My nephew messed with my phone and deleted Blockfolio

My nephew messed with my phone and deleted Blockfolio.
I lost everything. I had 30k in crypto. Any way I can get them back?

Please help.
>Inb4 don't let your phone around toddlers

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When was your last backup?

if you locked the coins, they are safe and you can sell them at the price you locked them in at.

Got any fiat left? I can get it all back in a couple of days but I need you to send me a few eth

>people think crypto-funny is the future when you can literally delete your entire portfolio on you phone

Call blockfolio support. Ask them to return your coins.

wait, what?

I don't know what blockfolio is, but why are you carrying around your $30,000 in your pocket?

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Got any fiat left? I can get it all back in a couple of days but I need you to send me a few eth

Holy shit op good job being a retard. I only come here to laugh at coiners. I will never invest in this shit when one mistake like this can cost you 30k.

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Do you have your recovery bead?

Yea the same happened to me when my nephew deleted my blockfolio too

Decemberfag detected.

Just email Blockfolio support your mnemonic phrase retard.

Don't worry, it's going down to $0 anyway. He did you a favor. You're free.

I thought blockfolio was just a tracker app? You're telling me you actually somehow held coins on your phone??? Umm sweetie what is a cold wallet??

install delta and add nephew as asset. He is worth up to 35k depending on his race.

I had 21 Million BTC on my blockfolio, but then my phone died. Life just isn't fair.

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>tracker app
You have to go back

i had the same problem with Delta, 9k on there and my phone died on me.. lost it all

There's no way you fell for the bait. You cannot possibly be that fucking stupid.

gr8 b8 m8 r8 8

out of 8?

Not funny guys. Need actual help here. My credit card is still linked to that Blockfolio account. I don't want to lose both my coins and my credit card.. They are still taking daily payments as I can still check that in my bank's web page

>gets called out my newfag

Give it back, Jamal

Stop opening that page and blocfolio can't take money through your internet. Also throw your cc away.

Ur mom fucks on first d8

I don't understand what kind of stupid shit you're doing but it seems it's not entirely undeserved.

Ummmm sweetie my blockfolio never asked for my credit card info lmao it’s free coins you sillyhead just download it again
>t.109 mil in crypto

I've been buying Btc and Altcoins using Blockfolio and my cc attached to the Blockfolio account since last August.
But they still take payments and I'm not buying any coins clearly since I got my Blockfolio account deleted

If you really had 109m you wouldn't admit it, unless you're such a huge dumbass that you'll get kidnapped and killed in the next 2 or 3 years anyway. Good luck my man.

oh shit, OP that sucks
maybe try emailing the blockchain or something idk

They probably attached your cc to pow mining script. Is your card unusally hot on touch? If yes, your card is mining bitcoins.

Wut? You can't email the blockchain.
Support hasn't responded yet. But I really don't want to give up yet.. I made a new account but it shows zero funds.

Lol u will never find me. I hacked the system that’s where I get all my free coins from. It’s a loophole blockfolio hasn’t fixed yet.

Man that just happens try to ask bitcoin office to reset the blockchain back one day then your funds should be back on your blockfolio

He can also manualy reset blockchain on his phone. Just inform blockchain office inb4