD worth of bitcoin, my sell no effect price, sank you

>victim was moving towards the bullet at incredible speed

I hope he market sells everything I have buy orders set at $100

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hes realised what hes done and how hes angered a lot of crime syndicates. thats why hes saying this. lol

That Reddit thread is hilarious all the retards in there that can't understand basic economics and believe everything they read.

But this is a lie. Kraken confirmed it.

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Fuck you retard you're the most idiot dude that i've seen in the last 3 eyars bitcoin NEVER will be below 7000 again just dream deluded retard

Quit being a fag

I gotta feeling this guy is gonna become infamous, he will dumb a HUGE godly amount at one time bringing btc to unsightly lows and everyone will talk about how he killed btc.

You affect an effect.

This guy must be shitting himself.

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yeah no one cares for some reason even though this idiot board was plastered with conspiracy theories when it first came out

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This dude is probably receiving death threats and he feels the need to explain his questionable decisions.

>could potentially be in legal trouble for negligence
Good thing crypto isn't regulated or protected huh?

I don't care what lodge he is a member of, or his rank, no one can protect him now. fact