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I think we just might

No, we're going under 6k

At least. 6 - 4.9k.

i dont know where were going but its bad

Price target $2700

Not only are we going to 6k, but we will see 5,4,3,2 and then 1k bitcoin...

Pray to god because only he can save us now

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Dont worry user, "it will never drop below $7500 again"

wtf is wrong with you guys if you are so sure why don't you short? you could make a lot of money

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>imprying im not

>implying i'm not already shorting the fuck out of the market with 5x leverage right now

A sudden short squeeze can easily ruin you

yokatta, im trying to decide if i should long or short, its so down already i think im going to get bogged if i short now

depends on the leverage

5k in 1 week.

I have literally just endless anxiety as soon as I open a short. God it’s just the worst, always scared I’ll get liquidiated. It would help if I could just know where the bounces all were

Even the guys with experience over on Bitmex are getting burned. This market is fucked, this weekend. I'd wait until Monday to see what the week looks like, this could seriously dump overnight. I'm thinking more 7,2 or 7,3, but 6...who the fuck knows. Margin trading this right now is insane, IMHO.


3k soon friends

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3k. BTC
$240. ETH
$20. LTC

how much leverage are you using? im kinda new in this so im using x2 to practice

yeah, i wish i had open a short 4 hours ago but i didnt have funds on bitmex now it is kinda risky, we are going above the usual volatility points

We're going to 1k.

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the absolute unironic state of biz

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Sounds like you're just fucking dogshit at bitmex.

I've been trading the shit out of this downtrend. Draw your meme lines better. Apply yourself.

>open short squeeze
>He did it.
>He shorted?
>He's using 100x leverage.
>Pump it.

$7 in 20 minutes

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Yeah man. We're going to 7k where the fuck have you been?

getting wrecked by my engineering courses
now im asshole strecthed by crypto

life is good

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Well you better stretch it out further and study hard, hombre.

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The most I use is x20. Never with all my bitmex stack
Never go long in a bear market, never go short in a bull market

yes man i study hard everyday
thanks for saying the right thing

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I don't gamble there, just lurk, so shove it up your ass, degenerate.

I'd say 3k.

We Are Going Below Five K.

i'm calling 5k bottom then it'll spring back up a little, then a month later another crash to 3k then back up to the moon

if my ID is blue then this is true

Smart man, the bottom of the wedge also correlates perfectly with the bottom trend line that goes back to July. Around $6800-$7000.

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What kind of engineer you study, man? Maybe you be better than those fucks in Miami.

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So if i use all of my bitmex stack the liquidation price is going to be stretcher even with low leverage?

and if i use an small portion of my bitmex stack with high leverage my liquidation price is still not going to be as stretcher as in the first case?

This because its fib number

We will.

We're going all the way to 2k.

Strap in.

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Under 1k by the end of the year.
screencap this.

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I like this TA. I'm going to believe it.

BTC is going back to 5.9- but not on this dip. there will be plenty of blood by then. there will be 3 more pumps and 2 more crashes to take BTC there. 5.9 will solidify support. if it touches 5.9 a second and better yet, a third time, we go to 30K this summer because most people like me will come out of tether and our shorts because finally, there will be a solid support. Just hunker down and ride out the storm. learn short selling.

Hey listen. My frien. Some fuck, build that bridge in Miami, for all I know he got my friend Angel Fernandez killed. I never trusted him.

I can guarnanfuckingtee you that happened becuase money changed hands

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target is 1.5k

I think its a decent bet, I have my buy orders there.

Somebody bought cheap shit because their bud would make more money. I don't even know what was going one with the middle post. Apparrently it should've held with the materieals they were using.

Don't ever be like those guys. If your boss tells you somthing stupid, tell him he's fukcking stupid. I do it and there't nothing but guitars made in china on the line.

Just curious, what's this based on? Fibonnaci magic? Elliot meme waves?

sweep of 1K stops

it's a long way from the top

And OP. Watch out for your cornhole.

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>they sold, pump it

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Should bounce 6.9-7.2

Up in the air how high it'll go after that and if it breaks out or not. I'm personally buying there and going to sell around 7.8-8.1 just in case

2k most likely

Dump it.

You’ll see it on the way down.

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Clearly many people say dump, which means it’s going to moon hard. Cap this