Girl here. W-what are you guys doing here exactly? I want to do whatever it is youre doing too...

Girl here. W-what are you guys doing here exactly? I want to do whatever it is youre doing too. I have 5000 dollars from my grandfathers death. I want to buy:

a nissan car - 20000
a motorcycle for my bf - 15000
an apt - 50000
a malamute - 1000
a new macbook pro - 1500
a designer bag - 2000
few sets of shoes - 3000
candles - 5000

so im thinking.. 100k? What cryptocurrency will get me 20x? kisses

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Bitconnect, it's very undervalued right now at $1.70. It was over $300 a few months ago, will definitely go back up.

And welcome to crypto newfriend!

Just sell your beanie baby collection.

5k for some fucking candles, what the fuck

tits or gtfo

Stay in dollars as bitcoin continues to bleed out to previous support levels. We could bounce from 7200, 6000, or 4000, depending on circumstances - ladder buys accordingly into bitcoin. When the bull market is confirmed again, go like 30% ICX 30% NULS 20% BTC 20% LTC, and then sit back and relax for the rest of the year.

You're welcome.

tits+timestamp and ill give you the best advice

trundle your meat flaps down to planned parenthood and ask them to late term abort you.

Unironically put it all in eth and start selling your body and putting that money also in eth.

>girl here

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Hello femanon, glad to see you'd like to join us! ^_^ As I read over your post, where I think you should start off is...


oh nvm fuck off

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is that rly u timestamp pls

aww thanks honies. if i knew you id have sex with you right now as appreciation.

kisses teehehee !!!!

were poly actually lol!
sorry im on x and hyper

>$15000 bike

does it brap?

Buy Bitcoin right now or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Do not open an IRA. The money you make from mutual funds is so low it's not worth it. Bet everything on meme money or you're a pussy!


There is knowledge in the world, but you must study.

I believe in you.

Please no matter what you do. DO NOT give away your money to charlatans!

Investing in crypto currency is like any other investment, YOU HAVE TO SUTDY if you don't want to just gamble away your money.

If you want to study cryptocurrency investments you should learn from "ian balina".

Good luck.
DON'T listen to idiots.

And DON'T ask idiots for advice.

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Bitcoin diamond?

show hole

>candles - 5000
i legit cackled

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Yeah, cryptocurrency's the revolution. Nobody's gonna want fiat anymore. This isn't brainwashing. Make sure you spend a lot of time on it and of course all your money.

sellyourbody coin

>5k candles, 3k "couple" pairs of shoes
shit bait
>but these fags are falling for it
fine OP, you win

you have to go back