Trevon just made a shill video and says he'll be making

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why the fuck do all the retards in crypto make videos in their cars?


Isn't this moron being investigated by the SEC? Seems like he should lay off the vids for a while.

he's high af

Why is he walking the streets still?

He was a witness in his court date; not charged..

because their moms don't approve of crypto and they can't talk above a whisper about it at home

Investigated? Oh no he isn't!. He had a 90 minute conversation with a Federal Investigator and waived his right to a lawyer because if asked for a lawyer he would look guilty. The agent thanked him for his time and sent him on his way.

He obviously cleared himself and didn't spend 90 minutes incriminating himself and obstructing justice as they recorded him so that when they actually bring down the hammer he is fucked and there is nothing he can do about it.

Trevon is going to do great!

How long did they let Bernard Madoff and crew walk the streets after they found out? He is guilty as fuck for promoting a ponzi eventually they will lock him up the system is just slow.

Oh I'm sure eventually he will be more than just a witness. For white collar crime they really won't to work on top down.

Hey can someone give me the tldr on this guy?

There are a ton of other youtube shills, why is this one important or funny?

Why is he in shit with the SEC?

tell me more about this guy


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please stop posting this big lipped cartoon looking nigger.

This fucking retard doesn't learn. Deserves to be locked up at this point.

Nigger with a big mouth who was one of he primary people that shilled a ponzi. He made a million or so off of it before pretending it was all stolen to evade paying taxes on it. There is a lot more to it but that is the gist of it

People don't realize that he is also evading taxes really hard and is double fucked.

Two years until they go through the backlog

One year for a court date

Two more years to work through the system

Then a year or more of appeals

Fucking niggers, they never give up

Hardcore shilling Bitconnect along with Crypto Nick and some other dumbass. It’s funny because he’s a dumbass nig nog

Why is he laughing like he does not believe he can go to jail?

Why do they always do that? Like they believe they are too good of a person before getting locked up? OH, THIS CAN'T HAPPEN TO ME. Next thing you know the mother fuckers are talking to there retarded baby momma through glass saying don't worry I will be out soon god is on my side. Its like the most retarded shit niggers do fucking denial the whole way. seriously.

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To elaborate on the tax evasion.
>Shills ponzi
>Makes money through referring his subscribers
>Ends up with more than 1M in BTC from it
>Makes a video about it showing everyone how much he has and how much he makes
>Realizes that by doing this it's evidence and he has to pay taxes on it
>A few days later he makes a video saying it was all stolen

They just lie to themselves to keep them from dealing with the reality.

Got bud off black dealer and he had piss in a cup ready to pass a drug test. Black people from the streets were born to get around the rules. I knew a dude that had disability at 28 with no disabilities whatsoever. They just find a way to get over.

>FUN game much smart in contract

How much did u pay him?