Why do they want to shut it down and are we really anti-semtiic?

why do they want to shut it down and are we really anti-semtiic?

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>jews control fiat currency and central banking
>cryptocurrency cant be controlled by one group of people
really makes you think

Why is it okay for the juice to cry victim in anti-Semitism but if white people talk about Zeitgeist and then they get lambasted in molly-whopped

We're not anti semitic we're just anti usury based financial systems which thrive on consumerism and war. These get promoted endlessly by the media and the masses eat it up. We're not anti semitic, it just so happens that all of this is perpetuated and controlled by Jews. Just a massive coincidence I'm sure /s

They're kikes.

Holy shit this Jew literally used the merchant catchphrase

Kek at the ad for predatory kike loans in pic related

>are we really anti-semtiic?

I'm not

>when 75% of jews are ashkenazis: not Semitic
>when 95% of semites are not Jewish

As a Jew, I really hate people like this guy who try to associate any negativity they get with racism. No different from the "you only hate me cause I'm black" card.

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>Kek at the ad for predatory kike loans in pic related
Pure coincidence, goy

Can confirm, Kavkazi Sephardic Jew here and I hate the Ashkenaz with a passion.

Not much you can do though since being a Jew you get thrown into the same category, but let it be known here, we are not the same.

They are originally Khazars who simply adopted the Jewish name and migrated into our culture.

Mizrahi, Sephardic & Kavkazi Jews are the only real Jews, everyone else is a fraud, especially the ones in the banking industry, specifically Rothchilds as he is actually pure Aryan White but literally a weaboo equivalent of what white's would be to Asians.

Not hating on white people either, Scandinavians, the Irish & the Scottish to be specific have produced some of the greatest minds in this world today, and don't you forget that.

Be proud to be white, be proud to be Jewish, be proud to be whatever the fuck you want - however having no national pride & being raped of your identity is definitely the woks of the Ashkenaz Jewish media, it's red pill as it gets.

I don't even know what I'm trying to say here, but remember there's Jews trying to work for the better of humanity too lol

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don't lie fag

Because they control the media and have infected public opinion with a double standard in their favor through lies and propaganda

kek gets it

Fuck everything! What i want to know is where get this 4% cashback?

Tldr:asking the real question

All the rabbis say I'm pretty Oy! for a good goy

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>this desperate to be relevant
>"forbes contributor"

pathetic desu

Jews are perfect. You must have been consumed by the Dark Side and turned into a Sith. Hatred alt-right racist! Phobic!

The fact that even the Jews can't use the word racism and instead need a special term to describe discrimination towards them, encapsulates, why I fucking despise them as a people.

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I'll spare you on day of the rope

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Mfw whites finally start remembering why we hated the jews in the first place

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yet bitcoin is controlled by the chinks and a jap

i thought it was going to be the bancor article describing the jew memes

>We need to shut X down, here's why
>Antisemitism drives irrational response to my shut down notice, we need Simon Wiesenthal in here to you jail you goys!!!

this is the answer

jews want control, money, and power, and crypto removes two of those things

Jews are hated for the simple reason that Jews are the cause of most of the world's problems. Specifically, the world wide attack on white racial homogeneity, absurd support for Israel, the drive toward third world war in the Middle East, unleashing Communism on the world, generating poisonous feminism, gun control legislation, Orwellian thought crime censorship, the list is almost endless, including the "gas chamber" hoax and the six million lie.

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"First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid."

I would kill every Jew in the world if I could holy fuck are they a virus p