What is biz drinking tonight?

I just killed my bottom tier liquor so I’m gonna drink some xo tonight

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waste of money

Came off 4 days of drunk yesterday. My body can't handle a drop right now.

Drink shit ton of water and take steam sauna. It helps me a lot to get out of that phase. Also, moderation is key

user, i've been pretty much an alcoholic these last ten years. I know how it works. I also know as i've hit the 30s, my drinking stamina is gone so no matter what i do before crashing into bed or the day after saves my wrecked body for a few days of recovery if i drink multiple days at times.

6-pack of 7% Cider and a few bottles of 5% Ginger Beer

Jesus that’s lot of drinks. After a heavy drinking session I just prefer not drinking at all. I guess it’s personal preference at that point

Ate some Mexican food about to go get a dq blizzard

>After a heavy drinking session I just prefer not drinking at all
Well it's why i'm not drinking this weekend. Usually down a cartoon of 3l red wine a day. Most of the time i restrict myself to 1 day/1 day rest. 4 day binges is rare.

13 months sober user... struggling to keep sober honestly.. tonight is really tempting me

Fuck man, that's rough

stay strong user

It's not so bad as it sounds. I work 2 months, one 1 off. Got nothing to do during downtime so i just drink to pass the time. It's an idiotic habit of course and will probably kill me in another 10 years. But that's life. While at work i'm entirely sober (maritime).

Nothing, but I had rum, white whine and cherry liquor last night.

>It's not so bad as it sounds.
I disagree.

>While at work i'm entirely sober (maritime).
That doesn't make that other month any better.

hello pewdiepie

It was worse actually. I were unemployed for 5 years until about 5 years ago. You can image how bad it was then. So i guess by days per year it's much less. But enough about my blogging.

Patricians only

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> croat-"war-criminal".jpg

I heard they drank top shelf liquor when the Titanic was sinking too. How unironic.

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What are you a nigger?

gee OP, youre such a sweetheart

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That’s a lot of liquor. Hope you feel better soon so you can pound more drinks

st. patty's day brah

All my IDs are green. I'm so lucky tonight

He has good taste. I mostly bought Japanese whisky from his video and because I’m a huge weeb.

Just bought more today

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and this

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Guinness to celebrate St. Paddy's day

Do you drink alone? I try to but to get anymore than buzzed is not fun and seems pointless. I love to party and get drunk going out with friends, but drinking alone just does nothing for me. I'd rather somke weed (which I don't, work in military).

It was once a white man’s drink and just because niggers rap about it doesn’t make it nigger’s drink

thanks user
well aware of what day it is.. its part of the reason I am struggling right this minute...

gonna go get some candy to fix the cravings.

>cartoon of 3l
Lmao that's what poor old townies do

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Millitary fag as well. What do you do with your crypto while in lengthy field rotations or depliyments?

gonna blend a country fried steak and drink that

Some guinness like a good consumerist

damn thats disgusting

sailor jerry to get me ready for the singularity

that "laphrioagh" whatever irish whiskey is so damn nice. Cheap, but goes down smooth as fuck.

Dude you know what’s up. Smells like some cheap paint but taste is damn fine. Have you tried gold label as well? Equally smooth and taste is much more complex

kek, like I won't have a drink for breakfast.


best fucking stout I've had in a long time
better than overhyped as fuck founders

drinking some

whiskey, gingerale, lime juice, ice and mint leaves

some kind of st patties drink my gf made me. it's delicious.