I threw in 30k on this shit when it was at 1200, already lost my initial investment plus all of my profit from trading other shit.


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>baiting people to call you dumb this hard
If you're serious get the rope, you know the rest.

These fud threads are making me want to go all in ETH

Spit in your own face idiot that's what you get for buying ATH

I bought at 10, lol

how can you buy at 1200? crazy stupid

ATH was at 1400 dumbass, not 1200. I just ended up getting fucked. Whatever, I sold today and just gonna increase my stack of ETH when it collapses even further. Then gonna HODL.

You're also whining about a coin when the whole fucking market is down.

Congraz on buying high selling low. Chances of buying lower than today is low. Thanks for selling ETH so cheap to me user.

this has to be bait
who the fuck buys ETH at 4 digits when it was 2 digits less than a year ago? $30k worth no less

So you were the one who sold to me at 520. I'm already up a couple hundred bucks in 15 min, thanks.


ETH is worthless
its the tokens that are worth everything

The only reason ETH was so cheap is because literally no one knew about it outside of some nerds. Now the general public knows about it.

lol you are so fucked


Why the shock? It's been bleeding out of projects for a while. It's basically dinosaur nr 2. You had plenty of signs to get out when the first projects left it for better tech.

NEO is garbage dude.

just cuz they know about doesn't mean they'll buy it. no one wants to be the sucker who pays an x100 premium for something

Veeky Forums has come full circle and is back to shilling/fudding ETH. Unreal.


So what you're saying is that buying high and selling low is your strategy?

I don't think your loss is etheriums fault...