Buying ICX was the worst decision of my entire life

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Stop buying coins with no use case that you dont beleive in.

I'm holding two coins taht are getting owned but I beleive so I dont sell.


I sold some at a slight loss to increase Ven position

I was pissed off that ven didnt gain off the news and I couldnt increase my ICX stack

Still got Just'd but a bullet dodged

this coin, jesus christ. this has probably been the most depressing coin of them all

Holding it was my worst decision. How the hell is this worth less than shit like bitcoin gold?

Maybe, just maybe it needs more time. If you hold it long enough and give it time to mature and have people start their development and releases on it, you would be singing a different tune.

probs gonna buy this, aion, and nas soon

I'm happy with my ICX hold. But I'm not an idiot expecting instant gratification as I check my blockfolio every 5 seconds. Been in BTC since 25 cents, imagine how many of you fools would have sold BTC years ago lol.

Why are you bothering with memecoins now? You've probably already made it, or at least you're close. Do you think ICX will be big or something?

Why poe? I understand nas completely.

Not that user but...

>The use isn't flashy bullshit that sounds good to randos because it talks about impossible but awesome sound uses instead it's business minded.

>The devs aren't constantly trying to hype up the coin and artificially inflate it's price. Instead they're just working on the project. AKA they believe in the project and are not concerned with having to try to sell you on them.

>Lots of easily debunked fud that anybody that has beyond a superficial understanding will know isn't meaningful (EI: the supposed doubling of the circulating supply when the token swap happens or the korean government trying to regulate cryptos in ways that won't affect Icon/banning cryptos in general) means that it's price is being hit harder during this bear market than most other good projects but once it clears up it'll also have a better recovery.

20-30 USD in 12-18 months imo.

>bought btc at 25c
>still here

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I sold at the right time and made quite a bit.

He said he was here when BTC was 25c. Not that he bought when it was 25c.

The better question is, how the hell did you think magic internet coins that nobody uses would be worth anything at all?

Because I made 500k buying and selling them. I just had a bunch more before holding ICX.

Nice larp kid

Yeah, ICX still looks good to me. The big question is if any crypto will be worth much for the next couple years. I'd be ecstatic if it hits $10 again.


As if people couldn't make that much when everything went up 100x last year.

i think ICX will be around 100$ EOY easily if this market goes to full bull mode again this year. Its really one of the best projects out there if not the BEST.

I could only see 100 EOY if bitcoin hits like 35k. It'd have to be one hell of a bull market.

The good news is once this is under $1 it will be attractive to Korean normies once it finally hits their exchanges. The bad news is if you're still hodling you're going to get much more JUSTed

BTC 35k EOY is very possible. I think it will be much higher. BTC EOY could be even 100k.

imagine being this motherfucking deluded goddamn

I kind of just threw 3% of my portfolio in there and it grew on me as I saw its value evaporate. probably just stockholm syndrome

Thankfully Icon isn't a scam so it should bounce back, just gotta hodl now

Can we be sure of that? Seems very fishy that they aren't listed in Korea.

I'm all in ICON. Holding this has been brutal. Why the fuck didn't I sell the news on the summit. I literally never learn my lesson. Every.single.fucking.time.

>Newfag detected

One of the guys behind Icon also owns the Korean coinone exchange, I'm sure it'll be listed there at least.

tfw i bought in at $2 and only sold a small percent at $12. watched my net worth x6 then go back to normal

one of the few trades i actually profited from. I sold it during that terrible summit

2 fucking words : Silk Road.

It's a legit coin don't get drowned out by FUD. But crypto is volatile, just delete your Folio and be back in 3 years you'll be happy you owned Icon.

OP, are you me? I hate holding this piece of shit's bags more than ANYTHING else in my portfolio.

I bought a day or two before the summit. That was an expensive lesson learned.

It can't get much lower, r-right, user? Can any TA fags give some insight onto where major support levels are? I can see this below 2k sats soon.

If it does im selling my weekend car to buy more. Easiest Moon mission 2018.


I had like 20k of this and sold it all around $10 thank fuck
I'm still losing but at least I'm no longer holding this shitcoin

hey me too

support level at 0