Welp, I tried my best Veeky Forums

>be me
>amazing parents
>do many hours of research on LINK
>holy fuck, this project could revolutionize crypto
>invest heavily into it
>”I should tell my folks about this, it could provide them with some nice money when they retire in a few years
>we sit down and watch Sergey’s Devcon presentation
>explain it to them
“It’s only $0.40 right now, you should buy yourselves a nice round stack of 10,000 for $4,000”
>mother even works in tech space and understands most of it

THEY REFUSE. I’ve been begging them to just throw in a few thousand but they utterly and totally refuse... I even explained the concept of market cap and valuation to them and how Link could really skyrocket in coming years and that small investment could be enough for them to buy their retirement dream house. They still say no.

Why are boomers so financially retarded? I owe my parents so much but I don’t want to be responsible for buying them a house in a few years.

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Link is a project that brings nothing to the table

They know better than you, listen to your parents and stop getting memed by biz

Read the white paper before posting stupid answers please

what are you even asking

>Why are boomers so financially retarded?

In order for LINK to really take off, smart contracts would need to see mass adoption. In order for mass adoption to happen, crypto will need to be firmly regulated and controlled. In order for those regulatory laws to be written, Congress would need to dedicate the time and thought to it. As it stands, too much of Congress is still too ignorant on the technology, and the topic of crypto isn't seen as worth lawmakers' time.

In short, you'll be waiting at least 5 years before LINK blows up. Until then, it's a slow bleed. However, the end result could be massive.

Just remember this when you have your gains and they have nothing

you have smart parents you fucking retard

I did


Ok. they see the merit, but the aggressive way you try to sell it to them means that you do it to show how fucking superior you are. Not for their own good.

I avoid such people like the plaque as most usually they have no clue about what they are doing or have malicious ulterior motives planned.

>regulate and control something which can help you avoid literally all taxes

It's like asking a cancer vaccine to cooperate with cancer cells

There is no cooperation, this is the lightest and safest solution to avoid the misery of a collapsing dollar

That’s why you have them ask their investor look into it

You slow? They won’t invest because this is a new phenomenon. Shits like the first telegram that got sent out and we’re trying to tell them about FaceTime.

>does many hours of research on a project that's shilled day in and day out on fucking biz of all places
>seems to think he found some golden goose
pic related, all of them are you

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Exactly, what’s right around when they’ll be retiring.

I only suggested they buy $4,000 worth, which is a pretty small investment for them ($160,000/yr in combined income).

I’ve had multiple long conversations with them going over the basics of blockchain and smart contracts too. Not trying to shove it down their throats, I just want them to have the retirement they deserve and it’s frustrating they won’t capitalize on this opportunity.

The Link FUD campaigns people launch are just as big as the shill campaigns creating an environment of psychological torture where people worry themselves to death and doubt everything.

Yeah, Veeky Forums as well as some whales shilled me Link, but I did enough research to know what I invested in and it’s potential. Most will never buy, some will sell at $10, few will last till $xxx.

Considering Link is going down the toilet turns out you are the only one that is getting JUST'd. Enjoy being ridicule by everyone you know.

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Your parents are more intelligent than you. They aren't falling for an obvious snake oil salesman. Where'd the 32m ico money go? Where are the hires? Where is the team? It won't ever be anything with just ser gay and his pole polisher.

Lots of people are dumb OP

Look over the past record of bitcoin mooning, familiarize yourself with it and explain to them if possible.

Probably not gonna happen bud, you’re just a baby to them.

On another note. Why don't you just drop 4k on link and give it to them as a birthday/christmas etc present if you are so damn confident in this shitcoin?

Imagine getting to 50 or 60 years old and having your son think he's "explaining the concept" of market capitalisation to you. It would be so tiresome.

>I’ve had multiple long conversations with them going over the basics of blockchain and smart contracts too.
Did they ask for those long conversations?

Disagree, this is going to happen faster than you think. If it saves money and is perceived to be more secure than the current system it will be adopted. Businesses will NOT wait for regulation in order to save money. The same goes for the boomer jews in burgerland. If other more crypto-friendly countries adopt smart contracts sooner, the burger jews would have to adopt as well in order to keep up, kind of like the dick-measuring space race. Burgers hate being in second place. They will not tolerate being behind, they must be #1.

I suggest you watch their SXSW panel. They were talking exactly about this.
Looks like smart contracts wouldn't need new laws/regulation since it's already covered by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.



I've shown my dad many times. In fact, he encouraged me to buy eth and btc and got upset when he found out I sold my btc in december because he thought I was missing out on gains

I'm a broke college student, no money. All my excess loan money is in LINK, where it'll stay until I graduate and have to pay them back.

>autistic son won't stop talking about crypto
>keeps bothering me when I come home from work
>as soon as I enter the house, he starts talking really fast about "oracles" and "how they're going to revolutionize smart contracts" or something and that I should invest all my savings in it right now
>say I'll consider it just to shut him up
>he takes it seriously and keeps bothering me
>finally snap and say I'm not investing any money in dubious internet schemes and that he should just get a job and invest his money if he wants to so much
>he starts crying and thrashing about on the floor

I'm so worried about him. He's 25 years old and he's never had a job, and he hardly leaves his room... I don't know what to do.

You're right, but my mom literally said "what's that?" when I was talking about Link's market cap so I had to explain it somewhat

Yeah, they're very interested. They were actually eager to listen to theDevcon presentation and found it very cool. I guess they just don't believe in it

Dude, how old are you? Literal fucking retard. The market is dumping and you want your parents to spend 10k on some fucking meme coin. Grow up you utter pleb.

Convincing other people you know to invest in high risk assets is just a terrible idea. I'm glad for your sake they refused.

h-hi dad

$4k you illiterate faggot

>link is an erc20 token
>link is only as good as etherium

you need to buy more eth

Does this look like a man you should trust with your money?

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>market is dumping
Yeah he better buy after it pumps :^)

On a serious note, if they don't want to invest just stop nagging them.
When LINK is $1000 you can act smug and shit.

link is an erc20 token. For link to be 1k then eth need to be like 10000

It's a meme senpai

>link is an erc20 token. For link to be 1k then eth need to be like 10000

Link is just the payment/reward/stake token. Chainlink itself is blockchain agnostic. Equally payment could take any form, chainlink is only rehired as a staking medium. It could go to 10,0000 and eth could stay where it is

>kind of like the dick-measuring space race. Burgers hate being in second place. They will not tolerate being behind, they must be #1.
this, just watch burgers sucking the blockchain dick harder than anyone when they smell being 2nd, 3rd etc
and if big companies see they could be saving a shitoad of money using smart contracts/blockchain they won't need too much time to make things happen in the regulatory departament. Politicians are puppets

Wow kill yourself. Smart contracts are useless, Chainlink will never make you money.

yes, he literally turns big macs into money.


i was actually fuding but you cleared that up for me. thanks

Went through same shit realized they don't give a fuck. Mention it one time OP. Just once. Seems like you've already mentioned it way more than you should. When you mention it that onnce. Make sure they're listening(you already blew this) then you never mention it again. If they never bring it up to you again then they didn't give a flying fucking shit. If it moons to 1k at least you gave them a heads up. They'll have to live with it not you. Move on OP.

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