Money is leaving crypto

If you keep your money in this market, you WILL lose. I'd advise everybody in crypto to cash out now, then once the normies get burned harder, they'll cash out as well. If you stay in and "hodl" like a fucking retard, you'll continue to lose money.

t. sold at 15k

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Nope, had the same number of bitcoins as I did a year ago. Nothing has changed.

You don't lose money until you sell. Warren Buffet senpai said so.

Yet if you tethered at highs and bought dips, you'd have more bitcoin. Do you even understand my post?

Anyway, good luck with your bitcoin.

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When your tether is worth shit because it’s not backed by the dollar, you know the rest kid

>implying you can predict tops and bottoms with pinpoint accuracy

Post a screen shot of your sell order or go fuck yourself.

>implying you can't buy low and sell high with some accuracy

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Cute post faggot enjoy your fomo buying back in eventually.

The nocoiners and altcoin retards love to come out of the woodwork when Bitcoin is "down"

Reminder bitcoin was $1k January 2017


i'll believe that once literally one person posts their trade history that proves they sold/bought at good times.

I mean, with crypto's volatility there would at least be a few people who would be millionares swing trading BTC right?

where are they?

What so you're planning to buy cryptos now later when it's lower? You're free to trade in order to try and make profits if you want to.

stay mad.

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Not mad pal, I just see this same post over and over again and no one ever backs it up, well done.

Yeah. I've been tethered since I thought this shit was way too out of hand. A few of my friends are doing the same thing. That growth in 2017 was unnatural and when BTC stabilizes between 3-5k (which is what I think will happen) I'll enter the market again.

what is this supposed to prove?

You sold way after the top in december at fucking 13k, you bought in and rode the wave up, good for you but you didnt predict the top at all

>One good trade
Right. I'll just keep buying the dip while you try and convince everyone to sell low, like a cunt

Assuming he bought low he took profit, that's all that matters.

>sold at 15k
then why the fuck are you here and also making a shit ass thread.
what kinda faggot are you for real OP?


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Yeah, a trade over $400k. Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing. Don't believe me, DYOR, but why would the price of the assets increase when money is leaving the market? I mean, even since posting this thread, crypto continues to bleed. I applaud you for "hodling", but you're the type of person I profit from. Good luck user, hope you make it.

Been in BTC since the silk road days. I'm fine with my half million in crypto, champ. I'll use it somewhere else to "make it".


this is literally one trade, wheres the buy at 6k and sell at 10k?

I mean it was obvious right? you could have doubled your money easily!

Ok? I never said anything in my OP except that I sold high. I made money and I haven't entered the market at all since then since it was fucking obvious it was going to be a shitdown. I'm watching the value of all crypto decline, so I'm right. Mad?


Eth $530 usd to $514 usd since i posted
top fuckin kek

>I'll use it somewhere else to "make it".
That's your call, good luck.

had 90k portfolio in dec. all the way down to 12k now. not even mad. still holding, not selling. actually waiting on my tax refund to throw all that in too and buy more coins. im happy as a little girl rn.


>ITT: pajeet fudding hard so he can buy lower
Try to make it less obvious next time kiddo

Yeah, sad truth.
To anyone up from initial investment but down from ATH, sell immediately. You might have only 2xed and not 5xed but the market is making waves for sho and you can still get out with some profit. The hodl meme is just that, a meme

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Always sell its the best way to make sure the right people waiting to buy your coins win.

Normies forget and forgive politicians screwing them assway after a week. They'll be back

How old are you that you have to end every fucking reply with


Where is the guys nose?

You're a special kind of retard. Kys newfag

Pic relevant, you.

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>The past predicts the future.

This is a paid shill. Major information war going on right now. If you sell, you play into their hands. Respond don't react.

Aye, if you haven't sold already, it's too late now. Best to ride it out.

Don't be that guy who kept posting in here after the bounce off 6k asking if the price would ever drop back to where he sold.

you might never get that low

This is a good way to think about it. If Crypto is going to make it, we need to want crypto, and not USD or some other fiat currency. These sellers are disgusting and anti-crypto at their very heart. I get it if you need some fiat for convenience to pay bills etc. but selling large amounts to make profit in fiat.. that's just wrong.