There are people selling instead of buying right now

There are people selling instead of buying right now

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Like sensible human beings

yes goy buy on a downtrend

As opposed to buying at ATH?

Shhhh it's ok let them be poor.

>buying now when it's going to 1k

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buy the dip nigger

lmao imagine buying and losing money instantly

Implying anyone is buying dinosaur btc

Sunday will be all red, we'll see some gains on Monday. Buy Sunday night if you insist, buying now is a pleb move.

>not buying now when its at the bottom of a giant descending wedge

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>he still isn't shorting

>implying every alt won't drop more than the dinosaur

buy EOS at $4.15-4.20

Sure I love throwing my money in the trash

>There are people selling instead of buying right now
This shit blows my mind.

did you catch instant 3% gain?

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>there are an equal amount buying and selling


>Buying high
>It takes around 5.5k USD to make one BTC on average
>There are idiot here who believe BTC is fairly valued at 8-10k.

Are you guys legitimately retarded?

there are people not getting onto this

THIS is what we need for true adoption on corporate and institutional level and from that the consumer mass adoption will follow.

It will essentialy made complex data types and data organization possible blockchain (think of relational databases).

Fresh pre-ICO, just out of the oven with upto 35% bonus

Don't miss this niggers, quite possibly the next ETH.

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>not waiting for confirmation

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