I'm out

I'm out

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>tfw didnt short anything, at all

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Was he ok?

Yeah he lived to marry his beautiful wife Mary and got two kids calles John and are you braindead

Who else is pissed that saying goodbye for his last time, he put out of focus the camera?

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Truly the greatest just'ing ever.

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>Rainbow facemask

Was he a faggot?

It was a real run? I thought it was a paintball gun


He was a muslim you idiot. He's not going to marry a Mary or call his kids John.

Its a 12 gauche. 1500-1700x stronger than a airsoft

Or just buy Cardano

anyone else thought the OP was pretty nice person? tried his best to not make a mess by putting blue tarp on the windows/wall?

>tfw people will remember this faggot more than they'll remember you

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He did it in his house for his mother to find his dead body. He didn't even tarp it well enough. His mom has to clean brain off the walls.

What are you gonna do about it?

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>shotgun blast to the head
>brains on ceiling
>tried his best to not make a mess

what makes me question my own morality is the suicice didn't even register to me. His mother screaming and crying is what really fucked me up.


Wish I had the balls to nonchalantly kill myself.

You're free to change that, right here, right now

This was fucked up. You got kids watching this shit no wonder our world is absolute chaos. Kids live streaming blowing their own head off? Good grief. Not to mention you sorta make a meme outta this? Low blow. Mental illness is spreading almost an epidemic. Everyone depressed. Wtf this world is fucked.

source on this?

also plz dont

how will people committing suicide help crypto adoption

That fucking female roastie walking in and screeching has got to be the most fucking annoying shit ever. Fucking stupid women

depression is a part of life. people who cannot cope with it do shit like this. it has always been like this. but now the internet allows you to watch thousands of suicides and other crazy shit on video.

Technology is a tool that makes us more socially isolated. The Amish have the right idea

one less idiot on this earth

Someone from /r9k/ finally blew their brains out. Probably happier now desu.

No no no, please, PLEASE if anyone is thinking about this DO NOT DO IT!!! This is completely wrong and is no way to solve your problems!

Listen, the right way is to aim for the medulla oblangata, also known as the brain stem. It's found right where the base of the cranium meets the spine. It controls basic systems of life support like breathing and heart-beat.

If you aim for the top of the head like that there's a very good chance you'll end up living but being a brain-dead vegetable the rest of your life. There's a reason when people shoot themselves in the head they go through the mouth. It's a guaranteed way to hit the brain stem and cause instant death.

>Mental illness is spreading almost an epidemic. Everyone depressed
Wow, really makes you wonder which particular group which is over represented in the high spheres of power is responsible for this

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>trying to name the jew
Do you know where you are user?

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Don't blow the kid up over a mistake on his first time. He knows better now and will double-check.