We're holding digital beanie babies arent we :(

we're holding digital beanie babies arent we :(

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I'm afraid it's true. None of these stupid coins do anything or have any real value.

Except for one.

The one that's actually gonna make some of these worthless coins like ETH useful.

That coin, my friends, is LINK.

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Based Pepe Baller


baller pepe speaks the truth

he is correct its "we are" -- "we're"

That sounds funny but forced



U stupid fuck u took the bait like a newfag would

Holding? I cashed out in beginning of january thanks!

You are. I'm holding a token for an actually useful technology.

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no, OP, no! blockchain is revolutionary! it will change business and finance forever! and the coin ecosystem isn't infested with scams! peer-to-peer encrypted databases and currency are a natural fit. and people never lose their passwords or devices. plus the establishment won't do everything it can to stamp out a competitor, they love competition. and the exchanges are ROCK SOLID. regulations only slow down true capitalists.

and who would know better than the business section of a chinese cartoon fandom website!


I think so..

Deluded pepe baller
Did you sell your FUN stack?

Sadly, yes.

Worse. At least you can cuddle with a pile of beanie babies. This is nothing. We are holding nothing. It was all a meme and a ponzi scheme.

you can make money in a down trend as well

just think of it like tether is mooning right now

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Yes user, we are on the wrong side of history here.
All future study of economics thousands of years from now will cite crypto as what not to do with money
>tfw still haven't sold

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>claim all the coins are worthless
>say that the only way useful is LINK that connect the absolutely so said worthless coins to the real world
It makes sense.

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