This is the key to everything. I need to know the answer right this instant

Was that binance nerd's tweet about the market going up real, or was it photoshopped? This answer changes everything. Tell the truth with proof so I know you are not bullshitting me.

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>everything is always a larp

its true. there's hope. that chink knows. just like the other chink, Charlie Lee

Doesn't change anything
Wishful thinking 101

Proof that it's true? Or at least explain how you know it's true?

not real
but dont well be bull again

Why not? The market tanked as soon as Charlie Lee and Vitalik Buterin tweeted about it.

check his twitter "CZ"

Fuck, I had a feeling it wasn't real. How do you know it's not real though?

What are you talking about? It's not there.

the next few seconds are critical for bitcoin

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What tweet are you guys talking about? There is non tweet of it is how I know its not real

It was real. He also said it would go up again in an interview on yahoo finance. Google it.

Show us where the bad crypto touched you.

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Oh ok. But how do you know he did not delete it? The people who I saw mention it said he deleted it almost immediately. And if you look at the reply in the screenshot, you can see that tweet it still up. But not the original of course, which is why I'm wondering if it's fake.

user who posted the screencap yesterday said he deleted the tweet soon after he posted.
There's no way to know if it's real or not.

If it were real, how that would change anything?

Binance CEO posted a tweet yesterday saying there will be a golden bull run soon, in a way as if he knew something we don't. But he deleted the tweet soon after. At least that's the story, I haven't seen it, only the screencap.
Many people are saying it's true.

Ah didnt know that. Even so, market will rise again.

Well it wouldn't necessarily change anything but it would definitely make me feel better. Like I said before I don't think it's a coincidence that the market completely tanked soon after Charlie Lee and Vitalik tweeted that it could. I believe that a lot of these big players know many things going on so they have a much better idea of where it's going. Which is why I'd feel much better if this tweet were true. Would it guarantee anything? Hell no, it could still all crash and burn.

>I'm an emotional investor
First step to make it, stop being a fag for once and learn to see the big picture

My good friend’s math tutor is best friends with a founder of binance. He’s having a networking phone call this week — show me the image and I’ll have it verified.

What are you even talking about dude? It has nothing to do with being emotional and everything to do with thinking these guys know what's going on. I worded it poorly. I meant it would make me think the chances of a bull run were higher.

the other side. flip it over.

Here’s the screencap. Thanks for verifying user! My dad works for Nintendo and he will be super happy about this

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Yeah im with ya there-- I dont understand the tech in the slightest but so far ive been good at deducing and recognizing those in the know. Charlie lee is a "Litehouse" and we are boats at sea

It will most definitely, absolutely go back up..more than ever before. The phoenix will rise from the ashes. Screencap this.