This bear market is COMFY

This bear market is COMFY.

I have money in crypto that I literally don't care about at all. I'm not happy about the crash, but coming on here watching people freak out is very comforting to me.

It's like being huddled up and safe when everything is going to hell.

Any other comfy biz bros?

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yes, you know why? most of these fucking fags just came into crypto last year. been in this shit since BTC was under $1,000. sup.

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Yeah, I don't care about the amount I left in. Wish I sold more before it crashed too hard, but what's done is done. Now is just comfy waiting for the bottom.

Also wish I bothered to learn how shorting works but oh well.

No coiner. I agree. Nothing is comfier than watching everyone on Veeky Forums kill themselves over their retarded ponzi scheme.

Who's a brainlet now? lol investing in ponzi schemes like crypto it's almost like you guys WANT to be poor roflmao

fuck I'm shorting this bitch with 25X. I celebrate crashes like this!

oh man you are so BASED

I've lost $70k

no, i'm not comfy.

ponzi schemes are great money though you just need to be smart

Nice bait

anyone who bought BTC over $3k deserves what they get

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By being smart do you mean get in early and shill the shit out of it?


I went all in on ADA this year and got a 10x.
I'm sitting at a 5x right now for this year.
It can crash to 3k and I won't give a shit.

You didn't lose 70k because it was money you never had. You had btc/eth/alt which was worth 70k more at whatever the ATH was. You still have those coins. Really sick of you faggots crying about your fucking loses from ATH. Fuck off.

Down 40k today don't even care

>implying I didn't invest 100k, sell back to fiat today at 30k.

Retards don’t realize the difference between losing assets and losing speculative value.


if you bought at 3k you still should have at least 5x'd your money otherwise you're just greedy

Late Dec buyer here.. not even tripping

4k throughout out the past 3months. At 1.2k now under initial investment. Have not sold a damn thing.

you still hodl XVG?

Never bought xvg.

XLM,NEO,SELFKEY,TEL,THETA, and TRX holding.. planning on filling my neo and xlm bags during this dip

i've made more money on neo and xlm in the past few days than you'll make holding them for months

Decemberfag here. I have 500 dollars in and i want this market to go to hell. Crashes are a time machine, they make it as if I had got in earlier.

Being proud of being a no coiner is like being proud of your wife for taking a fat black dick.

Like I care faggot. I run my own collision center making more a year fucking insurance companies in the ass

No coiner here, guess it was a good idea to be late considering the fact shit like this happens.

I sold back in December. I know economics too well to think "This time it's different!"
If you fucking faggots weren't so lazy and study a bit of economics you would have sold too

I am comfy OP, because I don't invest more than I am willing to lose. LIKE A THINKING HUMAN BEING.

People risk thier lifes > than they cry.

Don't take uncalculated risks > be happy everyday > life is good, enjoy it.

Same, user. I feel comfy because it doesn't matter what the prices drop to, I won't lose a thing because my portfolio is still green and I didn't invest money I needed or cared about. Probably buy some ETH soon as well. Good times!

>be 17
>save up 6k from trash KFC job
>put 4k into shitty alts in September
>have no fucking idea what im doing and keep losing money
>Still manage to get to 36k in January
>Withdraw initial investment
>internet monies only worth 7k now
> still got 9k in bank
> encouraged friends to invest in november + december
> all my friends are broke
> they don't hate me because I give them loans

Crypto dying is pretty depressing but I still have made a gain and am pretty comfy in regards to my future, feelsgood

I'm comfy too I got into crypto in 2013 and haven't really sold much (sometimes I buy drugs with BTC tho)
I'm willing to wait a few years and usually I cash out once in awhile but I'm in it for the long haul because I believe in the tech