Still got a long ways to go down boys. Expect pre-bubble prices within the next 2 weeks - month...

Still got a long ways to go down boys. Expect pre-bubble prices within the next 2 weeks - month. The saying aint true that it's greater later. Buy target $250, and don't expect any gains until mid summer at the very earliest.

btw i have a masters in macroeconomics from MIT

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pic of diploma

It's at home and I travel for work.


Im expecting btc to hit 1-2k at lowest but lowest but would like to buy in at 250$. These prices are so overly inflated that we should go down atleast 90%

BTC at $250 means it will go to $0 because miners won't mine at that price.

Economics is such a bullshit degree. About as useless as philosophy. You pit me vs you in anything economics relate and I'd probably do just as well or better in the real world.

With that being said, this is the bottom.

Should I sell my coins? Eth and coins seem to be connected so if ETH is gonna shit itself further then eth-coins will go down just as badly. I should just switch to BTC

oh me too, weird that you don't fly home for weekend

BTC will bottom out at 3.5k before getting an enormous amount of buy orders.

Does anyone know at what point it's no longer profitable to mine ETH?

Where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
>"but I don't like gambling"
So TA is not that solid if it's a gamble for you then?
Anyone can hold, not everyone can net profits on leverage and avoid liquidation until cashing out, it takes real skills and balls, because you can not afford to be wrong or you'll lose all your money, unlike when you're not on leverage.

depends on too many things, there will always be some people for whom it's still profitable

Literally masters in macro has nothing to do with TA you fucking turbo dick head

I have a masters in economics too and I say the whole market will show signs of recovery by the end of March/ 1st week of April. And back to ATH by May.

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first it's $250, now it's 3.5k because an user brought up the fact that miners wouldn't mine that low?

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also this

What is difficulty adjustment

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Try reading the label of the chart retard

Joke's on you OP, cause everyone on Veeky Forums has a masters from MIT. So, you're really nothing special around here. We all have master's from MIT and habitually call other people retards regularly.

So youre at MC D ?

so you dropped out of MIT's PhD program? kek

Looks pretty accurate, I’m a math PhD and I took some graduate financial math courses so I can confirm this.

Ignore this guy, shits gonna sky rocket to the moon early May.

I have a master's in aerospace engineering and work GNC at spaceX. I literally calculate rocket trajectories for a living and know a moon mission when i see one. Better buy before all systems are go and this market skyrockets.

>Implying the market dumping isn't exactly like purging & draining the propellant tanks right before the final launch pump.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Wow so many people here are very bitter, tells me we are in denial...If you guys had listened to most of biz weeks ago, you wouldnt be this bitter.

There's no need to get emotions into this, OP is just stating the obvious. ETH at 250 correlates with a BTC price of about 3k ish. Thats where the market is headed. Sorry that the market had to crash this hard. So sorry mate!

i plan on buying around $100
eth is only useful for icos