IQ and future earning potential

Anyone else constantly feel like maybe there aren't smart enough to really make it in life? I work hard as hell, and I can change that, but my IQ I am stuck with.

I was tested by a psychologist at 16 and 18. Legit test, took around ~10 or so each time if I remember correctly. My IQ in different categories was around 138 to 145, so pretty good but not top tier.

I always felt like I was smart, and my dad who is a physician said i am smarter than him, but I see he and other accomplished and think I could never do that.

>I'm now 27
>BS in economics
>retirement analyst for a fortune 200
>75k a year

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Fuck you Op
My dad is a physician as well
And hes smarter than me.
You are smater than me too

You’re technically right where you’d need to be for a PhD.

Same. Based on my GRE, IQ tests, major etc. my IQ is around 150. Not good enough for grad school in physics which I originally wanted to do, certainly. It's pretty good but it's not 4-5 SD out or anything. Being only in the top 1-.1% is basically getting JUSTed because you technically got lucky but really you didn't win the lottery so it isn't worth anything.

But I was making $105k USD as a software engineer at your age (I’m 30 and making $130k).

You should learn python and pandas and then you’ll be in a much better position.

Won't you get discriminated against for not having a CS degree, not being in the industry right after leaving school, and for being too old?

160 iq here

no degree

all i do is write poetry and smoke pot

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>there aren't smart enough

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I am not smart at all but I feel I will make it because I never buy anything or go anywhere and I will probably never have kids.

My iq couldnt be more than 130 and i feel like a fucking genius sometimes.

I mean, thats high enough to be rich, r-right?

Anything above 130 will cause social retardation and an inability to relate to females. So you should worry about that instead of being poor op.

My internet tested iq is 108. I suppose if low iq has something to do with being extra lazy, then yeah im never going to make it.

>130+ IQ
>six figures in crypto
>will likely make my fortune alongside literal 80-90 IQ Veeky Forumstards

Feels weird, like I'm not reaching my potential. My own research and intuition suggests that crypto is the best possible investment, but still. Sharing a space with retards on Veeky Forums and having to share any association with the literal brainlets on reddit makes me doubt the choice sometimes.

>>there aren't smart enough

lol Got me there. Funny enough, I'm a horrible speller and my grammar sucks ass. My weakest link, by far.

>You should learn python and pandas and then you’ll be in a much better position

Eh. I was into programming a bit in high school. Just playing with my TI-86 basically. Making games, aids and other things to help with school. I could NOT see myself being a programmer, even though I might be good at it. It seems like torture to me, and i don't think I have the talent to be really, really amazing which is what I would want to be.

Instead I found myself more drawn towards statistics, economics and finance. It's what I like doing the most and I am clearly the best at it.

I see my buddy from college who was older than me by 3 years just get a VP job in HR and he is only 30. He is now making 300k. I always thought myself smarter than him. Maybe I'm not that lucky, but that is what I am striving for.

my IQ is 115 and I have always felt like a brainlet compared to my peers. the only thing i have going for myself is that I work hard.

either way, I know people with 130+ IQs who are failures, so not sure how much it truly matters. but yeah to be a millionaire or billionaire your IQ needs to be at least 140+

>but yeah to be a millionaire or billionaire your IQ needs to be at least 140+

Starting from nothing, sure. Your final net worth in life is a function of your starting capital (inheritance, family wealth), IQ, and laziness. Someone who's extremely proactive and has a high starting capital will likely be much richer than a 140+ IQ that's lazy and started poor.

I'm in practically the same position as you. Biz has a frightening amount of brainlets but it's not nearly as bad as /r/buttcoin. I can't imagine myself ever holding the same position as those subhumans.

On one hand, I'm thinking I should use my degree, network, and starting capital to start my own crypto asset management company / fund (though I am a bit too young and have no audited history of performance). On the other, why fucking bother when I can likely make it off my current investment? All you need in life is $10MM. Plop $3MM into your dream house, plop $6MM into a safe fund earning 7% annually for income, and play around with the other $1MM in crypto or other new ventures.

Physicians aren't smart

to be a millionaire or billionaire your IQ needs to be at least 140+...........

Im living proof that your theory is total Bull shit.

Im a high school dropout moron who owns a Automotive Restomod Shop in Los Angeles. I married my HS sweetheart when we was 18 . We already had a 1 year old.
I never stopped working my ass of for the last 15yrs.

Hard work and a mastering your craft really does pay off

>But muh IQ tested during my teenage years
This goes for all of you, you're pretty much failed humans at this point and all your past "accomplishments" are worth nothing, now get out and get rich

>tfw 131

133 here and can confirm, I’m not too bad but I analyze other people’s conversations to memorize certain phrases, body language and tones that people seem to react well to so I can mimic them later cuz I can’t do it naturally

IQ 121 and all in on LINK. AMA.

Brainlet here, was never a smart person academically. I've been a painter all my working life but have made good money, enough to buy a couple fixer houses. I rent them out now for extra income and equity. I'm 30 now and assets total about 700k. Don't know if I'll ever be 'rich' but there is always ways for blue collar workers to make money.

>My IQ in different categories was around 138 to 145
>I always felt like I was smart
good job, you basically admitted to being a liar.

>you're pretty much failed humans at this point and all your past "accomplishments" are worth nothing, now get out and get rich

You know, that's precisely why I quit being a blind supporter of free markets. Someone just a few notches above a brainlet who can speak nice beautiful words can convince normies to do whatever they want. *Truly* smart individuals (and I'm not even talking so much about myself here) never get a chance to show the world their worth, as put by .

For most professions you don't need to be intelligent to make money, you just need good marketing. Sad but true.

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Boasting about IQ is for people who haven't accomplished shit in life.

t. actual physician

Made over $100k by the age of 14
Where could I get to know what my IQ is.. efficiently?

Links would be appreciated

>Links would be appreciated
what's your MEW wallet

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yea no fucking kidding

>tfw 129

Cryptocurrencies wasn't what made me a fortune, matter-fact I've always disliked school when I was younger. However, I am 18 at this moment and did have hundreds of BTC back in the days but nothing I held till now.

I was in my mid twenties when I learned that wasn't normal.

Painting is really good money. Painter around the way makes $150k a year painting horses, ballerinas, and lily pads. Money is anywhere it's possible to be made.

>tfw judge and apparently got perfect IQ for my profession

>good job, you basically admitted to being a liar.

how so?

140 IQ is plenty smart enough to be successful. If you can't while being smarter than 99.5% of the population then you have other problems besides your intelligence holding you back

just weld underwater bro ez cash

Sometimes it feels like my brain just doesn't have the ram or hardware specs to figure certain things out. Like optimal plays in tcgs, go, slightly complicated algorithms. Writing it out on paper helps but doesn't always lead to a solution. Feels like my brain just isn't big enough to wrap itself around a problem.


I can attest to this. Good looking enough to have had many hot women make moves on me, and smart enough (IQ of 154–allegedly) to fuck it up virtually 90% of the time. Fortunately, I managed to marry a great, hot woman and breed. But, if I were any less attractive... who knows?

Complaining about a 140 iq. Fuck right off you entitled prick.

Not complaining at all.

I just see where a higher IQ can take you in the competitive world and feel a little helpless as I feel like I'm doing all I can possibly do. I don't feel held back at all, but the thought of not achieving what I want still is there.

Be patient. Listen to podcasts on the commute. Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson, James Altucher, Tim Ferriss. Find a purpose larger than your personal concerns & You’re fine.

How should I start learning this magic you speak of???
I am 34 this year and looking for a career change

>millionaire or billionaire your IQ needs to be at least 140+

Not exactly, to be a Multi-billionaire in a highly innovative and competitive industry you have to have 160+, Less competition/less innovative your industry is the easier it gets for your head. Sarah Blakely is a billionaire and made spanx she failed the LSAT 2-3 times est. iq is about 120. Meanwhile there are 130+ IQs that are barely making ends meet in SV.

Then there are other factors like work ethic which is not limited.

my parents arranged for me to take a legit IQ test when I was around 12/13 and I scored somewhere between 135-140, but that was for the visual-spatial aspect of the exam, the lowest of my scores put me at 125-135, but it was the pattern mating and spatial relations that I really excelled at.

as a lot of others, I'm not the most socially adept, but am not a complete autist. it's interesting though when you consider what areas peoples IQ really stands out in and how they are over-all

>Sarah Blakely is a billionaire and made spanx she failed the LSAT 2-3 times est. iq is about 120.

And this is where the luck comes into it, that I sometimes worry about working against me. You can find your niche. Be intelligent enough to see it, excel at it and work hard enough to make it grow to something people want. But that can net you anywhere from thousands to billions depending on what that niche is, and what time frame we are in.

There were dozens of Bill Gates during his time. Many smarter and harder working, but luck put him on top and he made billions. Those other dozens are still millionaires or better, but circumstances not under their control didn't allow them to become a billionaire industry leader. There can only be one.

So be glad with what you got and think about how the 103 iqs feel

looks like we have a bunch of larps and above average retards bragging about their would-be appeal to authority scores again. spoiler alert kiddos, the tests are only as good as the testmakers, and not even if you are neurodiverse

this is truly the saddest type of thread, you guys should stick to money and making or falling for psyops. just be the best you you can be and have fun with it

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This thread could actually be a lot worse. It's not straight up /r/iamverysmart material at least.

I have an IQ somewhere between 110 and 130, and I get what the OP is complaining about. I'm smart enough to be perpetually frustrated with the brazil-esque nightmare I live in, but not smart enough to escape.

142 IQ here, project manager.
Permaweed smoker

It's almost as if there is more to life than IQ

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this. millenials are stupidist fuckers this planet ever birthed, god damn if they are right about cryptos being needed at this time in human history.

What part of LA user

getting rich is luck.
staying rich is high iq