What happens when private coins are outlawed and taken off exchanges?

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Since we're talking about hypotheticals what happens when this happens.

I don't know if you are five years old or just retarded but the value of money is purchasing goods and services and that is what Bitcoin was used for and there were no exchanges for it or any of this other shit it was a way to exchange value without going through the financial system and that ability will still be there the government can't stop it

Whats the TLDR on that
Is G20 netting on Monday to discuss banning these Irish bail bonds?

they literally succeed at their goal and gain more value?

Well they tank in price and become harder to get.

>What happens when private coins are outlawed and taken off exchanges?

the price will skyrocket

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Govt can’t stop it but that get delist it from exchanges, make it harder to get fiat and reduce the market, this could substantially reduce the dollar value of Monero or any other privacy coin.

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no people will just find other ways to trade them

Anyone who wants privacy will use the one that's illegal.

>Invest in XTCC, based off of Stellar Lumens as its own soon to be hardfork, it will be the supreme privacy coin.

They'll be traded on DEXs


No, the price would go down. BTC et al. are only as high as they are now because of speculation. Once people can't speculate with them, the price will drop like a rock.

how does the study find this information?

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well then you would need Kyber Network

obviously they phoned up the top russian cyber criminals and asked them what their favorite cryptocurrency was

Thanks god that decentralized exchanges are the future, then.
If any coin has real life use, that is monero and similar currencies. Even BTC if it goes with some soft fork for privacy.

vested interests in the governments feed them

Time to buy Monero and Zcash

I don't understand this :(

Monero's price is mainly from money laundering and black market instead of speculation.

Sure but normies aren’t going to want to deal with it.
>marketcap decreases

wrong. btc is useless, and why its price is tied to speculaiton only.

monero on the other hand is actually used for real world transactions, making ti valuable no matter what happens.

Except value isn’t binary